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Kona Gold Beverage, Inc. (KGKG)

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  • B
    So just expanding a bit I decided to look here in New Jersey to see if I can find where Kona is being sold. I see that there is a company called trident 🔱 distributors that actually has it for sale (all the brands including elev8) at 153 locations here all over the state. So while this isn’t mainstream news they are expanding quite well.
  • P
    @Rick and to say “3 yrs” Is overreacting. Sorry to say but technically 2 yrs ago is where it’s at. It popped sept 2018 to .124 on speculation with all the other stocks that had anything to do with Hemp/Maryj. Then went on to push .15 in May of 2019 on realization of a real company with really good products. Now their in the process of making the company bigger, stronger, more profitable etc then it was then.
  • K
    RC posted on Twitter today that they submitted an amended S-1. What impact will this have moving forward?
  • A
    Reverse split possible (to maintain being on OTCB)... But history shows Robert Clark does not have the propensity to turn around a business. He just shuts them down and moves on to his next adventure in fleecing shareholders.
  • T
    KONA came out with financial results for first 6 months ending June 30. Net sales were down about 56%. From $1,018,000mil v $442,000 thousand. WOW !!! Down 56%. Maybe a $1mil in sales with a market cap of $15.4 million, still over priced. You guys may not like the truth. But this thing is not growing. I wonder how many of those people Clark hired awhile ago are still there ? Good luck.
  • D
    Why does KGKG seem to be in free fall? Can anyone give me a reason or even speculation. Thanks
  • j
    5 months ago there was 360 5 star reviews on amazon for Kona Gold. Today there are 509, still 5 stars. The drinks are selling, and becoming more popular. Sell if you want. I’m not.
  • M
    I owned this stock at .11 cents and sold at .05 at a huge loss. I pumped in 5k. I actually found a store that distributed about a 1/2 from my house. Im not much of a energy drink guy, but I actually really liked the product. I thought if everyone has a shot down the road and trues this they'll definitely switch to it. Then it became stagnant. I was pretty disappointed. I still pop in on hear and read people's comments. Even if they grossed a million. I can only imagine how much people like me supported the bottom line. ( And probably had 80% of my investment line some pockets). I hear all this " distribution " news. Yet, It hasn't shown up anywhere else where I live. Guys who run companies should be held accountable to what they say. But, with all the legal #$%$ their protected by, they can just about say anything and get away with it. Hopefully, somehow this company will turn around. But, with all the garage that been spewed out the company has barely moved. I'll still watch it, but, I won't stick a dime back in until something actually shows that the company is actually trying to sell products. Not just Amazon or a few local convenient stores here and there. Its just my opinion, but, I took a beating on this and had high hopes going in. Just my 2 cents worth
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    Big Cry Baby 😢
    I still remember back in the day when everyone thought that filing the S1 was a great idea. Well here we are. Yeah kgkg isn’t on top of the world but it would appear as though they will pull through the pandemic, get the S1, GoldLeaf doing a great job all things considered. Looks like a cure for the China bug is coming soon, if so the economy should start moving at a stronger pace. I honestly believe they will have a stronger stream of distribution and possibly a advertisement campaign by next summer. Anything is possible but I still see light down the road. I think it’s to easy to shed doubt with the state of the country, the most important election looming and our own personal lives. Your wife is in our prayers Frank. I’m staying positive through these trying times. This isn’t meant to be a pump so you folks that sit here crying over a .02 stock all day can take it with a grain of salt. Good luck to all no matter the outcome of kgkg. 👍
  • C
    Reverse Split.....then Bankruptcy!
  • F
    Well I’m gonna tap out soon to be able to pay for cancer treatments for my wife. Gonna try to hold on long enough for s1 and next spike to recoup some or most of my original investment. I wish everyone the best be it pumpers, bashers and just plain old Investor’s. Please keep us in your prayers
  • C
    100 bucks will get you close to 6000 shares, nice startup.
  • B
    I am a long term holder (bag holder), what keeps you here, invested or interested in this company? So many opportunities out there right now.
    Serious question.
  • l
    New 52 week low.
  • P
    @Rick if you remember the yield sign on otc. Everyone freaked out and started dumping because they didn’t know what it meant or why and the bashers came in and said “abandon ship” and that was the beginning of this stock tanking. It was domino’s from there. That’s overreacting. The company overall is in a better position then it was when the sp was at .15. They just don’t put out fluff like most other pinks.
  • J
    how low will she go is the question here?
  • F
    S-1A just posted on sec website
  • J
    BAHAHAHAHA I called it sub .02 in October. It?s over folks. A reverse split it imminent. Stop purchasing this #$%$ to ?average down?. You made a bad investment and we all have taken the risk. Learn from it and move on.
  • a
    Get out now before it’s too late.
  • W
    War Cat
    I hope I'm wrong, but I predict a massive sell off tomorrow. New 52 week low for sure.