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Masimo Corporation (MASI)

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143.15-1.18 (-0.82%)
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  • E
    Elliott Stevens
    Overvalued and the PE is too high with cyclical medical device buying. I wouldn't short it, but you're more like to see $100 before you see $200. The audio brands will likely struggle globally as consumer purchasing shrinks. The watch is a big question mark. And look for a board fight as the activist investors demand to be heard. Sticking to the knitting isn't always a bad thing.
  • P
    MASSIVE order are coming in at the close, huge volume. Large institutions on the move again🤑🚀
  • A
    BUY NEE to grow your portfolio in these bad times.
  • A
    Short players are exiting with small profits.
  • T
    Looks like Masimo got some traction, earnings were impressive.
  • A
    Within a couple of weeks it will definitely pass $200.
  • A

    it is about to break an important resistance tomorrow and go up double digits. Look at the charts to see.
  • g
    I wonder if when the W1 watch becomes fully approved as a medical device will it be available through prescription only? Will Physicians prescribe this for patients who would benefit from continuous pulse and oxygenation monitoring and have insurance coverage for it? Just thinking what might happen. I doubt insurance companies would like doing this but for the 24hr/day monitoring it might prove to be cheaper than an emergency room visit.
  • A
    HOOD is going up 5 dollars
  • j
    The human race has one really effective weapon, and that is laughter. Work_brings_profit;_talk_brings_poverty.
  • A
    Someone knows results will good ..this guy is flying ..
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    So what we have here is a medical device company sporting a PE ratio over 50 yesterday ?
    Then you have quarterly earnings, AND, announce a $1 B acquisition, on the same morning ?
    Name change to Masochist Corporation ?
  • D
    Why Masimo? Why would health-care data monitoring company that sells to hospitals buy a retro stereo equipment company? I get that both products involve signal processing, but that's about it.
    Has management lost it's mind or ran out of new ideas? Are the Apple lawsuits going badly?
  • W
    Honest question: I bought this because it is a pharmaceutical tech company, but from now on, half of the revenue will be from consumer products after the acquisition. In this case, will it still able to enjoy the super high PE ratio for pharmaceutical company?
  • A
    A democrat
    Company seemed to struggle describing the merits of transaction. That said, the markets reaction, a $4B decline in market cap, over a $1B acquisition is excessive. Probably an opportunity here. Core company is very solid.
  • J
    Analyst upgrade today. This was oversold and is looking better each day. This is a HODL. If you were wondering whether or not to buy then let me give my 2 cents. After the free fall a couple days ago it's been chugging along to higher price levels. Sound United buyout is the blame. It is a profitable company. The same management will run it. $SAMI has an awesome history of hospital sales, but wants to continue this growth by making devices for home use. A much larger growth potential. The technology and IOT is needed for this to happen. Everything is driven by technology. Doctors patients information can be monitored and have a clearer assessment due to constant information about the patient. Remember Sound United is already profitable and have connections to places that are mainly for home sales. IMO there is going to be a flood of nice speakers in home medical monitoring systems. The baby boomers really need to have good speakers with their age and all. What about $SAMI the company? They beat earnings, they show growth, they have an awesome RSI. The share price was beaten down for what? They are top shelf in the industry. They look out for shareholders by buying a profitable company to add to earnings. They benefit the share holders by not laying on their laurels by looking for growth by buying in a solid company with earnings growth. I just don't understand why there is so much FUD when a company is trying and accomplishing exactly what a company is there for...To make money!!! They are and have in the past. They are doing the right things for shareholders, and it's time to move this stock price up!! I think it's a slap in the face of management. Let them be proven wrong before accusing them of making a mistake. They may not be inline with your plans, but they sure know how to make money.
  • J
    MASI is rated 98 Composite; 95 Relative Strength; 95 EPS with and A- Accumulation/Distribution rating, by IBD. The volume increases appear to be Institutional Accumulation.
  • 2
    MASI is flying too high!
    It could crash to reality anytime. 50 plus in PE is amazingly too high. Too many people have pulse oximeters. Expect countries to start restricting product to that manufactured locally. Large markets will disappear in a few years. EU has already started a discussion on local production. MASI better heed the talk.

    As for stock sales; management keeps selling their options and investors keep rewarding them with high prices. The management seems to have an unending amount of stock options.
  • S
    This company is or is nearly debt free with a history of growth and profitability! I trust they have a plan and know what they are doing…I bought more this past week!
  • m
    Safe entry if bottom fishing otherwise wait till uptrend and even new highs