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Karuna Therapeutics, Inc. (KRTX)

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131.30-4.32 (-3.18%)
As of 11:40AM EDT. Market open.
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    They had some interesting insights about KRTX on (http://Stocks-tracker.com). Definitely made me think twice about the company.
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    Had a good run and still undervalued.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Karuna Therapeutics is up 6.74% to 125.00
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Karuna Therapeutics is up 6.82% to 127.54
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Karuna Therapeutics is down 7.01% to 100.01
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Karuna Therapeutics is down 6.33% to 107.62
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    thanks for huge run, made 60k
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    Arch Venture Fund IX, L.P. reports 3363k shares in KRTX, reported and filed Dec 13, 2019. This is in addition to FMR LLC which reported 1301k shares Nov 29 2019, and 3902k shares Dec 10 2019.
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    Y’all think I should take my loss or hold onto this?
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    What amazes me, after bothering to read some posts here, is that there are a lot of people here who still don’t grasp the basics of the “small float runs”.
    I’ll give you some advice free of charge:
    1. Check your scanner daily for the top gainers. Do it as early as possible.
    2. Check the float of each of these potential runners
    3. Check related news. Be aware that the “news” may be completely insignificant and that at times a stock will run like crazy on no news at all.
    4. If you got in early enough and the stock is on the run, watch it carefully and ALWAYS SELL ON THE SAME DAY!! Never keep a runner overnight. Especially in the case of fledgling biotechs (the vast majority of runners). These small caps have no revenues, only huge cash burns. As a result their management will take advantage of these crazy runs by announcing offerings in order to raise much needed cash and in the process dilute shareholders significantly. So, always remember that the main reason for the run up was not “news” but the small float. Oh well, after the offering it ain’t small no more....
    4. As a result of what I said in 3 above, most crazy run ups decline dramatically on the next day with few exceptions.
    You must always know the clear difference between trading and investing. In the case of crazy run ups people who make the transition from trading to investing by staying overnight are commonly known as BAGHOLDERS.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Karuna Therapeutics is up 6.83% to 118.64
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    When a study assesses efficacy, it is looking at whether the drug given in the specific manner described in the study is able to influence an outcome of interest (a given score, for example) in the chosen population. When a study is assessing effectiveness, it is determining whether a treatment will influence the disease. In an effectiveness study it is essential that patients are treated as they would be when the treatment is prescribed in actual practice. That would mean that there should be no aspects of the study designed to increase patient compliance above those that would occur in routine clinical practice. The outcomes in effectiveness studies are also more generally applicable than in most efficacy studies (for example does the patient feel better, come to the hospital less etc, as opposed to better test scores). There is usually less rigid control of the type of patient to be included in effectiveness studies than in efficacy studies, as the researchers are interested in whether the drug will have a broad effect in the population of patients with the disease.

    Karuna will perform a phase III study to determine effectiveness of the drug. So far it focused on efficacy. I hope it's clear now. Therefore, the 'inpatient' issue (apparently favoring drug compliance in the study) is a non-issue at this stage (phase II). On the other hand. the (mild) side effects witnessed were not favored by compliance and this is what propelled the stock price.
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    insider buys 156250 shares at 96 price,this one will rocket tomorrow
  • j
    $30 down side gap need to be fill, see u at $96 tomorrow
  • c
    will be $ 100 in 6 month
  • D
    cashing out all my shares. This won't hold.
  • D
    As a former chaplain in the local hospital I have worked with people and friends who suffered from
  • N
    It's always nice when you buy at 91, sell at 125, and don't look back until two days later, when you see the stock below 80.
  • J
    hype and nothing more
  • H
    This appears to be an excuse to take profits, maybe on the PureTech news. However keep in mind the stock has been somewhat parabolic, bouncing off the mid level BB at about $81, all the way to $115 in only 6 trading days. A Fibonacci retracement, if that happens could correct down to about $90-$93 maybe by early next week. Also keep in mind it's not widely held, so with low liquidity and a low float the moves and bid/ask spreads are exaggerated. Still, 15% or $16 down is a big hit to wake up to, esp. for those who bought in recently.