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Lithium Americas Corp. (LAC)

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  • L
    Lithium 2
    Note So They are training local workers now for the building at Thacker Pass It be a LAC O BOOM $$$$$ 2
    LAC is pleased to announce that the BuildNV construction training course has commenced at Fort McDermitt, NV, providing locals with the skills required to build Thacker Pass
  • r
    The thesis has not changed. Lithium is the new crude of the planet.
    LAC will ebb and flow between 10.50 & 12.50, until major news.
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    Despite the daily onslaught of enormous Bangchak sales, sp still holding up rather well ... sign of consistent buyers with firm determination.
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    Lithium 2
    Note If you have not noticed That ATM of $100 Million together with LAC's Shelf Offering of a few months ago of $500 million that's good for 25 months This gives LAC $650 million right now towards the Lithium NV plant and maybe a Giga plant This without a bank loan or any dilution I bet they access that $500 million when they come out with a partner be it a Tesla GM or Ford as the pop at that time could be what $20,$30 $40,$50 + plus A LAC O BAG OF $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ (: 2
    Lithium Americas Announces Closing of US$100M ATM Offering Shelf Offering Form F-10 Sept 25, 2020 https://content.edgar-online.com/ExternalLink/EDGAR/0001062993-20-004654.html?hash=35852a863c263cdc893193212e7f6c6ac2261ea3c74735e59bc915b730cecb36&dest=EXHIBIT5-7_HTM#EXHIBIT5-7_HTM
    Having an aggregate offering price of up to US$500,000,000 (or the equivalent thereof, at the date of issue, in Canadian dollars or any other currency or currencies, as the case may be), at any time during the 25-month period that this short form base shelf prospectus, including any amendments hereto (the "Prospectus"), remains effective."
    LAC: "We are very pleased with the outcome of the ATM Program,” said Jon Evans, President and CEO. “With over US$145 million in cash on our balance sheet, the Company is in a strong position to complete construction at Caucharí-Olaroz and advance strategic discussions to finance Thacker Pass.” Note LAC sure is in talks and any day it be a LAC O BANG lol $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ 2
    LITHIUM AMERICAS CORP. (Form: F-10, Received: 09/25/2020 17:30:54)
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    Ha! market cap is now way too low for a lithium miner of this scope. Unwarranted sentiment. Matter of time ...
  • r
    opportunity to gain 8% in 5 hours, if you've got some powder.
  • P
    Forgive my forgetfulness, but what caused LAC to jump from $8 to $16 back in mid Oct?
    Was it the Piedmont/Tesla news?
    I guess I am watch too many stocks.....lol
    Thanks in advance.
  • D
    ATM offering is completed, LAC will take off tomorrow
  • A
    60 cents and it breaks even.
  • L
    Lumpy Allen
    My god.... what is going on with all the cartoon videos??? Let’s talk about stocks shall we?
  • C
    Seeing lots of questions regarding the obvious accumulation. Odds are it's Formidable Asset Management. They announced several weeks back they were going to be adding LAC to their portfolio and that they viewed the real value at $15 - $25.
  • S
    Chiming in here to give some thoughts and my perspective: to say the ride has been volatile the last few weeks would be an understatement. I'm sure the Bangchak share sales have been one of the significant factors in this volatility. This type of wild shifts in SP can definitely be frightening if you are monitoring it all the time, but if you take a step back and look at this stock from a 3 month chart you see that we have been trending up from Oct 28th's low of around $9.25 USD (a 12-15% increase). That is no small amount for a period of less than a month, especially when you factor in the negative pressure this stock has been under from the large institutional selling, COVID-19, and the American political uncertainties.

    I, like everyone else love those +10% per day gains, but if we are going to expect those type of days (which we have), we will also have days with significant pullback, and that's ok.

    2021-2022 is going to be a very significant time for the lithium world as many large automakers are going to really going full force to bring EVs to the masses, and LAC couldn't be better positioned to meet this demand. Do I think there won't be any issues along the way? Of course not. There may be some issues getting production ramped up, or other unforeseen set backs, but all indications are showing that the demand for lithium will be ever increasing least for the next 5 years to a decade.

    Lot's of exciting news coming early 2021 for LAC, so let's all sit back, relax, buy dips (IMO anywhere between $10-$10.50 USD right now), and remember that in a few years we will look back and be so thankful we stuck with this stock till production.
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    Chinese spot price, per 'tonne', of Lithium carbonate up three weeks in a row. First time in months. Looks like the price might have bottomed out. If so, start of a rise that makes Lithium mining companies, with proven substantial finds, more valuable every day.
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    About to breakout
  • J
    Hellluva investment here along with $pll
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    @Albrant - Please stop posting lies about LAC on this site. Do you actually believe that the Nevada Governor’s Office of Economic Development is going to grant LAC ~$9M in tax abatements for Phase 1 of Thacker Pass construction and then another branch of the Nevada state government is going to not approve the mine? Creation of the tax abatement financial model and the required approvals was a massive undertaking by the Governor's office. They would never risk the embarrassment of having this overturned. See the attached link for details. The next time you post please at least site your source even if it only contains the "alternative facts" where you seem to get your news/data/research from. Go LAC!!
  • R
    What happened to Kristen? Do we need to send a search party to Thacker Pass?
  • k
    Day after Thanksgiving and I have been visiting family in Northern California. Hairbrained idea, but got into my car today with my dog and drove to Winemucca NV and now staying the night at the Santa Fe Motel. Off to Thacker Pass tomorrow. Just had to see it for myself! Wish I could post pics....
  • J
    Flatline.......accumulate.....and wait. GLTA.