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  • B
    Hard to undertsand why the stock is behaving so badly. They have the right technology in the right space (especially COVID applications) without any competition that I can see. The potential here is enormous and I would think some big contracts are coming our way. They have engaged several large vendors and are expanding their reach geographically. It is not possible that we will remain at these levels given the position of this company. I just added 2,000 shares, now have 5,000. Very good news to come, imho.
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    Wizard Trader
    $INPX partner news --> $GTXO
    GTX Corp 4G LTE SmartSoles Gaining Interest as Pre-Order Sales and Testing Begins

    LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, Sept. 17, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- GTX Corp (OTC: GTXO) (“the Company”), a pioneer in the field of health & safety wearable GPS human and asset tracking systems and personal protective medical equipment, announced today it has begun taking pre- orders as field testing its new 4G LTE MB IoT GPS SmartSoles commences.
  • M
    Holding this puppy

    Big Blue chip companies could end up needing and utilizing this technology ...let’s hope management can manage it right
  • y
    Everyone needs to stop panicking and this sell off vs. buy on a daily hourly basis.....do your homework! If you don’t know anything about what these guys are doing then get out. 1 word!!! MAJOR ACQUISITION COMING! Those that get out “Peace Out!”

    I’ll be chilling with retirement while your all crying.......
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    Jason M
    Inpixon RF Video Connector Integrated into Genetec's Security Center Omnicast for Sensor Fusion-Enabled Video Analytics
  • R
    6.6 million new records covid cases in US; almost 200,000 deaths and new sales
    announced by inpx; yet stock doesn't go up.
    WHY?? are net short mm's restraining stock from moving up by naked shorting or shorting
    to overwhelm any retail buying in stock????
    You would think given the massive scope of this worldwide pandemic coupled with inpx technology
    on contact tracing, etc. would cause this stock to zoom to $20 like the lying mm's were posting b4
    earnings last month.
  • J
    Jason M
    Big bucks, big bucks, no whammies!
    This could be EXACTLY what we've been waiting for!

  • L
    This is one of the few stocks that I look at and cannot figure out why it is so low. Am I missing something?
    Bought a few thousand at $1.09. Have broken even on gains and losses in the last 6 months. This stock was almost 900 per share 2 years ago and claims 2019 was a 70% or so gain over 2018. Not sure what is going on in 2020. If they are reinventing themselves around covid, but they still have all the parts that made them successful prior. This is one that I am hoping they will share 2020 revenues and it will be way undervalued and the stock will go up correspondingly. Also, I think that this concept is going to do well in the long term. But I think it is not something that people can grasp like things they can see the value, like real estate, food, etc.

    I think it is bottoming out and has huge potential beyond that. Not bullish today, but could be soon.
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    It only takes 5 minutes of trading to drop inpx another 10% below a dollar.This #$%$ never went up when the mkt went to historic highs nor did this sorry stock go up while covid 19 at record highs at well over 6 million Americanstesting positive now. mm's pumped this on message boards they control saying inpx would go to $20 after earnings.....they have been short all along.
  • J
    A good sized order announced today. And the "reclaim your workspace" roundtable tomorrow on CNN.

    Yet, the stock is not getting much attention. What gives??
  • S
    I've held this stock since March 2020 on 15k shares. News after news hold after hold, from 700 to 12k predictions, No signs of any progress nor bump. Either to many of us going to be to rich to let it happen or this is just gimmick play to get attention..
  • M
    The NFL and Major League Baseball needs INPX
    Cruise Lines need INPX
    Casinos need them
    Hospitals etc etc
  • A
    Inpixon has acquired a suite of on-device “blue dot” indoor location and motion technologies enabling offline dead-reckoning positioning of smartphones.
    Inpixon has acquired a suite of on-device “blue dot” indoor location and motion technologies enabling offline dead-reckoning positioning of smartphones.
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    CONGRATULATIONS: inpx CEO nadir ali, CFO wendy lounderman, and COO soumya das
    on creating SHAREHOLDER VALUE.
    QUESTION: do ceo nadir ali, cfo wendy lounderman, and coo soumya das want the stock
    below $1 so inpx can receive a delisting notice and then do a reverse split following by more
    dilution/stock selling which can possibly be lucrative for them????? Is that possible???Are they
    working in concert with the mm's to achieve this???? This rinse and repeat scenario of reverse splits
    followed by another dilution is done by many fake biotech companies. The aforementioned is
    some skeptical speculation I am wondering about given the price action. I hope it is not true, but
    I am asking the question because wall st. is not a convent for nuns.
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    Jason M
    Inpixon Receives FCC Certification for Multi-Technology Sensor
  • R
    Inpixon Indoor Intelligence Overview
  • J
    Can someone explain what is indoor mapping..what does this company have that might make it special.