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Lightspeed POS Inc. (LSPD.TO)

Toronto - Toronto Real Time Price. Currency in CAD
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73.97-3.76 (-4.84%)
At close: 3:59PM EST
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  • J
    Anybody buying?
  • M
    lol sorry guys i bought the stock at 90+. hence the reason its dropping
  • M
    Let's hope tomorrow things begin to turn around.
  • C
    Sold this morning with concerns of it tanking back to $50. Lost most of my gains on LSPD for the year. Might buy back in once it steadies. Great company, but more downward than upward potential in the short-term IMO. Hard to go wrong long-term though.
  • M
    told my gf to get in at $89 ....
  • t
    Please don’t over think this.... nothing that came out of Powell’s mouth changes what Lightspeed does. I find it funny that people look at 10yr treasury yields at 1.5% and think the sky if falling..... call me when it’s 3%
    This company is a racehorse getting caught in a broad market sell off which is a healthy thing. I just keep adding when i can and smile thinking about next report in May. Stay long!
  • A
    I hope y'all did not sell. Those "smart" think the trend shifts. With all that money injected into the market, we shall see all-time high in the next 3 months or so.
  • M
    Most of us here are longs, longs need to block out all the outside noise/comments ie. shorts, day traders etc. Patients longs.
  • d
    Here’s what’s going to happen next:

    > market will digest Powell

    > market will realize interest rates are still low AF (30 year mortgage climbed above 3%!! Lol)

    > all of the retail investors who are selling (like the ones on this thread) will immediately start buying again when momentum kicks back up. En masse. People get scared and play market like a casino. Human nature.

    > next acquisition will be announced. Which will probably be even less expensive now as they are likely using stock for it.

    > pandemic will slowly subside which further helps the business growth given omnichannel product strategies of customers.

    So buy. Hold. Sell. Do whatever you want, but this is a $150 stock by year end.
  • M
    I was up 200% at one point. Not selling. Market has forgotten that LSPD should do better out of lockdowns than in them. They service Restaurants, Golf courses, and bike shops.
  • s
    Bad week is over, friends get ready for a green week!!!
  • A
    Is this a good price to buy? Anyone?
  • N
    People who think that tech stock are overvalued should rethink carefully before putting the eggs in the same bucket. Just to clarify, tech stock will always be overvalued for value investor. Simply because those investors are looking at some basic metrics only and numbers. But we in tech stock, consider much more things, we are considering how disruptive the product is, how the culture is and its capacity to innovate growing its business enabling a lot of different business to be successful. Basically we are looking at how tech companies can improve our world, aka Tesla, amazon, Microsoft , Google. You cannot imagine the amount of progress in technology we did by investing in disruption and innovation. This is what matter more than just numbers. If you are only interested in pure number and don’t look at the rest, you are not seeing tech stock the right way. So again, think about twice before thinking the whole tech sector is overvalued just because some people panicked and told you it should be like that. Tech is like that, not because some people said it should be this way but because it is really changing the world. Tech will likely explode again because tech is special, tech is unique, tech is the extension of our knowledge and we are just starting to see its true nature.
  • R
    Average short of $ 27.60 in my TFSA. The vaccination will increase the trade will $$, the multiple of LSPD will be lower with a transaction that will be finalized and the short of the action will go up. It's for a long time !
  • T
    Any one have thoughts on the fact that ARK is has gotten rid of most of its position in LSPD?
    I am long on LSPD - Been in it since IPO, but was curious to people's thoughts on this
  • J
    I think the next acquisition is obviously Touchbistro. Roughly valued at $500-$700M, Toronto (Canada) based, would be an ideal canadate. LSPD already has the cash, but most likely will preserve some of the cash and issue more shares to Touchbistro.
    mark my words!
  • R
    sold Lightspeed at $70 to watch it explode to $100. bought back at $100 to watch it explode down to $70.

    I'll start posting my moves for you all to stay clear.
  • J
    These are the days where people with steady hands truly get tested, BUY BUY BUY, don’t worry about timing the bottom exactly, if you buy now and it tanks 10% tomorrow you still bought at a really good price for the long term.
  • F
    Frank Funiciello
    I am waiting till next week. tomorrow Friday...so I'm expecting some sell off. Will buy more late Friday or Monday morning...I'm long on this baby. Remember all stocks were red....so im not worried cause a sell off occurred. We will be rewarded in a week or 2 with lightspeed and tesla and apple...the blood bath is almost over.