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Jazz Pharmaceuticals Public Limited Company (JAZZ)

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  • I have a feeling JAZZ will see a pullback now. What yall think? This is so frustrating trying to find trade ideas. I've subscribed to some email newsletters which helps me with new stock ideas. awesome*stocks is the one i like best.
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  • check their website for pipeline. Like it or not if they get FDA approval for an oral agent for OSA this stock could double
  • I will keep loading up on PTLA in meantime under 65
  • I'm a buyer if it goes down 10 percent but not counting on it
  • Nick. They have two NDAs to be submitted b4 2018
  • Decem unius majus est sol decem lineis per gradus.http://dataunion.tistory.com/9528

    [2016-SEP] Jazz Pharmaceuticals plc - Ordinary Shares NASDAQ : JAZZ Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 2,830 NASDAQ Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.8 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stock
  • JAZZ is up 5.16% to 152.68
  • Its like buying JAZZ at $1 a few years ago now trading at $151
    (AXSM) Market Cap $90 M/Cash $55 M / 5x BIG Phase 3 programs in various indications targeting large Markets with first results in Q3 2017 =20 BAGGER ..FANTASTIC OPPORTUNITY !

    Undiscovered and massive undervalued Biotech Stock with lots of Big News on the way.This Stock is brutally undervalued with a Market cap of just $90 million and $55 million in cash .Founder and Ceo is the larget shareholder holding over 7 million shares (30%) more than 50% of O/S is owned by Insider and Institutions which is a great sign .

    This undiscovered stock could be the next 10 bagger gem if just one of their 5 ongoing Phase 3 programs is successful .GL

    Axsome (AXSM)

    Market-Cap: $90 Million
    Cash: $55 Million(cash runway into the first quarter of 2019.)

    Shares Out: 23.5 Million

    Aegis Capital has reiterated a ‘Buy’ rating and price target of $20 on Axsome Therapeutics (NASDAQ: AXSM) after the company reported financial results for the quarter ended March 31, 2017. The analyst noted that although Axsome reported revenue in-line with consensus estimates, the focus remains on upcoming catalysts such as the company’s ongoing clinical trials. Since February 2017, the company’s AXS-05 has received fast track designation from the FDA for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease (AD) agitation and treatment resistant depression (TRD). Topline data from the TRD treatment study is expected in the first quarter of 2018. Additionally, Axsome is developing AXS-02 in three separate phase 3 clinical programs, including chronic low back pain associated with modic changes and complex regional pain syndrome, with interim data expected in the fourth quarter of 2017, as well as knee osteoarthritis associated with bone marrow lesions, with interim data expected in the third quarter of 2017.
  • Comapnies like jazz who are charging billions of dollars for drugs whose patents should have expired a long time ago and let generics hit the market have destroyed American families. We pay 30 thousand a year for health care so that these pharma companies can make hedge funds and other wall st crooks rich and ofcourse jazz executives rich while we suffer. Less time with our families less vacation etc. Our quality of life has been destroyed so they can have their mansions and good life.
  • I am very eager to see what jazz is up to in the near future to manipulate it's stock higher. They are always up to something some announcement that makes xyrem and themselves above the law. These market makers are a bunch of criminals and manipulate the stock on inside info
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  • AXSM (MC $85 M)(Cash $60 M) 5x BIG Phase 3 in various indications targeting large Markets with first interim results in Q3 2017 = 2000% POTENTIAL..UNKNOWN LOW FLOAT GEM !!!

    Undiscovered and massive undervalued Biotech Stock with lots of Big News on the way.This Stock is brutally undervalued with a Market cap of just $85 million and $60 million in cash .Founder and Ceo is the larget shareholder holding over 7 million shares (30%) more than 50% of O/S is owned by Insider and Institutions which is a great sign .

    This undiscovered stock could be the next 10 bagger gem if just one of their 5 ongoing Phase 3 programs is successful .GL

    Axsome (AXSM)

    Market-Cap: $85 Million
    Cash: $60.6 Million(cash runway into the first quarter of 2019.)

    Shares Out: 23 Million

    Anticipated Near-Term Clinical Milestones

    Clinical Trial Initiations: -- Phase 2/3 clinical trial of AXS-05 in AD agitation (2Q 2017)

    Clinical Trial Readouts:

    -- Phase 3 COAST-1 trial of AXS-02 in knee OA associated with BMLs, interim analysis (3Q 2017)

    -- Phase 3 CREATE-1 trial of AXS-02 in CRPS, interim efficacy analysis (4Q 2017)

    -- Phase 3 STRIDE-1 trial of AXS-05 in TRD, top-line data (1Q 2018)

    New Presentation April

    HUGE Pipeline targeting Billion Dollar Markets:

    AXS-05 Treatment Resistant Depression in Phase 3 -(Only 1 approved drug for TRD = unmet medical need. 3M patients in the U.S.)

    AXS-05 Agitation in Alzheimer’s Disease in Phase 2/3 -(No approved medication = unmet medical need. 2M patients in the U.S.)

    AXS-02 Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS) in Phase 3 (Orphan+Fast Track Status) -(No approved drug = high unmet need. 80,000 new cases per year in the U.S.)

    AXS-02 Knee Osteoarthritis (OA) with Bone Marrow Lesions (BMLs) in Phase 3 (SPA & Fast Track) -(7M patients in the U.S.)

    AXS-02 Chronic Low Back Pain(CLBP) with Modic Changes (MCs) in Phase 3 -(1.6M patients in the U.S.)

    Major Shareholders

    Herriott Tabuteau, MD 7 351 729 38,4%
    Fidelity Management & Research Co. 2 361 625 12,3%
    JPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Ltd. 1 432 456 7,48%
    Mark Coleman, MD 647 998 3,38%
    BlackRock Fund Advisors 426 837 2,23%
    Stifel Trust Co., NA 415 279 2,17%
    The Vanguard Group, Inc. 272 189 1,42%
    Lombard Odier Asset Management (USA) Corp. 250 000 1,31%
    JPMorgan Investment Management, Inc. 156 625 0,82%
    SSgA Funds Management, Inc. 134 688 0,70%

  • Jazz has been manipulating their stock fraudulently over the past 8 years in various ways. First and foremost is the overcharging by billions for xyrem. A drug they bought for 140 million dollars. A drug that was over the counter 40 years ago. Orphan medical was a criminal company. Jazz has a way of manipulating its stock by manipulating news on xyrem many many times and fluctuating the market cap by billions from one day to the next on a drug that should have had a generic by now. They have exceeded the 15 years patent but someone out there is protecting that patent for them. Lots of money involved here. Steal from the american public and a have a few people live well like executives and hedge funds. They bought every compund they have they don't have sophisticated science or scientists working on anything groundbreaking. Their strategy is buy an orphan compound and then get fast tracj and overbill the insurances who are in it together witht them to charge us high premiums. it's all a very intricate system. I ama pharmacist and I know exactly how these criminals work. And I refuse to let them do this . The fbi and cia and all these agencies can follow you from space and see if you have a blueberry or a blackberry in your palm they can sure as heck see all these crooked things this company is doing. They bought jzp-110 for 125 million and knew full well that this drug would have positive phase 3 results since phase 2 was good. A drug in my opinion that has no sophisticated science and is merely very similar to modafanil or any other cns stimulant out there. Same side effects like dec appetite nausea etc. So the fact that they boought vyxeos follows in the same type of trickery with all their other acquisitions. 40 year old chemo drugs combined and change the strength add a little nano encapsulation bull and presto a new drug.
  • Jazz will try its best to get out of the corner they are in with a ridiculously high 12 billion dollar market cap based on xyrem a drug that has competition coming from avadel in their once nightly dosing instead of twice nightly from jazz and the rest of their products are also dead in the water. Difitelio,erwinaze,prialt,fazaclo,versacloz are all garbage. Vyxeos is another scam taking 2 fifty y/o chemo drugs and making it a nano particle and also changing the ratio. You see you have to change things around a little bit so you can try and show that it's different from what is on the market just like vivus did when it combines two fifty year old drugs and came up with the scam known as qsymia. This is the scam companies who have no new technology nothing new nothing innovative they pull tricks like combining two old drugs changing the strengths conducting a few clinical trials knowing full well the side effects and the results. They are obviously going to be very similar to what they are trying to pretend is better than what's already being used. Jazz knows and whoever is backing them knows that they must try and find something to buy so that they can show that they have something when compared to the garbage they have now or they will try and have someone buy them. But if that happens that will be investigated for fraud and cover up. Because I have dissected what they have and compared it to what they can make from their products. If the insurances didnt allow this fraudulent overbilling by jazz they would have a market cap of 400 million. But the crooked insurance companies along with theese criminal hedge funds have allowed Jazz to rip off the american public and use those funds to purchase other assets. on the backs of hard working bancrupt Americans. The gov't and the fda and the insurances and wall st are the axis of evil. They rob Americans by creating this closed circle and they keep us enslaved. I welcome bruce cozaad or anyone to debate what I am saying.
  • Do you think craig sager the nba legend who died from Aml would have passed away and have been hospitalized for so long if there was anything effective to treat Aml? Feel free to answer me anyone
  • The upside potential for JAZZ just got a whole lot more interesting thanks to an enticing analyst mean target price of 179.65. check out awesomestoc-ks, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • We are in an economic depression and have been for 9 years. We never came out of it but they pushed the stock market up and all these stocks to enrich the executives and hedge funds while the rest of us suffer. No jobs or low paying jobs with sky high rents, housing costs, property taxes,health insurance, college tuition, life insurance etc. I as a Pharmacist have not gotten a raise for 15 years and neither have alot of other people. The only people I see making big money are these crooked hedge fund guys. Even after the 2008 financial crisis these animals are making big money. Anyway, going back to Jazz this is the only stock that I know of that is still almost at its all time high when they did what valeant and endo and teva and mylan and mallincrodt,and perrigo have done and far worse in my opinion. If we are broke and cannot afford health insurance anymore how can jazz be allowed to charge billions for xyrem a drug which is over 15 years old a drug that was otc a drug that is 50 years old. Don't you think their is fraud here? How can these people say jazz is cheap and all these lies.
  • So Moodys is banking on Jazz being able to continue getting away with charging a ridiculous price on Xyrem over 100 thousand dollars per patient on a drug that lost it's patent on a drug that will have major competition from flamel corp or now known as avadel. We are in an economic depression .Americans are broke we have been destroyed by sky high drug and hospital costs etc. The president has said drug companies" are getting away with murder"he also said that "somebody's getting very rich" he promises drug price legislation. If he is going to fix healthcare he is without a doubt going to bring down drug prices drastically. All the stocks that have been con artists and have been ripping off the public like periggo, valeant, endo pharma, horizon biopharma, mallinckrodt, teva,mylan and so many more have seen their stock prices crash. The only stock that is sky high with a ridiculous market cap of almost 12 billion dollars still is jazz pharma. Vyxeos is another scam. It's a combo drug of 2 50 year old chemo drugs dont let these guys fool you. And jzp-110 that put on 700 million in market cap just bc of 1 indication so far out of two with expected pos phase 3 results is just a me too stimulant like modafanil. So moodys has no clue what they are talking about just like they had no clue what they were doing before the financial crisis. No one with half a brain trusts them. There is competion on aml from agios pharma and bellicum to name just a few. Anyway bottom line is nthis stock is fraudulently being held up. No way in the universe this is worth 12 billion. Tops 2.5 billion and that is taking into consideration 2 billion in debt.
  • Anyone know why aeri is down 2 points after hours