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Comstock Mining Inc. (LODE)

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As of 10:42AM EDT. Market open.
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  • please, ask yourselves this question. why would a stock soar 17.5% on no news at quadruple average volume in one day's trading? could it possibly be manipulation? either that or maybe insider-directed trading that won't show up on sec reports? Take your pick.
  • Insiders and large institutional investors buying up shares from impatient mom and pop retail investors who are selling at a huge loss!
  • Those who loaded up @0.18 should now double down @0.13 LOLOL!!!
  • Looks an awful lot like past dilutions. If it is wait for a major drop!
  • I'm fascinated by this huge volume, yet slightly increase in stock price - does anyone have an intelligent answer as to causation? This has gone on for several days...
  • What is amazing is that you can have such a large spike in volume without a big movement in price either way. For such a low dollar volume stock anyway. One day maybe we will know the truth...but I doubt it.
  • Looks like all the stupid retail investors are out now and big boys are buying and driving the price up.
  • Wonder if it's worth getting in. I was in from high .030's until low .20's and cut a huge loss. I held for almost a year. Now I don't know if this is a smoke screen or really momentum. Should I take a chance or wait another few days and see the movement
  • as i said last week and again this week, this stock is being pumped up in advance of a reverse split. explain why volume would soar to record levels and pps would advance by over 30% in just a week on no news. management manipulation. qthe reverse split is coming.
  • preparing for reverse split. no doubt about it.
  • stock price is saying BK
  • I hope this isn't more dilution!!!
  • it is being manipulated but not because of a r/s. that is a ridiculous post considering they have until November to get the pps up. imo, it is mm's allowing shorts to cover and/or someone to accumulate.
  • Around 80,000 shares just traded a minute ago. Hmmmm.
  • going back up now
  • i hope this isn't another head fake.
  • bam!!! what was that 915,000 trade!!! news tomorrow?
  • Joint Venture might be announced soon. Someone is is adding to their position..
  • Curious. If this time next year and all mines are in production or close and we are all happy....did anyone go to the annual meeting and think it was worthwhile to attend? It would be a long trip but fun to see the area. So anybody go and think it would be worth the trip?
  • After reading the transcript of the conference call I take back most of the negative things I said 15 days ago. I'm "mildly" positive now. Now if they'll just get moving on actually mining and getting these joint ventures going maybe the damn SP will get going-- UP.