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    Thomas - INOARMY
    Why INO4800 must succeed.

    The problem with covid is that its mutating. Back in January I started watching videos about the 1918 pandemic. There were 3 distinct waves the second wave being the most deadly.

    A wave is defined by herd immunity being reached and then the virus comes back. We keep hearing about a second wave this fall... truth be told it is not a second wave. Rather we surpressed the first wave through social distancing and virus awareness - something that was not a luxury in 1918.

    In 1918 it spread globally because of the movement of soldiers - which occured over many months as opposed to the weeks it took with modern aviation.

    As the virus spread this time it had the opportunity to move quicker and as we all know world population has grown significantly since 1918. That gives Covid-19 many more hosts and many more opportunities to mutate.

    I had done some calculations at the time that this virus would be afforded 8 times as many mutations this year... and im sick of being right this year because thats exactly what has happened. It will ontinue to mutate.

    In order to wipe out this disease we would need something that can be delivered globally and simultaneously which just isnt possible with an mrna vaccine. By the time you solve the problem it will have mutated and we need to start again. We also see now governments unwilling to shut down travel so when a new strand appears it too will spread as fast as air travel.

    Bill Gates is right when he says we need to insure everyone gets a vaccine or we dont heal the world. You simply cant do that with the current coldchain infrastructure. Look america cant get mail in voting right... imagine the logistical nightmare of delivering the payload at -70. Mrna solves a rich mans problem today by kicking the can down the road for a small percentage of the population.

    It is becoming more and more evident that the entire world needs a vaccine all ay once to erradicate the virus. As antibodies wear off people are getting the virus twice. We need T cells. We need something that has a durable immune response. So that by the time the last person has been vaccinated the first person hasnt lost immunity, or the fire sparks back up over and over again.

    We need a vaccine that can be redisgned easily... that can be transported globally... and can be quickly made and altered if need be to tackle new variants. INO4800 addresses all of these road blocks. If we want to end this nightmare, so far the only platform that meets all of these needs is INO4800. I hope and pray it works, because if it doesnt we are in trouble.

    Lets hope we are right about our investment in INO4800. The world depends on it.
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    WHO report is out. Super silly bullish.

    Since the 1990s, a novel approach to vaccination against a broad array of target antigens and
    diseases has been in development. This technology involves the direct introduction of
    plasmid deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) containing the gene encoding the immunogen against
    which an immune response is sought into the vaccinee for the in-situ production of the target
    immunogen(s). These are referred to as plasmid DNA vaccines or DNA vaccines. This
    approach offers a combination of potential advantages, including the stimulation of both B
    and T-cell responses, stability of the vaccine across a broad temperature range, absence of
    infectivity of the immunogen itself, the speed with which the vaccine can be constructed (for
    example in the face of an epidemic or pandemic), and the relative ease and generic nature of
    large-scale manufacture. It may be feasible to produce the same DNA vaccine in different
    facilities in different geographies to facilitate accessibility and availability of the vaccine during routine immunization or outbreak settings, ensuring a more stable supply of vaccine.
    Further, plasmid DNA can be more stable than other common vaccines, so may, depending
    on formulation, be stored and delivered efficiently in the absence of a cold chain. DNA
    vaccines do not generate anti-vector immunity nor off-target acquired immunity to DNA in
    the vaccinee. DNA vaccines are not designed to be infectious and the target infectious
    pathogen is not used in the construction or production of the vaccine. The manufacturing in
    bacteria, however, may require appropriate biosafety containment applying local regulations.Although chromosomal integration of the plasmid DNA was a major theoretical concern
    early on, in large measure the data support that this concern has not borne out. Thus, DNA
    vaccines can be viewed as a platform technology in which the gene insert can be readily
    changed without necessarily having to change the manufacture or control of the resulting new
    product (except for immunogen-specific tests for identity and potency). Many scientific publications address the potential of DNA vaccinatio
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    Investorplace clearly favours NVAX instead of INO. That's their loss, when NVAX will have huge distribution issues keeping their vaccine at 25 minus degrees on transports, while INO's safe Vaccine with a strong and robust T-Cell response, can be transported at room temperature.
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    My target for the SP is 350$. Far fetched?? don't think so. I'll tell you how:
    P3: 40$
    Peer review: 80$
    Funding: 150$
    Shorts covering: 350$ (for one day or two) then back to 185$
    I have a selling order at 349$. Then buying back around 180$.
    That's my plan, wether you like it or not. I don't care. Long and strong.
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    It’s not a mystery why Robinhood investors are trading Inovio. Apple and TSLA.

    These are the same type of young investors that bought EBay and Amazon and Netflix years and years ago.

    These are disrupters. Like Netflix took down Blockbuster. What mail movies to your house? That will never work.

    Inovio is a disruptor. Looking at the same old problem with a new approach. How can we cure cancer. What we are doing is not working.

    Big Pharm is petrified they will be the next Blockbuster.

    Rise Inovio. Like it’s meant to be.
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    Thomas - INOARMY
    I have an exciting post for you all monday at noon. =)

    I will post here and share at that time. Found another dot to connect - i will share my findings after the phase 3 announcement. =)
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    Black Mamba
    INO-4800 clinical U.S. trials updated 21st September (?)

    Big news is around the corner

    Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of INO-4800 for COVID-19 in Healthy Volunteers - Full Text View.
    Safety, Tolerability and Immunogenicity of INO-4800 for COVID-19 in Healthy Volunteers - Full Text View.
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    Common Sense
    Do you know what a disruptive technology is? It's Tesla, It's Amazon, It's Netflix, and it's Inovio. Never sell all your shares unless it's on the coming short squeeze to $400, then sell and buy back @ $200 double the amount of shares you had. (I'm at GTC sell @ $383 with 88275 shares). Disruptive technologies when proven viable-The coming-Peer review/Ph-3- FDA-OK) ARE UNSTOPPABLE!
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    Black Mamba
    Inovio is the only company that has previous experience with SARS - INO-4700. Which may I add was still protecting from the virus at 60 weeks post dose!

    It has been proven to have the best safety profile of all vaccines currently in development with only 6 AEs all grade 1 (redness at injection site). Compare this with companies like Moderna and Pfizer who have had hospitalisations and severe flu symptoms.

    The DoD invested 71million into Inovio to ramp up production of their cellectra devices in June.

    Funding has also come from CEPI and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation.

    Chosen to participate in OWS NHP trials

    Produces the highest level of CD4 and CD8 T cell response.

    Have trials ongoing in S.korea, China and Australia. As well as the US of course.

    Recently entered into a contract with Thermo Fisher to manufacture 100 million doses of their vaccine.

    Ology also a listed manufacture of Inovio who have recently received DoD funding to secure 100million doses of promising vaccine candidates.

    FDA approval for Phase 3 to come this month as well as external, non dilutive funding to cover both the trial and manufacturing.

    Phase 3 trial will only be selecting the most at risk population.

    HPV cancer vaccine in Phase 3 trials with extremely promising, best in market results.

    Multiple other cancer and infectious disease candidates in their pipeline which are in Phase 2.

    Inovio has the highest amount of shares shorted out of all the bio stocks and has been manipulated heavily the past 3 months by the likes of citron and Hindenburg research.

    Inovio currently has a 2.85 billion dollar market cap, whereas the likes of Moderna trading 20 billion plus. Inovio is a bargain at these prices and has the potential to be a 10 bagger within a year.
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    Are we ready for another week of a 100% move to the upside at a minimum?
    INO all the way...
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    this week will ve very interesting. I truly believe we will have some truthfull news like funding and FDA approval. Like Dr.Kim said, September is the month. I doubt they will leave it to the last 3 days of september, but anything is possible. 90% we will have some news. Clinical trials update is tomorrow and after couple of days we should have the news we are all waiting for. GLTA!
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    Rx Aum Tx
    Hey Fellow Longs, going forward beware of shorts in disguise, read some longs’ super duper posts carefully and minus the negative inserts in these posts meant to invoke doubts & fear in ur mind, in turn shaking out ur long held shares. It’s just my 2 cents/💰 GLTA true Longs !
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    Black Mamba
    Fellow longs, being from the queens country, I’ll be up 7am UK time watching the German markets and full ore markets before open.

    I’ll try my best to post all relevant and new news ready for your digestion when you wake up in sunny old America.

    This week could be one hell of a ride.

    Let’s hope they don’t pull a classic Inovio and drop all the news on the 30th September!
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    -DoD has been working with Inovio for years including INO-4700. Strong relationship!
    -DoD purchases $71 million worth of Cellectra devices in June proprietary to Inovio’s vaccine.
    -Ology gets a $186 million secret contract from DoD in August. Ology is Inovio’s partner in Manufacturing along with Richter- Helms in Europe.
    -Inovio with $300 million in the bank signs an LOI with Thermo Fisher Scientific, a $170 Billion company for 100million doses with a billion plus cost to make.
    -That deal only gets consummates because the necessary funding is coming.
    -Trump gives $13 billion to Puerto Rico with a chunk earmarked to bring back Pharmaceutical manufacturing to the country.
    -Thermo Fisher Scientific has 3 manufacturing plants in Puerto Rico
    - Inovio has remained very quiet for most of the summer which spells out DoD silence for what’s being put together. The military tends to keep things hush hush if you didn’t know that.
    -Dr Kim at two conferences this week, doubles down and proclaims Phase 3 will start this month with external funding. He says this both times with a huge grin on his face.
    -Now we are just likely waiting on the government to make official for their time frame which Dr Kim has been assured is September.

    Connect all of the dots: DoD, Cellectra, Ology, OWS, military silence, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Puerto Rico funding, Thermo in Puerto Rico. This is a DoD deal with Inovio we are about to learn. Good luck longs!!
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    $INO Hey Everyone, just did some digging around the government award website I was able to find some contracts to Ology for 4 single use 300L fermenters ( Thermo Fisher Makes those, don’t know for sure if they are Thermos or not) the cost was about $1.5 m for those. They also had an award for $15M to purchase bioreactors and additional fermenters. Ology alone could manufacture Inovio over 100 million+ Doses themself. These were purchased back in May. Also the master contract that funded Inovios initial contract with apology has room to grow up to $148 Million. Remember the DOD I their spend plan was looking to purchase around 7.5 million doses for $19.

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    @Giovanni (from 2 hrs ago)
    Thank you for the link.
    The short (no pun intended) answer is to stay invested.
    I keep track of the Shorts and Counterfeiters to ascertain the level of threat against Inovio as an ongoing concern. I'm betting against the Shorts, I don't even bother to hedge my bet.
    When (not if) the Shorts exit, whether orderly or disorderly, and no longer post a threat to the survival of Inovio, then I'll consider my work on the daily Short Interest Post finished.

    Even though I loathe Cramer as much as anyone else, here he was from 2006 telling us how it's done:
    And how to play the Short Squeeze:

    But all the same, please note how my INO Short Interest Post (ghost written by an AI named Bertrand) last Thursday perfectly complemented the one written by me from the day before.
    Empathy. It is said that only Humans, Chimpanzees, and some species of Whales have it.
    I have never tried to put myself in the Shorts' shoes, and crystalize in my mind, let alone in words, the theses why a group of very smart people (and their machines) are willing to bet, at current evaluations, in excess of a billion $, against little Inovio.
    It is indeed humbling to learn about empathy,
    From a machine.
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    Black Mamba
    CNN has obtained an internal safety report by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca that sheds light on the neurological condition suffered by one of the participants in its coronavirus vaccine clinical trial.
    CNN has obtained an internal safety report by pharmaceutical giant AstraZeneca that sheds light on the neurological condition suffered by one of the participants in its coronavirus vaccine clinical trial.
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    Dots are being connected: https://www.navy.mil/US-Navy-COVID-19-Updates/

    Surgeon General: "With regard to a coronavirus vaccine, DOD is partnered with 6 civilian companies to accelerate its development and production.
    CLINICAL TRIALS necessary to make sure the vaccine is safe and effective are underway."

    Key words: "CLINICAL TRIALS"
    Now look who's also talking about clinical trials:

    Leon Wyszkowski, President, Commercial Operations for Thermo Fisher's Pharma Services business, said, "INOVIO has truly embraced the value of our end-to-end capabilities – starting with our initial work on CLINICAL TRIALS through supporting their commercial needs today. We remain extremely well-positioned to support INOVIO on its mission to manufacture 100 million doses of vaccine in 2021."
    You are at the official site for Navy information and updates on Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19).
    You are at the official site for Navy information and updates on Coronavirus Disease 19 (COVID-19).
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    Elevating a response.
    What is the significance of the Thermo LOI?
    Realize that during the VGXI counter suit, the cost of manufacturing per does was released in court records (you can find this). That cost was $20 per dose up front, and $20 once complete. Now, the Thermo contract is many multiples of what the ask would have been of VGXI because of their more limited capability, so the theory of buy more/get more (discount) applies here. However, spitballing, you can see that the contract, when executed, will be in the $B range..... INO has roughly $300M and some change.

    Simply put, Kim's strong stance on the "fully funded" P2/P3, is likely synonymous with funding for manufacturing. Why has this funding not been released? OWS spent like teenagers early on.... I think we are waiting for the new COVID relief bill to be funded.

    Note. Kim and company have been very tight lipped the last couple of months, leading up to the Thermo announcement. I think that was a stop gap announcement. My research points to VERY large news in this coming week, or the week after at latest. Since people do not like theories, I won't post what I believe to be happening. But, I think fellow longs that have followed the "breadcrumbs" will agree:-) GLTA