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Comstock Mining Inc. (LODE)

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    "natural source of carbon neutral biographite" Green New Deal gonna love that
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    Video Shows Why Lode Is Cleaning Up River In Philippians

    They're getting serious now...
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    See posts, photos and more on Facebook.
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    I would think a billion dollar revenue company would be going up? unless....
    it has bad gasssss.
  • h
    $ABML conversation
    The Nevada Scam Vortex was

    in total pump and dump mode

    early 2021. All perpetual penny

    junk sold for multi dollars.

    Was it temporary insanity?




    Will the tax loss write offs equal

    the GDP of a small country?

    Too bad slot machine players

    can't do the same!
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    In March Lode announced the Philippine startup of the remediation equipment. Lots of talk at the time and for some time before about what a great thing this would be. Not a word since.

    As this was to be one of the bright stars of the company one can only conclude that it either doesn't work or there is no payback. Why else would they cease all communication?

    Interesting that there were no questions on the subject at the quarterly meeting
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    Dredging Of Naboc Naboc River officially Started September 1, 2021
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    Director Leo M Drozdoff added 17,000 shares to his existing 306,240 shares last week.

    I know it ain't much, but it's nice to see. Patiently waiting for better news ahead. The company has only recently gone debt-free with a renewed focus on a broader corporate interest in ESG, and the share-based transactions are a dilution risk instead of a debt burden. Things could be a lot worse. For the same money, lots of smaller drug companies are on a short cash runway with selling-related expenses that destroy any revenue they have.

    We have enough cash now, we'll have more cash later this year when some more land assets are sold off, and the Linico recycling project will come online next year. The roadmap isn't too long, but it is a waiting game.
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    Sailor Al H
    Interesting that all the smoke and mirrors of the past few years and inclusion in an index, and still this "mining' company has a declining share price.... The theatrics are stellar. Results always just over the hill...
  • h
    If you look at TNGL avg daily

    total traded money is like

    $9,000. Looks the surfer dude

    mining company from La Jolla.

    Is gonna stiff the Gasbag.

    The real victim is the poor

    schlub who bought $millions$

    from Gassie @ 40 pennies. Like a

    Brinks Armored Car robbery

    wearing a suit. Tales from the

    Nevada Scam Vortex.
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    I didn’t read any results from the Mercury recovery process?
  • h
    Omg the Stinkubator payroll

    gets more bloated daily.

    Gas bag says 10 different ways

    now to get pork welfare rich.

    A great story is better than

    actually doing anything!

    I even get 500k free shares

    for fireside chats of bogus

    junk. If one fails we pimp

    another one. Nobody cares

    anyway. We got fake churn

    and dummies are always around.
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  • d
    so aqms/linico process produced huge amounts of what's been called 'black goo' and the separation process was proving too costly to produce a profit. they approached state govt 'if we could just modify the equipment..' , were told no. mysterious fire and now a total rebuild underway. yeah there's elements of weirdness but here we are rebuilding and now going after hemp...one of these moonshots could pay off...y'all have seen the monster pops in these categories if u pay attention right..it's kind of an invest at your own risk deal but I continue to hold...smaller spot 1500 shares I'm not saying throw everything at it...GL to all
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    so...loadofpoo just issued ~$24 million in newly printed diluting shares for an industry to generate $400,000,000 a year.

    I wonder if this will work better than mining the billions In gold they have?
    or will it exceed the tons of mercury recovered.
    or the recovery of 22 pounds of lithium while the cobalt is the higher price part of a battery.

    not producing a gram of oil until the 2022 harvest...and all the costs of getting it up.
    wow, not bad for a failed miner.
    remember... these guys mined under a creek and undermined a highway.
    the candle isn't the brightest.
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    9% tanking??? why??
    almost tempting to trade....maybe they will get paid this qtr.
  • c
    With so much great news this stock should glide into double digits anytime now...
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    for you newbies....use caution because there's a leak of ggggaaaaassssss....the joker says millions in revenues coming but after months of mercury clean up why did he fail to say we recovered nothing.here we are, sitting on Howard Hughes former property and there's no cores on the millions of ounces of gold.why did he not mention the 22 pounds of lithium per battery won't pay his bonus????it's cause he's gggg#$%$good luck