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    Letter to shareholders, du to the absence of any updates it is worthfull to refresh what CEO had told us. From last year Septemer:

    To all of Luokung's shareholders,

    It has been a monumental year for our Company. From an operational perspective we continued to build on our proprietary technologies and expertise in HD Maps and related intelligent spatial-temporal big data. We have achieved several milestones over the last few years, the most recent being the completion of the eMapgo Technologies (Beijing) Co., Ltd. acquisition earlier this year. At our core, we are a technology-driven company that focuses on services and applications of spatial-temporal AI big data. We have established a leading position in HD Maps, Internet of Things ("IoT"), intelligent big data, autonomous driving, smart transportation, vehicle-road collaboration (V2X), carbon neutrality and remote sensing data services. This is what drives our 700+ employees every day, improving our value proposition for our global customer base while creating value for our partners and the world.

    My hope with this letter is to provide a picture of Luokung's business and vision, while initiating a more open line of communication with investors going forward.

    Spatial-temporal data combines the dimensions of time and space, and more than 80% of data in the world is related to geographic location. With the rapid development of Internet of Things, smart robots, smart wearable devices and various sensors, almost all newly added massive data are spatial-temporal data, and more than 95% of all data in the future will be spatial-temporal data as it is multi-sourced, massive, heterogeneous, and updated in real time. Luokung discovers and creates greater value in spatial-temporal data, and through intelligent services, we believe that we continue to enhance value for our customers and society. Our mission is to build intelligent communities with our spatial-temporal AI capabilities.

    Built upon 3D HD Maps, a spatial-temporal digital AI base supports multi-sourced heterogeneous data interaction, integrates big data AI computing, Geo AI, blockchain and other technologies to realize spatial-temporal intelligence, serving smart applications in different industries with an eventual goal of establishing a digital twin system. A digital twin is a virtual representation that serves as the real-time digital counterpart of a physical object or process. This is the core and critical underlying architecture of Luokung. Based on this underlying architecture and the thematic elements of various industry applications, the Company forms its exclusive intelligent application platforms and products in different industries.

    The core strategy behind Luokung's products, technologies and services is centered around three pillars: smart transportation, carbon-neutral and natural resource management services and Internet LBS and intelligent industrialized applications—"Luokung's Three Pillars." Luokung's various product and service applications originate from Luokung's three-pillar business model, focusing on an AI spatial-temporal digital base. We continue to improve the capabilities of the digital base to better support industry smart applications. At the same time, ever-expanding and continuous intelligent industry applications are actively feeding a more powerful digital base. This flywheel effect helps us to continuously optimize, deepen and expand our services to customers, increasing our value proposition.

    Our Business Strategy

    The first pillar of smart transportation: Luokung believes that road-to-vehicle coordination is the keystone for smart travel and autonomous driving in the future. Therefore, smart cars require smart roads. Luokung is actively deploying smart solutions for both vehicles and roads.

    For vehicles, Luokung is supporting eMapgo's position as a leading HD Map provider with continued investment in its technical R&D in the fields of autonomous driving data services, simulation services, and full-cognition AI services with a goal of continuing to optimize, deepen and expand services for automakers and top-tier autonomous driving firms. We have led the development of the industry standard for "Autonomous Driving HD Map Collection Element Model and Interaction Format", and eMapgo will continue to play an active leading role in setting industry standards in the near future. This is not only a testament of the industry's trust and recognition of eMapgo's capabilities in autonomous driving HD map related data services but also proof of our intellectual contributions and experience in the field of data services as it relates to autopilot HD maps.

    For roads, Luokung is actively promoting smart road services based on its spatial-temporal digital base, including but not limited to HD Map-based smart road AI digital base, 24/7 road hazard awareness, severe weather perception and other road information data perception service systems and smart management platforms. Wit
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    Luokungs strong growth with real value and strong fundamentals will be a leading factor for a huge increase inte the market value in the future.

    Look at the numbers, compare to competitors and you see that Luokung share price is pressed down and very undervalue.

    It might get quick or a longer period to reach a much higher valuation. No matter what, I’m holding and buying more every now and then. This is a great company, a sleeping giant when it comes to market cap. Their strong fundamentals have potential to gain multiply times upcoming year
  • A
    i must admit that i made a big mistake when i sold my shares ANYHOW i wish those who were pateint and held their shares the best of luck it looks like this is resuming its upward direction
    we all make mistakes some times
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    8% pre market!
    It’s time to moving up had got it to the bottom already
    Still very bullish in this company
    I’m in for long term
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    short action, every day almost 50% of volume was done by shortsellers. Will they cover soon?

    Difficult to understand.

  • D
    All the nasdaq is down.
    Its the worst week since 2020.

    Today,we can confirm that lcko is resilient.

    now we have to wait and hope that the future market will turn at our favor.

    I wish us luck.
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    Market is hot

    SHANGHAI, Nov 25 (Reuters) - Chinese tech group Baidu Inc and self-driving startup have won approval to launch paid driverless robotaxi services that will see the firms deploy not more than 100 vehicles in an area in China's capital Beijing.

    The state-backed Beijing Daily newspaper reported on the approvals on Thursday, citing a ceremony held by the Beijing Economic and Technological Development Zone, where the 60 square kilometre-large area (23 square miles) is located.

    Baidu said in a statement that this would be its Apollo Go service's first commercial deployment on open roads.

    Customers will be able to hail one of the daily service's 67 cars at more than 600 pick-up and drop-off points in both commercial and residential areas, it said. It will charge fares similar to the level of premium ride-hailing services in China, a Baidu spokesperson added., backed by Toyota Motor Corp (7203.T), also confirmed that it had received the approval for its Xiaoma Zhixing service from Beijing on its official Weibo account.

    Automakers and technology firms are investing billions of dollars in autonomous driving, aiming to take an early lead in what many consider the future of mobility.

    Baidu in May launched paid driverless robotaxi services in a much smaller area of 2.7 square kilometres in Beijing's Shougang Park. The company is aiming for the Apollo Go service to be in 65 cities by 2025 and 100 cities by 2030, its CEO Robin Li said during its latest quarterly results.

    Last week, Chinese autonomous vehicle startup AutoX, which is backed by Alibaba Group (9988.HK) said it had expanded its robotaxi zone in the southern city of Shenzhen to become the country's largest fully driverless robotaxi zone, at 65 square miles (168 square km).
  • D
    Oh god, what a pity month.
    Down and down.
    Who is selling at this incredible low cost ?
    Wait and see the future ramp up.
    I reallly believe on lcko and baba.
  • D
    Sooner, we will regret that we did not reload at this very low price.
  • V
    Vito Corleone
    I'm a buyer under the 25-20 cents level...shouldn't take much time to get there
  • p
    0.55 support is broken & it will see 0.4 most likely
  • M
    I can only buy if I see that management is doing some actions. They must proof that they really want to stay . Dont buy to average down your current share price.
  • j
    Agree to the fullest with Djamel. Everyone that know the business and fundamentals of Luokung understand the undervaluation and enourmous potential but also risk as any stock is a risk especially short term, especially like these past few days when the whole stock market is down.

    The other people I just feel sad for.
    I’m not gambling on this one, I’m investing long term. Smart people do that in great companies.

    Luokung is not my only investment, I manage my risk by having different companies in different segments and stay for years.

    That has been a winning concept for me. I’m up 630% the past 3 years in my total portfolio which is a lot more then the average
  • b
    If you’re looking for a short and sweet guide to the day’s biggest news, I recommend ( They breakdown the most important pre-market news and it only takes a few minutes to read.
  • j
    So according to yesterday news, Luokung have ATLEAST until 5 of Juli 2022, that is half year from now, to get to a shareprice of minimum $1 for 10 consecutive days, they might even get approved to get a way longer timelimit to get to $1 if it would be needed, but i definetly dont think Luokung need more time.

    The minimum market cap needed to be listed at Nasdaq is $15 Million and i contrary Luokung is at a $237 Million market cap, which means Luokung being under $1 a share isnt a big issue for Luokung to remain listed at Nasdaq.

    But i think heavy undervaluation and the strong fundamentals will be a strong factor to push the share price well above $1 by that time
  • A
    Andy pandy
    And we have green
  • D
    Incedible, no volume today
  • D
    Hi Abbas

    I am sorry to read your message

    Anyway you make me smile.
    During several months, you motivated us and now we have to help you.

    I have several shares and unfortunately almost the market is down.

    I also lose more than 60keuros on lcko

    But you lose if you only sell you share.

    This year will probably the china year.
    The US market is too huge and the best opportunity are in China

    Besides that, look at the market cap of lcko. The market is vey low .
    Compare too lcko assets, the share are incredibly low.

    Dont make the mistake to sell your share at this low price

    I really recommend you yo rebuy your share at this low price and forget them during a few months

    Trust me patience is key.

    When it will ramp up if you are not in the train so you will regret.

    Is you decide to not rebuy, i wish you all the best and i recommend you to load a china stock and wait the ramp up.

    Trust my trade experience /patiente is the key/

    Enjoy your life my friend and keep safe

  • D
    Hi vito

    Be honnest.
    80%of the sp500 is under his average.
    I have many shares in US and all are completly done.
    I will give sample samples:
    Fisker, bionano, adamis, seanergy, baba, sos, many crypto, icd, medley,
    Petrol, ....
    Everybody of us can provide you a long list.

    The current only big winners are the gafam and tesla + few shares.

    Patiente is key and if you cant support the risk you have to stop trading
    Its not a game for teenager.

    Watch and see and learn for the future

    Nice day
  • j
    Institutions that bought Luokung yesterday:
    2021-12-29 NP PGJ - Invesco Golden Dragon China ETF 273,663 46.31 337 18.31
    2021-12-29 13F/A Hudson Bay Capital Management LP 787,887 914

    Hudson bay is a big investment company "We are a multi-billion dollar asset management firm operating in New York, Connecticut, Miami and London"

    Total of 42 new institutions investing in Luokung this year. Relativly small positions compared to their full portfolio. But their intetion is to buy in more as the market cap goes up.
    For the moment Luokung has a low market cap for the bigger institution to go in heavy. Those times will come. Fundamentals grows alot stonger for each quarter that goes. A more justified stock value will be appriciated in the future