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  • IMS 1004!!!!! Up from 869
  • From tgtxdough
    Auryxia Symphony-base TRx increased 8% and IMS-base TRx increased 16% wk/wk 721 vs. 666 and 1,004 vs. 869
  • About darn time. I got stock around $17 and as low as $4 all the while when management has been drinking at the trough. Maybe they are finally turning the corner.
  • Waiting for the upgrade from analysts on Monday
  • Let's get one thing straight here about Ron Bentsur......I liked Ron and I made a ton of money while he was CEO, but he was the CEO responsible for the horrid launch of Auryxia.......First, he commented at a few presentations that he thought the absolute bottom for Auryxia sales would be $200 million......Wrong.....Second, he was the one who decided on 60 sales people
    not Madison......Wrong again......Ron didn't put out sample for the Nephrologists......Wrong again......There was very little pre-marketing development done which Madison made a comment about after he became CEO.....Wrong again.....Now I don't know if Madison's suggestions fell on deaf ears or he just did what Ron asked him to do but a few months after Madison became CEO things started moving in the right direction....EXCEPT THE SHARE PRICE....

    Madison's free samples started the turn.....Then getting Fresenius and DaVita formularies signed up.....Then he brought in Tony Chambers and the decision was made to increase the sales force....The first full quarter we had the expanded sale force was Q2 2016 when we did 13,000 scripts for that Q...Then the supply interruption which someday we will find out what happened but not as long as there is pending litigation on the matter...
    .Now I don't agree with Madison on everything but he is the one responsible for the turnaround in sales....He is the one who will get us to the share price we all want to see....I think we have a good chance to get approval for IDA NDD-CKD but with the FDA you can never say it's a lock...

    I think Ron overhyped the sales figures....I don't think he realized what a proper launch entailed and he didn't do the necessary things to make the launch successful from the get go.....I think after the 90 day delay in approval we had and the change of name from Zerenex to Auryxia that the FDA demanded played a part also....We didn't have a name until a month before launch....So every Dr. that had heard great things about Zerenex for the previous 9 years now sees a new binder come on the market that they are not familiar with....In my opinion all that took place should have warranted a delay in the launch until sometime in Q2 2015....That would have given more time to get formularies on board instead of 25 to 40%....There would have been more time for the sales force to become more educated and comfortable with the product in working with Nephrologists.....The sales force was even hired until after we got approval and you can't get formularies without an approved drug.....Everything was done totally wrong on the launch.....Ron rushed it and shareholders paid for it.....And Ron was being paid more than Madison is right now after being the CEO for over two years and digging us out of the mess....I think the hiring of Madison by Ron was always to replace Ron so he could move on....Unfortunately he left a disaster that has cost us all quite a sum of money.....

    The shareholders haven't been rewarded because the analysts are cutting KERX no slack....Like Zacks...They only use 5 analysts recommendations to base a miss or a beat instead of all 9 analysts that follow the stock....Do you think they take the highest five..Or Capital Boob that only reports when we go thru the moving averages in a bearish manner but not a peep from them several weeks ago when we gradually went positive thru all the moving averages...What a bunch of jerk offs....Kerx will probably do close to 6500 to 7000 or more scripts this Q than when the analyst had buy ratings on it in July 2016 before the disruption.....KERX will probably beat our entire last year sales by the 5th or 6th week of Q3...

    I'm sure some will disagree with all this but after being in this stock since 2008 listening to every presentation and CC along with reading every quarterly and annual report in it's entirety and making some excellent money on it thru the years, I really don't give a rats butt if you don't agree with me....
  • Such a lovely bit of news to wake up to. Enjoy the weekend. I wonder what the volume will be at the end of the trading day?
  • For those about shorting Keryx

    $KERX Medicaid kicking in ??

    1004 IMS
  • Told you to stay thirsty, my friends. This will shut Gay(ry) and Levitory-Lover up. Have a nice weekend Longs. Back up the truck!
  • How difficult was the approval of Ferric Citrate (for ckd patients). I know there was a warning label and naming snafu but was hoping someone could provide some color commentary to help with the odds of the non-ckd approval. TIA
  • still way too cheap, wake us up at $10 and then maybe sell a little- Stay long , its a matter of time.
  • Auryxia has the potential to do $200M in 12 months time after approval for CKD ( a multi billion dollar market) later this Octoverish...shorty can lie and distort the truth all he wants the momemtum is very strong now in new RX's......mark this post. Shorty getting slaughtered soon....imo
  • Looking good so far. Let's see for how long.
  • 666 is BACK BABY....didn't think I would be so happy to see that number again......not lets blow by it
  • Shoty trying to distort Renvela's generic which ha been on the market since '14. Auryxia treats anemia and binds phosphates it does both while Renvela only binds phosphares does nothing for anemia....the only other drug for anemia is an injectable costing hundreds per administarion vs a simpoe pill like auryxia to take!!! shorty will not stop with these lies....and Renvela has been a generic in the U.S. since '14 apporved by the FDA.....it is not a concern for auryxia since anemic dialysis patients is a mukti billion dollar market by itelf and add a phosphate binder as well and doctors would rather use auruyxia which resolves both issues and when it is pporved for CKD a multi billion $$$ narket this Fall....KERX will be over $20's......mark this post.
  • Dr. Zing, do you have any idea why Baupost let's management raid the cookie jar before they succeed in penetrating the P binding market significantly? Just trying to figure out Baupost moves.
  • From stocktwits

    $KERX scripts 869 v 780 IMS
  • Old stuff but im,portant to keep it in mind:

    Auryxia is distinguished from the other binders by its dual-action effect on phosphorus and anemia parameters, which is largely viewed as positive, but can also be a barrier, particularly among users of the drug. Keryx recently filed a sNDA for Auryxia as a treatment for iron-deficiency anemia (IDA) in CKD non-dialysis patients which, if approved, could be a game changer for the brand. Both Auryxia and Velphoro are expected to see significant share increases in the next six months.


    Keryx's Auryxia and Vifor-FMC's Velphoro Slowly Gaining Share in the Phosphate Binder Market While Big Shifts in CKD-MBD Loom With the Pending Introduction of Amgen's Parsabiv
    EXTON, Pa., May 10, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- In a market long dominated by Sanofi-Genzyme's Renvela, there are signs that...
  • Only for the record

    The Generic Renvela Threat

    An indian analyst report says:

    "Complexity in gRenvela to keep competition limited: The manufacturing
    difficulty in Sevelamer API to remain a major natural entry barrier, which will
    lead to limited competition over several years. Lupin and Dr. Reddy’s Lab (DRL)
    is to refile ANDA on gRenvela in FY18E while Torrent withdrew its ANDA and
    Cadila downgraded its ANDA from para‐IV to para‐III. Also, there are few filers
    linked with API from Hetero who will have to refile with new source of API as
    Hetero has cGMP related issues with FDA. Aurobindo is expected to remain the
    sole generic In Renvela PFOS in FY18E while we expect only 2‐3 generic
    approvals including Aurobindo in 800mg tablets of Renvela in FY18.  

    We expect Aurobindo’s sales in Renvela PFOS to be US$29m and incremental
    EPS to be Rs1.9 in FY18E, assuming 30% discount on originator price, 30% Rx
    share, no generics in FY18E and 90% EBITDA margin


    US Renvela Market in 2017 for Hyperphosphatemia = 1 Billion
    US Auryxia Market in 2017 for Hyperphosphatemia = 50 - 60 Million

    Analyst expects 29 million for gRenvela from Aurobindo in 2018 in the US

    Please, can someone explains why Aurobindo´s suspension could be a threat for Auryxia.

    I can´t get it

  • Capitalcube.com must be trying to short kerx for June 30
  • Funds are trying to drive this down one last time to force out as many retail investors as they can. Let's face it they know momentum will be higher once we are closing on November deadline. And they know a decision can come early. So time to take advantage of the dip and buy IMHO.