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Inogen, Inc. (INGN)

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78.68-1.09 (-1.37%)
At close: 4:00PM EDT
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  • S
    Isn't anyone concerned about the drop in Inogen's stock price?
  • M
    Michael Cho
    Quarterly results are tomorrow - Tues, May 7th. Results will materially beat the Street estimates for both EPS and Revenue -- and Mgmt. is very prepared to crisply explain encouraging forward guidance (versus "confusion" created last Quarter) ... and the stock will powerfully move higher. Very confident.
  • R
    This company will be at $100 one month from now. Their oxygen is needed for almost all critical condition Coronavirus patients
  • S
    why the drop in stock price today, especially after hours
  • z
    What's going on with the forecast earnings?
    2018 had Revenue of $358m and 2020 is forecast to be $517M. A 45% growth rate over the 2 years,
    2018 had EPS of $2.30 and 2020 is forecast to be $2.34. A 2% growth on 45% revenue growth! How is that possible?
  • R
    Analysts see buy opportunity with pullback
    Michael Matson Needham Buy $191.00
    JP McKim Piper Jaffray Buy $185.00
    Robbie Marcus J.P. Morgan Buy $175.00
  • C
    So, I remember when this traded at $35 and I unfortunately do not remember why I didn't purchase then. But I watched as it ascended to 287. Today I saw the drop and opened a small position at 152. And despite some of the comments on the board I'm cool with my purchase and I have another order for another 100 shares at a lower limit should Carnage reoccur. GLTA!
  • D
    Why does a company that supplies O for medical reasons not thriving during a period when a virus that causes lung damage and often requires people to be on O? If the current CEO is unable to figure out how to take advantage of this, this company needs a new CEO.
  • M
    The hard truth is: 02 is really important, and to rely on pure junk is reckless. I tested a $600 unit from China and it was gimmick compared to any of the major 4 in the market. Inogen is by far years ahead in RnD for the absolute best investment a person could make. I own a G2 and I'm about to upgrade to today's model of the G5 which cannot be beat in the market currently. Its rock solid assurance that 02 will be there for you. Save up to get the best.
  • E
    Amazing company. I love this stock.
  • R
    In 2015 I Googled best share to buy. Answer was Inogen. Price was 40. I didn't buy it. Checked the price after three years because I remembered the name. Could have made a fortune.
  • S
    The main problem with Inogen is that they never learned how to make their products in true mass production. While the Inogen oxygen concentrators are high quality and have exceptional reliability, in order to compete they need to have a price point at 25 percent of what they are at currently. They should have spent their capital on cost reduction in stead of introducing new models every couple of years. If they could produce a 3 pound unit that runs for 10 hours, delivers up to 4 liters per minute equivalent and costs under $500, they would rule the world. Instead, other players are close to meeting these requirements and are very close to taking Inogen’s entire market away. Oxygen concentrators are not anything special anymore. They are a commodity like sugar, with very little brand differentiation. Inogen’s price point is simply not competitive, and they need to cut their overhead and production costs dramatically if they want to survive.
  • W
    Tried to buy a product as a preventative measure (likely more useful than a handgun that people are buying) in these times. Issue is, you can't buy off the shelf, need a prescription, a significant consumer barrier.
  • d
    I love this stock, this price drop should make a huge buying opportunity, but how far will it drop. We are already down 60 points in a week with little volume. Wish management would weigh in !!
  • k
    It's management selling shares ,we need new people in management positions.This stock should be $150 or
    sell the company.
  • K
    I think it has just dawned on someone that if folks with serious virus effects is in danger of dying from lung related impairment and ventilators are reportedly in short supply, it might be great to be able to just generate oxygen as needed.
  • G
    675 mln market cap.

    250 mln cash in hand.

    40% Gross margin.

    2 x sales = 800 mln nominal annual sales

    A $55/60 per share is doable.

  • Q
    If investors buy BYND at $84, INGN should be valued $300. I dont know why people are so greedy or so afraid. Keep this stock at least a month more and see the change and sell it that time. In a month it goes back to $100 when there are some good news.
  • N
    New to the board and not a holder as yet, but very interested. Any insights? Seems like a tremendous product, expensive and not covered by insurance I don't believe, much demand in coming years, marketing costs huge with all their ads on TV. Got a 50% haircut and maybe making a base...long/short? Thanks in advance
  • D
    Inogen is on uptrend as investor are really seeing potential.. Shares will be back to old rates.. Market faith is back..