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Kiniksa Pharmaceuticals, Ltd. (KNSA)

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  • R
    Not only are Baker Brothers Advisors owners of 8.66% of the Company, but I see they (Felix J. Baker) are one of the Directors of KNSA. I see they filed a Form 4 as of 6/29/2021 indicating they earned 66,474 share options priced at $14.33. Shame on me for not knowing this when I bought this stock 3 months ago!

  • b
    Looks like it is the time for me to buy again at this point and if it keep going down from here I will load more !
  • J
    Was KNSA halted today?
  • J
    Nah they are trading
  • A
    Anyone her going to have access to script numbers?
  • J
    Let me start by saying overall I am very bullish on this stock. However we need to temper our expectations a bit. I am surprised we aren’t closer to 25% up on this news. They will not get all 40,000 patients, not all remaining patients seek treatment every month, and they share 50% revenue with Regeneron. Manager Care will also not be fully on board with this right away and some doctors will not prescribe new medications for at least 6 months.

    The price targets are 12 month price targets, not approval or event-based targets. Having said all that I do believe this is undervalued and should be around 30-35 by year end
  • i
    Pretty muted reaction. Usually stock swells to +50-+60% on the announcement of news of approval. Never seen such a muted response to positive FDA news in small/ mid cap biopharma ... let's wait to see.
  • J
    According to their webpage, 1 month of treatment with this medicine costs 20K per month and is administered for around 6 months. Assuming 40k patients per year that is $4.8 billion in revenues per year. This means that the company is trading at less than 30% of future annual revenues, when most companies trade at 300% to 700% !!! And that ignores all the other medicines in the pipeline.

    I am not a financial adviser and this is not financial advise. In fact, I have not given any advise at all, I just stated a bunch of numbers.
  • A
    Someone MUST have known that they were going to do an offering-- stock was down more than 10% today after setting 52-week high just yesterday. Incredibly suspect. Only 1.8 million shares, but still.
  • J
    Ok by 3-21 so that means if they don’t make decisions on weekends we will know by Friday the day after tomorrow ?

    Also there is no buy the rumor so there won’t be sell the news ? Correct?
  • J
    It's not moving because too many longs have been willing to sell their shares at this lower price. There were over 2.8M shares traded in the after-hours. That is plenty of volume. People simply have not been holding out for higher prices. This is great for institutional investors that are increasing their holdings of KNSA with the approval announcement. They are getting a big discount by those willing to sell their shares.

    Longs need to hold out for higher returns before selling. Simple as that.
  • N
    Anyone planning to buy this today or tomorrow before the FDA approval date? did you guys get any positive news of getting approval?
  • v
    $REGN conversation
    What a horrible market.

    $KNSA, REGN partner got major drug approved ( I have read it is a billion+ $$ drug) in which REG has 50% stake.

    REGN is hardly up AH on this good news.

    I lost count on how many good news stories that have come out in the last 3-4 weeks.

    KNSA is up 12% on news, when it should have moved 40-50%

  • D
    Thinking about investing a few sheckles in this company - long term.....Can anyone offer any opinion? Thanks!
  • J
    I am new to the stock and would appreciate the input of the people that have been following it for a while. How likely is it that the FDA approval will be positive? Is there any probability that the FDA decision could be delayed?
  • p
    Flag formation is projecting a breakout in the next two days
  • M
    $CYDY conversation
    My several thoughts about $HGEN and recently announced participation in the BET trial ("big effect trial") funded by NIAID.
    1) Lenzilumab selection was based on the compassionate use data, not on the data from the ongoing ph3 trial. This might implicate that probably no interim report data from the ongoing ph3 trial is available, which in turn might implicate that HGEN has problems with fast patients enrolment (similarly to CYDY).
    2) It is strange why now a new ph3 trial is started (with 100 patients in each arm) when another ph3 trial (with 300 patients) is already running (started already in May). The novelty regarding this new trial is that a combination of remdesivir+lenzilumab is tested as well.
    3) Actually I do not understand why this BET trial with lenzilumab (and not only with lenzilumab) has not started several months ago as soon as promising data from compassionate use has been available. At the same time (around April-May) several other arms of such trial could have been added, including leronlimab from $CYDY (targeting CCR5) or other monoclonal antibodies targeting the same cytokine (GM-CSF) as lenzilumab - i.e. mavrilimumab from $KNSA, otilimab from $MOR / $GSK, and gimsilumab from Roivant.
    4) Of course it is a good news for HGEN that NIH is interested in lenzilumab and a bad news for CYDY if leronlimab has not been considered (but this might change). But anyway, if the data from the current leronlimab trials is positive (especially in case that the S/C trial is halted by the ethical committee), there is surely no need to start a new, NIAID funded trial.
  • j
    Seems like a no-brained. Very significant upside. Little downside risk.