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JinkoSolar Holding Co., Ltd. (JKS)

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  • O
    I lost a lot of money on it.
    1. You should put the emotions away and use stop loss.
    2. The money moved to oil now, because oil benefits from inflation.
    3. Inflation hurts solar a lot, check XME - the materials cost is going up too fast.
    4. Listen for the market, don't go against. If they say rotation has started. It might be true.
  • O
    Can someone tell me how the world largest solar panel manufacturer with over 5 billion revenue last year, is only value at 1.5 billion market cap?
  • c
    It would be very helpful if more shareholders ask the management/IR of Jinkosolar why they stick to their Nasdaq listing.
    A delisting would shift the focus to German makets where JKS rises every day for years now - until Nasdaq opens the door later.
    I send a letter to the IR where I pointed to all the positive factors for this move but unfortunately didn´t get reply until now.
    To get the financing for the huge capex in 2021 a equity funding will probably be neccessary before the Jinkosolar daughter Jiangxi Jinko will be listed to Chinese STAR market next year (Conf.Call FY 2020).
    At this imploding valuation you will be stronngly diluted once more if Jinko stays on Nasdaq...
  • N
    I know it seems hopeless when a stock is being beaten up, however do not act emotionally. Don't load up on options to get your money back, just slowly buy more but do not use margins.

    Yes its extremely irrational for a stock that's already profitable and have double digit revenue growth to EVER trade below book value. But irrationality happens all the time, 2016 apple traded at 10 P/e, last year intel at 7 P/e, etc.

    Its human nature to want to buy dogecoin at all time highs and to sell a growing company under book value.
    Companies that short a stock like this target that specific emotion. They will cover during days like today (or sell some puts) and short again when momentum picks up . They will only go away if you do nothing besides buy and hold.
  • R
    It is just a matter of time before all the cost increases associated with polysilicon, glass, wafers, cells and logistics manifest themselves in higher prices for modules - at least enough to get gross margins back on track if not higher….
  • N
    Upsetting stock here but im still bullish, Jinko has a lot going for them and are one of the leaders in the industry, revenue and shipments are up y/y and only problem they have is profit margins due to increased demand for materials and inflation causing a rise in production costs which will be over by the end of the year. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3oB9yGskBh8&t=1s
  • c
    Down to the 20's this week. Gotta love it. Zacks ranked solar down down at the very bottom of their list. Wyoming is suing States that curtail use of their precious coal. Louisiana is declaring itself a fossil fuel sanctuary. And Texas, well Texas is Texas. Don't worry ABC, CBS, and ABC network news won't mention any of this. They haven't mentioned anything about the glorious trade war and the huge trade deficits across all industries.
  • s
    The valuation of Jinko is about fraud, it is manipulated by shortseller to an irrational low level, what has nothing to do with jinkos world leadership in solar technology and its position in world market.

    For me a screaming buy, hence I have added additional shares.

    Fair valuation is at 70 usd, once shortseller change the side it will rise rapidly to this level in the same way as it happens 3 months ago.

    Strong buy, the solar market is very very big and will become much still much bigger.
  • e
    It’s the world largest solar company. Now, it’s a 50% discount, in long term, this stock will be 500% value! This is the same like you invested TSLA 5 years ago.
  • E
    Entrepreneur Germany
    Sunrun rebound today. next days other solar companies like Jinkosolar.
  • N
    Just buy and hold, when a stock is shorted like this you can't predict when the spike will come. The ONLY way short sellers could make money is from panic ( especially when the fundamentals are there). Time isn't on their side, short sellers have to pay margins interest rate to borrow the stock. Even if the stock doesn't go up if there's nothing milk out they will be forced to covered.
  • A
    I'm down 20k here . help me MR jinko
  • F
    My last order is waiting at 30 dollars after that I am a bag holder. Scary stuff but still have confident that we will see 100$ in the next 12 months. Stay strong guys.
  • A
    Anybody here holding over $50? Looks like it will take a couple of quarters for this price to get there.
  • E
    Entrepreneur Germany
    Rebound. hahahaha shorts
  • c
    Sorry, my mistake. Sunflower is trading 10x equity.
  • K
    $5 billion in revenues last year and trading below book value. More than likely revenues will double over the next 5 years or sooner. Low market cap. This stock will eventually explode higher again. May take awhile but the pieces are all in place for this to occur at some point in time
  • A
    Short sales were a whopping 27% yesterday! The sharks have smelled blood and until big investors decide that enough "correction" has been applied, this won't stop. Yup, I've also seen Jinko pushed down to $400M market cap, but that was over 2 years ago when solar hadn't yet reached being the cheapest source of electricity in most parts of the world. This time around, I'm just amazed at the power of these short sellers that consistently target Jinko above all others. Even MAXN (which likely will be bankrupt in less than 2 years) is growing again after a steep selloff.
  • O
    The drop is due to SEDG bad earnings.

    Both ENPH and SEDG tanked solar a lot.