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  • IS LTBR doing any testing other than Norway?
  • Will this company delisted soon? They've been peddling around the same patent for a long time. Seems like the industry has moved on. Maybe Areva felt sorry for them so they signed a nonbinding letter of interest.
  • I don't expect this little walk up to hold long
  • Big concern here people claiming they "heard" from or "contacted" IR funny i never get a response on anything i submit? really starting to get nervous
  • About 635 employees worked at the 556-megawatt reactor until it was closed down on May 7, 2013 after no solution had been found to stave off stiff economic headwinds. “At the time the decision was made to close Kewaunee, the station was facing the perfect storm of economic challenges including a weak electrical market,” said Dominion Energy Senior Vice President and Chief Nuclear Officer Daniel Stoddard. “All the stakeholders including government officials worked together to find a solution, but one was not found. Ultimately, Dominion Energy had no realistic alternative and was forced to close a unit that was no longer financially prudent to operate,” he said. http://nuclearstreet.com/nuclear_power_industry_news/b/nuclear_power_news/archive/2017/06/22/spent-fuel-storage-completes-jobs-at-kewaunee-npp-062201

    Spent Fuel Storage Completes Jobs At Kewaunee NPP - News - Nuclear Power News - Nuclear Street - Nuclear Power Plant News, Jobs, and Careers
    The latest nuclear news in Nuclear Power Industry about utilities, companies, suppliers in the nuclear energy market.
  • Woke up remembered dreaming about President Trump with an American eagle on his shoulder signing legislation to move this country in the right direction Seth of course was standing next to him. USA! USA! USA!
  • volume dead so i guess that were done with the positive news cycle until he needs to dilute again!!!!! i guess im over leveraged bought the hype again.
  • New reactors also are struggling. Areva’s third-generation nuclear reactor, EPR, is now under construction at four sites: two in China, one in France and one in Finland. All four are behind schedule, and the French and Finnish reactors have seen their costs more than double, suffering from quality control and management problems. https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/france-loses-enthusiasm-for-nuclear-power/

    France Loses Enthusiasm for Nuclear Power
    Nuclear’s share of electricty will drop from 75 percent to 50 percent by 2025 due to loss of know-how and requirements for more renewable sources
  • The i's are dotted, the t's are being crossed
  • Besides losing money exposure to uranium Long Term Effects: In addition to effects from short term exposure, damage may include pulmonary fibrosis and malignant pulmonary neoplasia, anemia and blood disorders, liver
    damage, bone effects, sterility, and cancers. https://science.energy.gov/~/media/nbl/pdf/price-lists/SDS/SDS-Uranium_Oxide_UO2.pdf

  • Westinghouse news is good news in my eyes, it should help push the JV. If Seths reason for delaying is because of hatching out a more lucrative deal it is even greater news. i dont care what the stock price dropps down to, im not selling my shares, i may even buy more. if this JV goes thru it can be financially life changing, greater than 100+ badger. Call me a dreamer. Worth the risk for, i wont live with regrets either way success or failer.. but for those that sell, they will think about this for the rest of thier lives if this opportunity ends on a positive note. and i dont mind him diluting the share, the funds may be needed if the deal he is hatching is in fact more lucrative to help leverage it.
  • that was fun while it lasted glad i got out of this pos
  • https://finance.yahoo.com/news/day-care-center-2-former-workers-sued-over-181542620.html
    Another family has sued two former day care workers who instigated scuffles among the children they oversaw as part of what prosecutors called a "Fight Club." The suit filed by the parents of ... heres the major news announcement you guys have been waiting for

  • South Korea's new President Moon Jae-in said on Monday the country will halt plans to build new nuclear power plants and will not extend the lifespan of existing plants, in a bid to phase out nuclear power.

    South Korea's oldest nuclear reactor suspended its power supply operations Saturday as a first step toward its permanent shutdown. President Moon pledged that his administration will proactively cultivate green and sustainable energy like solar and offshore wind power, and establish an energy ecosystem suitable for the fourth industrial revolution.
  • This is basic failure after basic failure and it may be the end of nuclear construction in the USA.

    NRC says Vogtle rebar differs from approved design
    Rebar installed at the construction site for Plant Vogtle’s new Unit 3 reactor is not consistent with approved design standards, according to the U
  • The U.S. is on path to replace an estimated 70% of grid infrastructure that is nearing the end of its useful life. While Utilities are spending billions of dollars to add capacity to grids – the actual electricity demand remains flat.

    Rooftop solar is believed to be one of the best opportunities to create a low cost, reliable modern infrastructure, leading to lower utility expenditures. It is estimated that a typical home solar system would save approximately $750 in future annual infrastructure costs which is in addition to the benefits of clean energy that the system generates. https://finance.yahoo.com/news/sunrun-enters-florida-apos-solar-143802712.html

    Sunrun Enters Florida's Solar Market, Offers Rooftop Panels
    Sunrun Inc. (RUN), has recently entered the market of Florida by promising to offer solar power at more affordable rates to residents of the state.
  • Several large retailers in Georgia have gone solar including Anheuser-Busch, General Growth Properties and IKEA. IKEA has installed one of the largest such installations with 1 MW of solar capacity at their location in Port Wentworth.
    At 20 MW, Butler Solar Farm 20 in Butler is among the largest solar installations in Georgia. Completed in 2015, this photovoltaic project has enough electric capacity to power more than 2,263 homes.7
  • Wow! What was said at that presentation to scare away investors?
  • Does any one here work for them advocating nuclear?“To ensure that nuclear energy keeps working for America, the industry has developed a national strategy to communicate nuclear energy’s benefits more aggressively, more widely and more consistently than we ever have before,” Korsnick said. “We have stepped up our advocacy efforts not just a notch or two, but by a great margin.” https://www.nei.org/News-Media/News/News-Archives/NEI-s-Korsnick-Unveils-Wide-Ranging-Nuclear-Advoca

    NEI’s Korsnick Unveils Wide-Ranging Nuclear Advocacy Effort - Nuclear Energy Institute
    Addressing the Nuclear Energy Assembly for the first time as the head of the industry, the Nuclear Energy Institute’s President and Chief Executive Officer Maria Korsnick opened its 64th annual conference in Scottsdale, Arizona, this week by unveilin
  • Is Seth lying about everything? Even with this drop and his history I find that hard to believe. When I say everything I mean major milestones and agreements. Interest from multiple utilities. Norway testing, joint venture with Areva. Just one month ago he was saying everything was better than ever. Did the Westinghouse news change that? I highly doubt that there has always been competing accident tolerant fuels and Areva has never been in business with Westinghouse. The dilution is not bullish but also not excessive and not unxpected. As painful as this is I am not convinced the bull case is over.