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    Hi folks. Longtime CP shareholder here. Hunter Harrison, and now Keith Creel, have made me a LOT of money (shout out to Bill Ackman for saving the company from the garbage bin in 2011).

    I can appreciate that some of you might not be happy, and have concerns about the future of the KCS name and its employees.
    If I were a betting man, I'd wager the HQ of the company eventually ends up back in KC.

    Not to be glib or insensitive to the great history of KCS, but this outcome was an inevitability. And you have won the merger lottery. CP is the absolute best partner to have, on a very short list of possibilities.

    Congratulations, welcome aboard, and CPKC is going to do great things for shareholders and for the economy.
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    I bought KSU around 2005 @ $25/share, as I expected a take over. It took 15 years for the market to see the opportunity. It's been a good ride, as I multiplied by over 10x my investment. That being said, it would be nice the have a white knight so KSU is fully valued before being taken out. Good bye KSU.
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    This doesn't like a very good deal. When I did the math, I come out ahead, but by not that much. I think that the bad part of the deal is receiving less than half a share for every KSU share owned. Receiving $90 is nice, since that is what I paid for my shares, but after that, the deal doesn't sound so exciting. I would vote 'NO'. They need to raise their price at least another 10% for me to change my mind.
    Another thing: the $90, is this USD or Canadian dollars? Regardless, it is still a NO.
  • k
    I have people in Uganda my mother land who have gold and who want to trade in America,can Kansas City be in position to help me transport it within America’thanks
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    More than likely this Deal will never go thru. Hasnt been but a few years since they tried to Buy CSX and then NSC. They have ALOT of hurdles to go thru before it will even be feasible. I sold all my KSU stock this morning @257 and a litttle change
  • J
    $277 Monday. You can’t buy for the price listed now. Within 1 minute of before market or after hours trading it will shoot up.
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    Anyone betting against acquisition being approved? Would be interesting to see
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    This could likely start a bidding war most notably CN
  • Z
    Zeds Dead
    Remember STB has to approve this acquisition
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    How will this sale affect Canadian Pacific stock?
  • H
    Good Bye KSU - Riding into the sunset.
  • K
    Valued at $275? Can someone explain this?
  • C
    This will open at $275 Monday at the minimum I assume...
  • s
    JP Morgan gave a price target for $275
  • R
    I’m fortunate that I bought in at $252.00. I am getting out of this much easier to make money elsewhere without the waiting and wondering
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    Upgrades JPMorgan Chase Overweight USD 231 » USD 275
  • L
    The press release states pref shares will receive $37.50 per share,they are currently trading close to $44
  • C
    Does anyone know if this goes through will it be a forced sale that we will have a taxable event ? Or will we just be issued new shares?