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Global X Lithium & Battery Tech ETF (LIT)

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  • M
    This ETF is more about battery production than Lithium mining. Look at their holdings.
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    Well investment without an adequate knowledge on whatever you're investnig in is a total waste of resources and time. one should first
    strive to gather enough knowledge in any field he or she chooses to invest in
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    JB Battery is a china manufacturer of LifePo4 lithium ion forklift batteries, chargers, and accessories for all types of lift trucks used across all industries.For more visit
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    Mahamud Hasan
    This means that Li-ion batteries can have very high energy density. A typical lithium cell potential is 3.6V. Also, they have a much lower self discharge rate at 5% than that of NiCad batteries which usually self discharge at 20%. In addition, these cells don't contain dangerous heavy metals such as cadmium and lead.

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  • y
    The batteries that electricity electric forklifts are a vast cost for any operation. Knowing all of the information in advance will assist you make a smart funding.

    Perhaps the maximum essential truth to know while figuring out your return on funding is how long the battery will ultimate. There are three critical things to don't forget whilst figuring out forklift battery lifestyles: battery type, utilization, and protection.
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  • S
    The energy density of lithium ions is typically twice that of standard nickel-cadmium. There is potential for higher energy densities. The charging characteristics are reasonably good and it behaves similarly to nickel-cadmium in terms of discharge. The high cell voltage of 3.6 volts allows for single cell battery pack designs. Most of today's mobile phones work with a single cell. A nickel-based package would require three 1.2-volt cells connected in series.

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  • b
    The China lockdown(s) have hurt this stock badly. It would be a breath of fresh air if LIT would flush all their Chinese companies.
  • J
    As an ETF that holds some Chinese companies, does this involve some geopolitical risk factors?
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    $LAC conversation
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    We’re barely five months into 2022, but Volkswagen CEO Dr. Herbert Diess has revealed the company has “basically sold out” of electric vehicles for the year.

    Speaking to the Financial Times, the German carmaker’s boss said that U.S. and European customers who order electric vehicles today won’t get them until 2023.

    That’s a disappointing development for would-be buyers, but Diess told the publication “We have very high order books and order intake on electric vehicles.” He added, “That accounts for all of our models from ID.3, ID.4, the Audi models — [all] are extremely well received in the markets, Škoda models are also very well received in Europe.”

    *VW Will Go EV-Only In America, New Electric Crossover Coming In 2026

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    Can anyone explain why an ETF based on a mineral that is so critical to the electrification of so many current and future tools seems to not be in vogue ?
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    $SOXX conversation
    These sector based ETFs are good gradual accumulation long term hold type of securities. Don't let near term bear-paws get you depressed with stuff like this.

  • a
    $LIT This stock that tracks Lithium is so cheap at its present price since with the recent increases in the value of Lithium it is at a bargain price.
    Buying a lot of stock at this price since it will be back to $100 plus soon.
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    Think this might turnaround to the positive fairly soon. I am a buyer at these prices.
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    why has this been decreasing since November when the lithium price has been increasing?
  • c
    This ETF has the best companies worldwide from mining to development to application of electric/rechargeable batteries particularly Lithium. And these batteries will be used continually from cellphone to Laptops and anything we will use that’s portable and battery powered to EV batteries and batteries for powering homes, and I can go on and on. I just loaded up on this stock because I believe that all the companies in this holding will profitable tomorrow and the years to come.
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    News reported: "The global lithium-ion battery recycling market is projected to grow from USD 4.6 billion in 2021 to USD 22.8 billion by 2030"
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    J. K.
    Futures are pointing to a reprieve from yesterday but be cautious of more red days ahead, if yesterday was the beginning of a larger market consolidation. Either way, LIT is a long term position and by all measures, lithium demand is set to go nowhere but up. Need encouragement to not sell? Set your chart to daily or even weekly, zoom out to see several months and you won’t even notice what happened yesterday. Or even if there are a few more red days to come, the overall trend is clear.
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    $SQM conversation
    Back in SQM folks! Got back in early this morning (unluckily, considering the bargain closing price). But I couldn't resist with lithium carbonate making yet another high overnight in Shanghai (367,500 yuan (58,000 usd) / metric tonne). Also, it looked like lithium stocks were ready start their inevitable rebound after their recent swoon, but then they got caught up in the late afternoon interest rate-related smackdown. SQM in particular traded down way too much at the end of day in New York trading and if you can pick up shares tomorrow morning anywhere near the NYSE closing price, you are getting a very nice bargain.

    With regards to newly elected Boric in Chile, the deep fears over the past month about what he will do to the mining industry were largely overblown, at least to a significant degree. His recent choices for cabinet members as well as his finance and (critically) mining minister have alleviated some of this built up fear. Things often are not nearly as bad as media fear mongers like to make them seem.

    With its steady production, large revenues and impressively growing earnings, SQM is still the relative value play in the lithium stock space (if there is such a thing in this high growth sector in which most companies, unlike SQM, are still deeply in their exploration and development phases and so can't yet partake in the soaring lithium price, let alone make a profit). SQM, on the other hand, does both for the investor: it is hugely reaping the rewards of the soaring lithium price AND it is developing new assets for a very rich future ahead.

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    $54.20 all time high pre-market for LIT. Anyone who invests in electric vehicle sector ($TSLA, $NIO, $XPEV, $FSR etc..) really should have some of this ETF. Lithium is the key material for batteries and supply is going to run low by 2025.
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    LIT, which tracks a market- cap weighted index of global lithium miners and battery producers, gives broad exposure to the metal. While its niche exposure aligns poorly with our broad Metals and Mining segment benchmark, LIT manages to offer targeted, concentrated exposure with a microcap tilt. Good tracking of its underlying index tempers the fund’s variable spreads and high expense ratio. For investors looking for niche lithium exposure as an ETF, LIT is the only game in town.