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    I have funded a luxurious lifestyle by shorting this. I live just like the CEO of Lightbridge taking frequent trips to Monaco and traveling first class.
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    zero reasons for this to have risen today and many for it to fall tomorrow.
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    Since there are no options on LTBR, you cannot buy calls. No need for options here when essentially the common stock is essentially an expensive call option.
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    BIG BOOTY dilute-y is coming! Check the Going concern and desperate need for money since this company never makes any and has massive salaries to fund.
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    How does this Chinese nuclear power plant shut down effect LTBR the fuel rods cracked ? Positive or Negative
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    Cash is 15 million and slowly being eroded by bloated executive salaries. Given no revenue potential for the foreseeable future and insufficient cash to achieve any milestone other than incremental government tests that'll take longer than the cash on hand will last this should trade at a discount to cash.
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    I believe LTBR is in talks with TerraPower. They are to only company in the US race to deploy a SMR without a viable fuel. They have taken the approach of Climate Change as well as the US Gov. to sell nuclear to the political climate and rebranding nuclear to the world. In reality is the only way we can sustain all this electric that will need to be generated. That said, the freedom they have now being unencumbered by the previous partnership. LTBR has the ability with it's new branding as a Climate change fuel and focus on SMR's which is what the US is banking on with the Nuclear SMR race. LTBR has slid because of it's natural wide fluctuation due to LOWWWW outstanding soon as any good news get's announced (INL positive info, possible info on talks with TerraPower or another Co., New Patent, New Grant) this shoots up way more rapidly than we have seen over the past 3 months. We see volume like we did a few times in the past over 1 mil. this will be at either 12 + or 20 +. I have been following them for 7 years now and the writing is on the wall...everything about this stock is finally in an ideal position. (Low outstanding shares 5.6 mil/Volume has increased dramatically in the last 3 months on a daily basis/Has tipped it's 52 week high 2-3 times in the last month. This is the last check of all systems before Blast Off.
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    Here are the most notable statements from teh Q1 CC. The stock will move up soon imo.

    "As we have discussed previously, we submitted a new grant application to the U.S. Department of Energy in late January 2019 and we expect to hear back later this quarter. Our business is not dependent on these grants however if a DOE Grant is awarded, it will help accelerate our project timelines through the Enfission JV with Framatome.
    Just last month, the gateway for accelerated innovation in nuclear or GAIN initiative of the U.S. department of energy, office of nuclear energy announced that Framatome, Inc. had been awarded a nuclear energy voucher to help accelerate licensing of the Lightbridge Fuel design. This GAIN nuclear energy voucher further validates DOEs support for our technology which bodes well for future opportunities. DOE established gain to provide the nuclear community with technical, regulatory, and financial support to advance innovative nuclear technologies toward commercialization.
    While our focus is on developing fuel for large Western pressurized water reactors Andrey mentioned the 17x17 reactors, we're also seeing increased interest in Lightbridge Fuel for other types of reactors. We expect to have upcoming news on this subject."

    “We're working on potential new membership, overseas membership, I think very significant relating to the Nuclear Utility Fuel Advisory Board. And we're expecting what could be fairly near-term news relating to an additional kind of reactor and interest in our fuel and how we think that might also help with the Department of Energy.”

    “Well, as we mentioned, we are moving forward expeditiously with discussions to finalize this first utility agreement. It is going well. While I realize investors are anxious for the details, we are limited by strict confidentiality obligations as to what we can disclose right now. But what I can say is that we are following an established process that we expect will result in this lead test rod contract with a major U.S. nuclear utility this year. We expect this will be the most significant milestone our company has yet reached. And we will communicate the details as soon as we are able to do so under the confidentiality or operating under. Unfortunately, that is all we can say right now.”

    "In February, as discussed on our last call, I was grateful to have had the opportunity to meet with President Trump and discuss Lightbridge Fuel and how the U.S. nuclear power industry helps bring the strongest nonproliferation, safety and security standards to global markets.
    We also discussed the strength of nuclear suppliers from across the U.S. industry and how these strengths contribute to the domestic industrial base that is vital to American companies competing and winning overseas."
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    From recent Conference Call: "The work is ongoing with the utility, between Enfission and the utility, the negotiations, the discussions very, very carefully. And this is getting done. And we do expect to meet our time lines."

    Hey, Joker Grae, here is soft reminder for you... your time line from August Conference call was " We will sign utility contract latest till the end of 2018" :-)
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    This is positioned to be a 25.00 + dollar stock the exact minute this shows positive news from testing. 15 mil Market Cap 5 + million shares w/17 mil cash and nuclear moving forward. Market cap will easily jump from 17 to 200 million. They have been around for a very very long time waiting for this era. Hold on tight....
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    Vanguard Group Inc. grew its stake in Lightbridge Corp (NASDAQ:LTBR) by 5.0% in the 2nd quarter, according to the company in its most recent disclosure with the Securities and Exchange Commission. 
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    NE-19-18484, Advanced Metallic U-Zr Fuel for LWR Applications
    Framatome is developing a fuel design using Lightbridge technology. The Lightbridge Fuel™
    design will utilize solid metallic, helically-twisted, multi-lobed fuel rods whose unique
    composition and geometry provide potential advantages versus conventional UO2 fuel. Since the
    NRC’s Standard Review Plan was developed for zirconium-clad UO2 fuel, new design-specific
    criteria and design-basis limits will need to be established for the Lightbridge Fuel™ U-Zr design.
    The Lightbridge Fuel™ U-Zr fuel design will have failure/damage modes associated with fuel rod
    failure or damage mechanisms that are unique to the design. These failure/damage modes need
    to be identified and the failure/damage mechanisms developed to define design-specific criteria
    to address. Framatome will use failure modes and effects analysis to determine and define
    potential failure mechanisms for the Lightbridge Fuel™ design. For each failure or fuel system
    damage mode, phenomenon associated with the failure/damage mechanisms will be identified.
    A phenomenon identification and ranking (PIRT analysis) will be performed to identify
    phenomenon that need more understanding through research or testing.
    Based on the results of the initial phenomenon identification and ranking completed by
    Framatome, experts from Idaho National Laboratory (INL) with consultation by experts at Pacific
    Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL), will review and address phenomena identified as having
    both importance to the mechanism and a lack of knowledge or understanding of the phenomena.
    Specific outcomes of this collaboration between INL and Framatome will include recommended
    experimental (ex- and
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    Lightbridge is a long term hold. Where is the electricity for new autos to come from? Coal fueled producers are being shut down. Solar and wind provide an insignificant portion of the required electricity. Only by the adoption of the Lightbridge products will atomic energy be acceptable to the general public. The realization of this fact will come soon, and Lightbridge will explode.
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    Lightbridge METALLIC FUEL to be featured in the April 2018 edition of Nuclear Engineering and Design
    Lightbridge Corporation ("Lightbridge") has learned that its innovative nuclear fuel will be featured in the April 2018 edition of Nuclear Engineering and Design, an international journal devoted to all aspects of nuclear fission energy. The article, entitled "Proliferation resistant plutonium: An updated analysis," explores the proliferation resistance of Lightbridge's fuel. The authors performed an independent evaluation via computer simulation of Lightbridge's fuel design for a pressurized water reactor and came to the conclusion that the resultant plutonium would be useless in current nuclear weapon designs.
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    Nuclear Energy has just been moved from the back burner to equivalent to national security. With the NDAA being signed into law for 2021 we have just moved up into HUUUGEEE status. LTBR will finally see it's dreams come true. This will go to 8.00 then 12.00 then 26.009 then 36.00 then 72.00. If not purchased buy Terra Power or Someone else. WATCH and SEEEEEE!!!!
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    Timothy McKnight
    My life savings is in this stock. I feel misled by Seth but have only myself to blame for not diversifying. Not sure what to do. Just keep holding? I bought at an average of 2. Will we see that price again?
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    When is Earnings and what is expected
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    As the global energy market continues to move towards carbon-free generation sources,
    nuclear power remains the most reliable source of baseload generation. The metallic LWR fuel
    being developed by Lightbridge Corporation provides highly desirable benefits for the
    commercial nuclear power industry including increased safety, longer fuel cycles, and higher
    power output. The current development plan for the metallic fuel envisions lead test assembly
    demonstration in a PWR in the 2021 time frame with commercial deployment to follow. Existing
    reactor designs operating with the Lightbridge’s metallic fuel could realize the benefits discussed
    above though the ability to increase reactor power output of existing plants is limited by the size
    of the nuclear steam supply system and containment volume. It is likely not economically
    feasible to uprate an existing PWR by 30%, allowing it to take full advantage of the power
    capabilities of the metallic fuel. However, the many other benefits of the fuel make it an
    attractive option for existing LWR designs. It is easy to envision new LWR designs with
    increased steam flow capacity that could fully utilize the power density capabilities of the
    metallic fuel.
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    One of the most undervalued company's ever. This should and will be trading at a minimum in the 20's prior to any information even being released. Or it will be bought for somewhere between 20.00 and 30.00.