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Inovio Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (INO)

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  • FACTS for mike:
    More funds needed for managements' excessive compensation.
    2016 management compensation for 38 years of nothing:
    Kim ............ $2,973,605
    Bagarazzi .. $1,393,790
    Kies ........... $1,355,723
    Sardesai .... $1,392,782

    At least someone is making money here!!!
    They recently hired more pigs to feed at the trough.
    Over $7,000,000 for Kim, Bagarazzi, Kies and Sardesai to run some mice studies?
    What a sketchy operation!
  • What has Inovio produced in 38 years?
    August will mark 38 years of FAILURE:

    ( 1 ) Electroporation Failed
    ( 2 ) Pictovir Failed
    ( 3 ) ChronVac-C Failed
    ( 4 ) VG-1027 Failed
    ( 5 ) VGX-3400 Failed
    ( 6 ) VGX-3500 Failed
    ( 7 ) Bleomycin Failed

    VGX-3100 is next!

    Inovio has nothing that works - not one Phase 3 trial completed in 37 years, soon to be 38 years.
  • I would like to know when the next BOD vote is. With the market at all-time highs INO continues to dilute itself, even after the announcement of several partnerships. How long is INO going to survive by continued dilution without successful products while its management and board continues to receive exceptional compensation?
  • Can't understand how so many could fall for this scam over and over. Guess they'll finally figure it out after their wallets are empty. What's in your wallet longs? $0.00.
  • Headline: "Stocks Rally To Record Highs"
    INO hits new 52 week low.
    Is there a dungier stock than INOscam?
  • "Science" that produces nothing in 38 years is SCIENCE FICTION.
  • A dead dog bounce is a sell opportunity.
  • mike, when everyone got As in your class and you got an F, your retort was "it's unfair to compare your grade to the class in general?
    What a dope!!!!

    Phil is comparing INOdung which is hitting new lows to the stocks in the broad market which are at all time highs.
    INO is a dog stock. Got it?
  • Market cap is back to $525,000,000 because of the new dilution.
    Baggies got diluted, the pps dropped but the market cap went up.
    It's a transference of cash from the baggies to the hedgies.
  • Kim must go. Market is all time high, INO is all time low. What a joke.
  • mike is a vile scammer. He preys on unsuspecting moms and pops. He merits a thumbs down.
  • I've said it before and I'll say it again. NEVER buy REVERSE SPLIT dung, let alone TWICE Reverse Split dung.
  • ($30,000,000) LOSS coming Aug 8th.
  • $200M valuation for this pos would be high = $2.00.
    A $5.85 bag is obscene.
    You've gotta be a gullible sap to be holding an INOscam bag now.
  • Look familiar? It's your investment in INO!!!
  • $1.37 pre the second reverse split.
    $0.34 pre the first reverse split.
    Going nowhere slow - like 4 decades slow.
  • Sure fire way to make a small fortune

    start with a large fortune and buy some INO
  • How large a Q2 LOSS will be reported on Aug. 8th?
    ($25,000,000) or more?
    Mice and excessive management compensation eat up a lot of the cash.
  • $1.45 pre the second reverse split.
    $0.38 pre the first reverse split.
  • Dang! This 38 years pos of Nothing but Hype is grossly OVERVALUED!!!!
    TulipMania redux ..... and it will end with a thud.
    History repeats.