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  • M
    I was thinking I bought 24 ok of nestle for 6.99 at Kroger yesterday if they lowered the cost to Atleast 8.99 a pack they would sale way more and still make more money
  • R
    This company has a great product! The design and marketing is superb. I'm sure it's only a matter of time before this water is sold in Walmart, Costco, and other popular retailers and wholesalers. Mark my words! I'm in it for the long haul.
  • F
    You guys talking about Fiji are wrong. "Fiji" is mountain pond water from the island of Fiji. It's only expensive because it weighs eight pounds a gallon and has to be shipped. All the way to your lips. This water is from our own mountains and is filtered through some of the hardest rock and substrate naturally, and is also absorbing life enhancing minerals that come naturally from the rock. In other words it's rare like a fine wine. Voss, Fiji, Evian, all of them are of lessor quality. Water can be measured. We win! Every Time. That's why Amazon made the deal.
  • F
    Supply and Demand. Low Supply, High quality H2O, High demand, more money, more money. We did not invest our money into the #$%$ water wells of Nestle. They suck up some nasty water all over the world and fix it. I respect them. The difference is, our water is naturally mixed and balanced, and only needs slight filtration and disinfecting to be bottled. It allows for a greater profit margin, which means we can afford to expand, and we are. We are on the verge of greatness. We will be the number #1 specialty water selling in the world because of it's origin and its availability through Amazon. I just bought another 100k just for giggles. We are about to see just beyond the riverbend.
  • J
    Like INKW isn’t registered with the SEC so they don’t have to report earnings. But they do release earnings to be transparent with their investors. Along with the SEC not regulating pink sheets it is where the most of market manipulation happens and naked shorting is most prevalent. Once we up list everything everything will come into fruition, have faith people.
  • F
    BeWater is a statement. It was the favorite description by famous actor and martial arts expert Bruce Lee. There is more to the name. It was a good choice either by coincidence or purposeful. It describes the unification of mind and body. It means being anonymous, spontaneous, flexible and also evasive – just like the flow of water. It stands out. It's different, it's already known around the world.
    Keep the name. Go long. Buy more stock. Good management. BeWater!
  • Q
    Better earnings June 15th, OTC uplisting audit news, Amazon expansion, next earnings will skyrocket with Camping World... what else am I missing here?
  • w
    Camping world deal is a very good business move especially during the start of the summer season.Company is very tight lipped on Defence Logistics Agency indefinite orders and started auditing the financiials.There could be a huge surprise numbers and catalysts to follow and push the stock organically to Nasdaq.The most valuable thing Mr.Lenney got is in touch with Marcus Lemonis who has business relations all over the places.In few quarters(at least 2 more) this might get listed to Nasdaq,IMO
  • B
    I’m not selling no matter how much u manipulate the price!!
    And when people catch on they will do the same.. then we will win
  • T
    One more chance to average down and load up before 3 months of Amazon sales show up in the earnings next week.
  • i
    Invested at a high of .08 some.months ago. Any informed thoughts on EOY SP? I should add I'm beyond stoked abt Camping World PO and fingers crossed for more potentially lucrative orders. but I sunk enough in that new disposable income is going to other stocks i.e. don't want to average down on this one. Thx for thoughts.
  • n
    When you’re associated with Marcus Lemonis INKW will flourish days ahead and make great profits. Just a matter of good salesmanship prosperity abounds. Trust me it will rebound for good reasons. Accumulate. Accumulate.
  • L
    INKW should sign up with Costco. It is indeed a very good chance to succeed even more. More efficient and no cost delivery. Customer will pick it up themselves. Give discount for each case while passing the saving delivery cost to customers. Great idea if they can talk now with Costco to see if any deals can be signed.
  • D
    it's funny that some of these names were saying how great the company was were long its gonna go to the moon to bashing the stock telling everyone to sell now smh
  • A
    And Now
    Happy Friday! and day flippers make that combo meal today!
  • 3
    Leon is scaring people to sell so they can buy more shares at a lower price. Don't be fooled by someone that shows you gifs of money burning.
  • A
    Is this being manipulated?
  • J
    Greene Concepts, Inc. (OTC Pink: INKW) is delighted to announce that the company's premium artesian BE WATER will soon be available in over 175 Camping World retail locations covering 38 states.
  • R
    $VERY.V conversation
    @Tyler I sent the information to you about $INKW preparing to drop fillings and up list to the nasdaq via twitter. I can't post it here for some reason. Will see what happens but its a significant step in their growth. Also $WDLF just up listed after close but not to the nasdaq. I have been being all I can of them at these prices. Cheers. Hopefully very gets back on track. It would be nice if we closed out the week green!!! Hope everyone has a great day and remember block the name callers out. This board is for sharing knowledge about very and the incredible growth we will have in the future and helping your fellow investors learn about other great plays. We work together and we win together. Have a great day folks and I hope you are all green.
  • L
    sitting on 200,000 shares. Lost alot but these losses are for short terms as I know this will boom big time by next year. it's a very good retirement plan for anyone who looks in the future. Stress Not.