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    How are Coffee growers making any money selling coffee at these low prices? Are the Brazilian farmers being subsidized by the Brazilian government? How much lower can the price go? I realize that my last question can't really be answered. Meanwhile, the retail price of coffee in the grocery stores and chains like Starbucks continue to rise.
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    Paul S
    BJO here it is-- JO replacement
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Barclays Bank is down 79.32% to 20.40
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    I Love America
    We may see $9 this week.My prediction is $12 by December 2016.
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    Anticipated supply of Coffee production must be very high because the “futures” price of coffee remains low. Global demand for coffee is increasing, but Supply is increasing more than demand.
  • J
    Think BARCLAYS heads to $10-$12 in the next 3 months.
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    The wholesale price of coffee is being weighed down by the weakness of Brazil’s currency. At this point, a technical bottom for coffee futures has not been formed. BJO is a falling knife, continuing to make new lows.
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    Is BCS a good buy at this price ?
  • g
    Been Shorting the VXX for the long time. Look at the chart. It is guarantee to decay. Why would anyone buy it? do not understand it
  • r
    See the Bullish story on Coffee in last week's Barrons.
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    Wondering if you prefer GRN to KRBN?

    Barclays Announces Split of Certain iPath(R) ETNs
    4:15 pm ET May 19, 2021 (BusinessWire) Print
    Barclays announced today that it will implement a split for the following series of iPath(R) ETNs (together, the "ETNs"):

    ETN Name Ticker Exchange CUSIP Split Ratio
    ------------------------------------------------------ ------ --------- --------- -----------
    iPath(R) Shiller CAPE(TM) ETN CAPE NYSE Arca 06742A669 10:1
    iPath(R) Series B Carbon ETN GRN NYSE Arca 06747C322 5:1
    iPath(R) Series B Bloomberg Agriculture JJA NYSE Arca 06746P589 3:1
    Subindex Total Return(SM) ETN
    iPath(R) Series B Bloomberg Copper JJC NYSE Arca 06746P555 3:1
    Subindex Total Return(SM) ETN
    The split for each series of ETNs will be effective at the open of trading on Friday, June 4, 2021 (the "Ex-Date"). Here are the other relevant dates:

    Wednesday, 6/2/2021
    Record Date
    ------------ -------------------- --------------------
    Thursday, 6/3/2021
    Pay Date
    ------------ -------------------- --------------------
    Barclays Bank PLC has the right (but not the obligation) to initiate such a split of each series of ETNs in its sole discretion, as described in the relevant pricing supplement relating to each series of ETNs.

    The closing indicative value of each series of ETNs on June 3, 2021 (the "Pay Date") will be divided by the split ratio indicated in the table above for each series of ETNs to determine the split'adjusted closing indicative value of the ETNs. The number of ETNs of each series outstanding at the close of trading on the Pay Date correspondingly will be multiplied by the relevant split ratio to determine the adjusted number of ETNs of each series outstanding as of the Ex-Date. The split will be effective on the Ex-Date at the open of trading on June 4, 2021, and the ETNs will begin trading on NYSE Arca on a split-adjusted basis on such date. The split-adjusted ETNs will retain the same CUSIP, ISIN and ticker symbol.

    For more information regarding the split process, including how the split-adjusted value is determined, see the relevant pricing supplement relating to each series of ETNs under the heading "Valuation of the ETNs--Split or Reverse Split of the ETNs." The pricing supplements relating to the ETNs can be found on EDGAR, the SEC website, at: The prospectuses are also available on the product website at the following links: iPath(R) Shiller CAPE(TM) ETN: iPath(R) Series B Carbon ETN: iPath (R) Series B Bloomberg Agriculture Subindex Total Return (SM) ETN: iPath(R) Series B Bloomberg Copper Subindex Total Return(SM) ETN: iPath(R) Series B Bloomberg Nickel Subindex Total Return(SM) ETN: | HOME
  • m
    Cool 20 cent up today.
    Marching to 9 and then to 11 in a bit where it belongs i believe!
  • A
    Nice looking charts for all the volatility etfs. I suppose a constant, orderly move north will just take the VIX down to single digits against this backdrop of terrible economic data. Next stop, another big reverse split and destroy the next batch of traders. Shorting the vix is the only thing that works.
  • L
    Is anyone still following this stock rather than regular JO?
    I'm wondering, OTC F shares are "ordinary" shares in the foreign local market. But I can't find the original stock symbol in the European market.
    Do I have any misunderstanding here?
  • M
    Owners of JO need to contact their brokers to redeem shares of JO for shares of BJO. The transfer will NOT occur automatically. JO will be de-listed after the close of the market on April 12.
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    Miserable SOB
    Market to rally on news North Korea will turn Washington into a, "Heap of Ashes", in a related story, several tech companies that have never earned a cent prior to or after their IPO's, announced they will begin offering $85 organic hamburgers to the employees during lunch for free, causing a 40% rise in their stock prices.
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    This new/beta Yahoo! version sucks! (sorry, I know this is off topic)
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    I think its time for vxx I just don't have the bells to pull the trigger. market looks like its finally going into a pull back mode, but that does not mean vxx will go up.... we need a volatile pull back not an orderly pull back...
    will check in wed morning but it might be off to the races by then... or it could be down 2 points... which is why Im trigger shy now.
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    ron paul
    Up 8% in last week !
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