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Lumber Liquidators Holdings, Inc. (LL)

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25.76-0.20 (-0.77%)
At close: 4:02PM EDT
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  • LL Short Interest as of 6/15/2017 ... down 5.1%Lumber Liquidators Holdings In LL Short as of 6/15/2017: 7,418,485Short #$%$31/2017: 7,816,114Change (shares): -397,629Change from 5/31/2017: -5.1Percent of Float (%): 26.7Days to Cover: 7Ave. Vol: 1,133,523
  • anyone else notice an odd thing after hours?
  • Anyone notice anything odd about ....
  • Whew, this board sure gets quiet when the action stops.
    Its emblematic of the price/volume action of the stock.

    The players are arranging the chairs before the music starts again, though. Quietly and purposefully.

    I won't even ask if anyone has any thoughts. I think all the catalysts have been hashed and rehashed, and so we wait.
  • 3 Small-Cap Stocks for the Long Term---- Good article by Motley Fool.
  • Sell now,or sell next month?What do you guys think
  • Off the mat! Finally
  • FND is up around $4 today, flooring must be cool this week, LL's long-term business plan will dwarf them. More diversified saturation of US market.
  • Good thing I never sold I knew this was going to happen
  • This stock is like a coiled spring just waiting for good news to break. When they post positive quarterly results or the MDL gets settled we will see a 20%+ pop in stock price. The shorts will be stampeding one another to exit their position only to cover at even higher prices. Look at how much FND is moving today on minimal news and it's already priced high.
  • Is that sawed off scab Anderson Cooper in prison yet?
  • Document #1124

    So my take. I am always curious as to how things get disclosed in court proceedings, especially with regard to public companies. During settlement discussions, it is fair to say that constant disclosure of the status of negotiations would put one or both sides at a disadvantage. As well, the stockholders would likely be harmed with a constant news flow that would be manipulated by the market shaggers and other malfarganants.

    So to have a discussion in open court on the status of negotiations, then have it published on PACER would defeat or impair the process. the point of this entire discussion is to disclose that if i were given three wishes, They would be as follows:

    1) To be a fly on the wall for an in-chambers meeting between lead counsel and the judge.
    2) Three more wishes,
    3) To have first dibs on the best heifer.

    Case No.:
    -MD-2627 AJT/TRJ
    Court Time: 2:12 to 2:16
    Docket Entry:
    Present: Honarable Anthony J. Trenga, U.S. District Judge
    Honorable Thomas Rawles Jones, Jr. U.S. Magistrate Judge
    Rhonda Montgomery, Court Reporter
    Appearances of Counsel.
    Judge Trenga and Judge Jones met with lead counsel in chambers prior to court to
    discuss pending issues. A summary of items discussed and dates set put on the
    Judge Trenga: The Court confirmed that a representative from Court call was
    connected. This case and 16-MD
    set for status conferences on July 11,
    2017, August 1, 2017, and October 3, 2017. The Court indicated that a status report
    was received regarding settlement discussions.
    Judge Jones indicated that he wou
    ld be sitting in Richmond on July 14, 2017 and
    motions regarding discovery are
    to be noticed
    for 7/14/17 @ 11:00
    if not
  • Still 80% off old high. How many shorts left? Glad I went long a while back.
  • I think the bottom is in...buy!
  • The realization of a tax cut would send the market soaring including LL.
  • Just looked at this today - well this is irritating - should have sold a piece. I am thinking of adding more though but am chicken as I have plenty.
  • gloom June is on the horizon
  • When is the last time this was green?
  • The further we get into summer the more housing stocks will get better results. There was a Strong finish yesterday on good volume. We are due to a good move upward today< volatility, but green at close. Housing is in a severe deficit for low and middle size homes the biggest part of the recovery will come from construction of these new homes. "THE EXPERT". How funny was that? IMHO
  • The fact that the market maker and his allies have chosen to use today's news to push LL longs positions down 2%, when the rest of the market is flat, is not only disgustingly unpatriotic and insulting. It also smacks of desperation on short's part.

    Do you really think we are that stupid? I for one am not buying here because I already bought but I would recommend LL and this price without hesitation to anyone. And I will make it my goal to pry an extra dollar out of all my sell orders when the time comes.

    Shorts are playing musical chairs here. The next to last chair was just taken away, and there's still five kids pretending to be winners as they try to rope in one last bigger fool to offset their losses.