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Cheniere Energy, Inc. (LNG)

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  • Celsius is showing feedgas delivery to Sabine Pass climbed to 2.45 BCF yesterday. Hopefully that's a sign Train 4 is ramping up.
  • New study: U.S. natural gas reserves spike. A new study from the Colorado School of Mines’ Potential Gas Agency estimates that the U.S. has 3,141 trillion cubic feet (Tcf) of natural gas, or about 10 percent more than previously thought. The study attributes the higher reserves estimate to new discoveries and more exploration.
  • Insider sell order just came in
  • Mick you still think Trump working hard for LNG too funny little buddy.
  • That makes 52 one time posters that only have eyes for me keep up the good work bookmark I knew you couldn't help yourself Mick.
  • Looks like I should have waited to buy in but I have a way of getting lucky with this stock.
  • Another large insider sell order just came in expect the price to drop after 10 this morning.
  • Should have waited for 43 looks like that's my double down point.
  • Well I almost sold yesterday I had to check on a property just missed my sell limit order.
  • Other than these magical insider trades that happen without formal notices. Does anyone have any insight as to why in the last 3 weeks LNG has gone from a roughly $1-1.75 premium over WTI to now being roughly $1.00 discount to WTI? The dollar index is down so wouldn't that make LNG exports more profitable? TIA
  • Already up 600 bucks in ten minutes.
  • The oil majors have increasingly pivoted towards natural gas, a long-term bet that gas will prevail in a world seeking to gradually decarbonize. “In 20 years, we will not be known as oil and gas companies, but as gas and oil companies,” Patrick Pouyanne, CEO Total SA (NYSE: TOT), said at an industry conference last month. But Bloomberg New Energy Finance says the move could be risky, and there is a chance of “peak gas demand” as renewables continue to get cheaper. BNEF says natural gas’ market share in the electric power sector will decline from 23 percent in 2016 to just 16 percent by 2040.

    A declining market in an overvalued stock, that has yet to make any money. When do fundamentals (earnings)override speculation? Time will tell. . 24 billion in debt and counting.
  • I am adding gary to the list of people that I will mute all noise
  • I'm new to this stock, any suggestions on What's a good entry price?
  • Went to check on Gary's reported insider sales - no SEC Form 4's filed so far this month (required in 2 business days). 3 Month Summary shows 10 Open Market Buys (30,594 sh) and 1 Open Market Sale (11,878 sh)
  • Hi there! I have made an analysis about where does Seth Klarman see the value in Cheniere. Kind regards, Sven Carlin


    Cheniere Energy Offers 12% to 15% per Year as an Investment
    I analyze what is the value that Seth Klarman sees in Cheniere Energy (NYSE: LNG) and come to the conclusion that it is a good long term natural gas investme...
  • How many cargo's went out this month? I think Gary is in prison and has nothing else to do except flud this page with B.S.
  • Making money bookmark.
  • Don't look bookmark I am making money off this stock again.
  • Cheniere Energy is a fiction of the credit bubble. It is a financial experiment, wrapped in the veneer of an energy company.

    The company is the creation of a clever stock promoter (Charif Souki). He rallied gullible investors who believed in the "Peak Oil" theory – that the world was running out of oil and production was in permanent decline. He convinced them to put up billions to build a new liquefied natural gas ("LNG") import plant on the Gulf Coast. (The previous five LNG plants that had been built in America all had gone bankrupt.)

    Sure, there's no plausible economic reason to import LNG to North America, which has immense natural gas resources. The business model was akin to bringing sand to the beach. Nevertheless, in the "Peak Oil" madness of the mid-2000s, investors stupidly fell for the idea. Cheniere soon collapsed under the weight of its debts and its absurd business model. But then... cheap capital came to the rescue. Souki figured he could simply borrow enough money to turn the whole project around. Cheniere wouldn't import natural gas, it would export it. It sounds like a joke, but that's exactly what happened. Switching business models after your build-out is expensive. In total, the company has accumulated $24 billion worth of debts over its lifetime. Sadly, it has produced zero profits. And the future doesn't seem bright, either. You see, the entire economic rationale for exporting LNG (which has to be chilled to around negative 260 degrees Fahrenheit) was that it was illegal to export crude oil. Thus, LNG was thought to be one of the few legal ways to export America's soaring energy production. Good idea, in theory. Trouble is, Congress changed the law. Now you can simply pump crude oil onto a boat, which is far cheaper than chilling natural gas to negative 260 degrees.

    So... who is going to pay for all of Cheniere's LNG and all of its debt?

    Nobody will.