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    Up to $49. today at 11 o'clock (11/5). Let's see if it holds. My guess is it will sell off.
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    $Joe Horizon Kinetics bought 300k shares for inflation ETF $INFL...

    Likely accumulating more
    How to Potentially Benefit from Rising Inflation through Equities - CFRA Research | Horizon Kinetics
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    Is the stock in the uptrend for sure?
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    Guess what happen today around 12:45. It sold off. Big surprise. Guess what will happen tomorrow?
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    Usually runs up when the market opens and sells off by the end of the day.
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    Wash, rinse repeat. Up to $48 today and sells off at the end of the day.
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    The selling started Monday (15) and will it's down today (19). No surprise. Look for it to be in the 40's next week. The party is over. Just ask Bruce Berkowitz.
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    Guess what it sold off at the end of the day. Big surprise.
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    Watch it sell off before the market closes.
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    The selling started a couple of days ago and will continue.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    JOE is up 4.99% to 49.86
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    The Big Bopper
    Okay Debbie Downer.
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    We have turned the corner. Why ? When a company starts a dividend, they are giving Wall Street a signal that they have excess cash they don't need to fund operations. We now have a dividend, plenty of cash to fund current and future operations, and the willingness to continue the stock buyback program. The shorts need to cover or get crushed in the years ahead. Many mutual funds are not allowed to buy a stock without a dividend. Now they can, so this adds to the list of potential buyers. Comments ?
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    $NVAX conversation
    #Joe heard directly from Novavax person that they are ON TRACK for filing EUA (UK, EU, FDA) in Q3. The Guardian article has questioned whether Novavax is on track and If NVAX is telling #Joe and others over the phone that they are on track, they have an obligation under FD Regulations to put out a PR to that effect and disclose to ALL investors!
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    JOE is down 5.05% to 50.62
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    Final Notes


    The St. Joe Company (JOE)
    Apr. 27, 2019 1:05 PM ET| About: The St. Joe Company (JOE)

    Long/short equity, Deep Value, value, special situations

    home sales are about to triple this year.
    profits are also about to triple.
    no debt and large share buyback still in place.
    job market one of the best in the country.
    The CEO said " will put a smile on your face"

    St JOE (JOE $17.50)
    Most of their land is 20 -90 feet above sea level; this should help with storm concerns. Many people don’t realize this part of Florida is more hilly and has good elevation.
    They own most of their land at low prices, and when they build houses if it goes to the bottom line better than any other home builder.
    Sales should triple this year from last year which was not that bad a year.
    Sales for 2020 and beyond for the next several years, should advance even more than that.
    Their profit on most houses is very substantial, going right to the bottom line finally after a long decade.
    They are buildings a lot of low-end residential which at the current time is the best real estate to be involved with at this time. They are also building hotels, offices, bank branches, and clubs. Some they are doing themselves some they are partnering with some other great builders. They know this is the time to strike and partnering is a great way to expand while rates are low and demand is high.
    They also manage many properties another excellent revenue stream for profits.
    Real estate takes time to improve and approve, and this is the inflection point for them and the stock to take off form this level, once they report next quarters earnings people will be shocked by how much they are making.
    Florida today is one of the best residential markets in the country to be involved with.
    When they improve it, they also sell the timber which has been at record prices last year and is still high today, giving a double bonus to them, while not big money it helps to grow the bottom line.
    People are missing the excellent prices they are getting for houses these days and the low land costs they have on most properties.
    They are repurchasing shares and will continue to do so. They have been very aggressive at it buying up over 10 million shares in the past few years. There is plenty left on the buyback, and I am sure they will buy shares after the earnings report comes out next week.
    Insiders own a ton something that is a must for us significant insider ownership.
    The management is very prudent and has gone slow for a decade to make this all happen today at the right time and prices, they have been very conservative on risks and who they partner up with.
    The value of their real estate is as it has always been with this firm the wild card, we think it is understated, so the downside risk is low. Even with the move up the past few months in the stock once earnings hit next week, it should break out to at least $20 a share. Longer term or a sale of the company would be at least $30 a share.
    While real estate has many competitors, none have their low land cost and all of it in a functional market area.
    Strom risk can be a concern since they are so concentrated in one area, but in this case, we think worth it, due to the prices they can now finally get.
    There is a significant “short” position. This will have to be covered in 2019 I feel.
    Low-interest rates will help them make these long-term plans finally pay off big. They are running on 8 of 8 cylinders right now.
    New jobs are coming in with Tyndall and the Air Force, almost 1600 of them.
    The defense sector job market with Raytheon and Lockheed Martin is robust, and they are hiring many people today at good wages.
    They are looking to make money any way they can right will the market is scorching for Florida.
    The CEO said “we will put a smile on your face” very soon I feel.
    The CEO also said that if he cannot return at least 10% on invested funds today, he would return everybody's money, we think he will earn more like 15% on all capital for the next five years plus.
    They are almost debt for, most notable for any Home Builder.
    They have plenty of cash on hand.
    Florida has almost a trillion economy, with a massive military presence and they are the second fastest growing state.
    Everything is finally coming together for them, while this was once a big “short” for many big players years ago, now is their time to shine.
    Something like this happens once every few years a big “short” becomes a buy as they made it thru the crash, unlike many other home builders that didn’t.
    Stock is fully Liquid and the largest shareholder (Fairholme owns 42%, he is not selling any time soon, and they will make you a 12% return plus annual going forward, on just book value growth for the next decade, if they do sell, it is worth double today’s prices, mayb
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    Jimmy Da Saint
    I from the Northern Panhandle and I’ll tell you one thing! This company owns everything from Bama to Florida!

    No major deal gets done without St. Joe’s hands in it and they’re only getting bigger and bigger!

    You have to be from here to understand how much of a powerhouse this company has evolved into!
  • B
    anyone know why St. Joe got taken down by 13% yesterday? It's been on a tear lately, but it seems more than just profit taking
  • Y
    Yahoo Finance Insights
    St. Joe reached a 52 Week high at 23.74
  • O
    Wow!! What is fueling this movement in JOE? Thankful but curious.