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    Anyone notice that all videos where Greg claims 100M in revenues and Billion-dollar-valuation have been conveniently deleted? Oh boy, someones' in trouble...
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    @rurouni - can you address the new SEC OTC “pink sheet no information” stock rules that go in effect sept 28. MAXD falls in that category right now and those implications are huge for every investor. It’s something that needs to be explained and addressed.
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    Part 4 Board Discussion - 11 / 7 Recap ( Long Post N Stock Post Exciting ! )

    N The World of Business n Personal Financials The Last Resort Is 2 Use 11 / 7 Against All
    Obstacles. It's Good n Bad At The N Of The Result Yet It's A Clean Slate With A New Beginning

    Rurouni Has Experience and Gone Through Legal Proceeding With n Attorney.
    This Will Put Any Questions The Validity Of Max Sound Survival 2 Rest!

    Application From The Beginning through Discharge Is "Guaranteed" Unlike Other Legal Matters.
    The Matter Of The Latters Is The Step Process.

    The Court Will Not Strip Everything But Most Things .. Depended On Negotation Certain Assets
    Can B Kept However The Clearance Is Inevitable !

    Important Note: Not All Creditors R Guaranteed With Their Petition <-- Smiling ^_^

    After Auction Commence Is Pretty Much Set Whatever Is Ieft 2 Each Creditors . .
    The Business Side Is Safe Meaning 24K Shareholders R Safe As Well ...

    The Google Event Has Disaray The Court Since n Appeal Is Pending . .

    The Upcoming Hearing R Continuing Negotation Between Each Parties . .

    Mid August Is N Important Date Meaning The Discharge Will B Executive At The N Of The
    Negotation / Hearing Acceptance

    Any Objection Afterward Is No Longer Accepted. The Rest Is Just Paperwork Processing
    Of Clearing Whats Available 2 The Creditors.

    N Simple Term: Mid August No 1 / Entities Can Go After The Max Sound n The Little Boss After This Date!

    After August Is Finishing Up Loose N At Hearings n A Date Of Discharge Will B Granted

    It's Not All Doom n Gloom As The Bashers Keeping Pushing 2 The Board . . This Was
    The Final Artilary 2 Protect The Little Boss n MaxD From The Onslaught Of Google / Sharks

    .... Rurouni Figure This Was Bound 2 Happen n The Last Standing Fight Against The Sharks ...
    A Sigh Of Relief . . Smiling ^_^

    From Here On After 11 / 7 Clearing Max Sound 2 Rise 2 New Heights With Deals n Upcoming Positive
    Events That The Longs Have Been Invested N .. The Quiet Period Over !

    Max Sound Is More Than Litigation There's Streaming Deals / Revenu Now n More Coming !

    The Above R Facts Not Conjectures Or Opinions

    Japan Is Coming Next n Secret Deal With NYSE Public Traded Stock Brand Name Company
    After 11 / 7 Conclusion ... It Recently Traded Between 130's 2 270's Per Share . . Big Smile ^_^

    Masterless Samurai

    P.S. Say It Ain’t So…Go MaxD Zoom Zoom ! ! Hoo Hoo ^_^

    Disclaimer On All Rurouni's Old n New Thread :

    Not A Financial or Legal Advisor. For Entertainment Only
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    So much for the short share ruling. Republicans voted against it.
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    The latest on $MAXD #MAXD ... Dismissal of court case? No way bro
    Maxd Sound Corporation

    $MAXD the latest on MAX Sound Corporation - Dismissal of complaint? I am not a financial advisor!
  • d
    MAXD Strong!

    We Love MAXD
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    Lola Montez
    I still have a bunch of Maxwell cassette tapes I made in HS in the late 80’s early 90’s. (all metal bands btw). I wonder, is Maxd Maxwell?
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    Part 3a Long Topic Vedanti Systems Limited ( VSL ) n VLL / Maxd USPTO / IPR n EU Court

    1 VSL Communication Inc. Alto Ego ( Vedanti Systems Limited) Licensed With Max Sound Corp

    Original: Any facsimile or email version including scanned signature of any part to this Agreement or to any other agreement or document executed in connection 1 of this Agreement should constitute a legal, valid and binding execution by such parties.

    ( This Is Valid N Any Court There Is No Forgery Constance Nash Lose n Previous Arbitration )

    2 2016 Vedanti Systems Limited and Vedanti Licensing Limited announced today that they entered into an
    agreement with Max Sound Corporation

    ( Rurouni Posted The Above Agreement B4 The Official Press Release Plus Arbitration B4 Court Filings LoL ^_^ )

    Nov 2016: Grantastic, time and thoughtful negotiations changed the landscape. We approved a license of VSL Technology's source code from VSL Communications to Max Sound. Vedanti Systems and Vedanti Licensing Limited have to speak for themselves, which they did on the Yahoo Financial site with the Vedanti-MaxD agreement in principal. Take it to the bank.
    Constance Nash, VSL Communications Ltd.

    3 Vedanti systems Limited Transferred All Rites 2 Vedanti Licensing Limited
    Signature Verified By EU Court / Google ( Rurouni Has The EU Filings n Registration )

    All EU Global Patents Officially Owned By VLL Per EU Registration Filings <----- Smiling ^_^
    ( BTX Had A Question About That On The Zoom Call . . It's Was Officially Filed 2020 )

    2016 Assignment Completed As Filings Against EU Google
    2020 Assignment Completed As New Filing Against US Google

    4 USPTO / IPR - Michelle Lee Director ( Owned 8 Million Shares Of Google Conflict Of Interest )

    2021 Supreme Court Finds PTAB Judges Unconstitutional, Decision Rest
    On USPTO Director However With Conflict Of Interest The IPR ( Google v VLL )
    Is Considered Invalid This Is Y VLL n California Went After Google With Standing ^_^

    EU Nullity Voided 3 Extension Patent Parts However The Full Patent Is Preserved 4 Future Litigation
    Settlement While VLL Using US 339 Court As A Strong Hold Against EU Google

    EU Global Patents Will B Reinstated After Litigation Constance Nash ( Whoever She Is) Has No
    Idea What She's Talking About ! Do U C The Strategy Here Folks !

    From The Above Info Rurouni Knows More Than Just Legal Filings The Masterless Samurai Knows The
    Inner Circle Group B4 The Arbitration Era. . I'm The CEO Duh !! ... Shhh ^_~ WINK !

    Nonsense Hearing Today .. Boo Boo !! O_O

    The Little Boss Shaking His Head O_O . . Sigh ~_~

    Masterless Samurai

    P.S. Say It Ain’t So…Go MaxD Zoom Zoom ! ! Hoo Hoo ^_^

    Disclaimer On All Rurouni's Old n New Thread :

    Not A Financial or Legal Advisor. For Entertainment Only
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    Irrefutable proof that Rurouni is lying about Greg’s bankruptcy case being “close to being dismissed”. He also mentions August because he’s lying. The next hearing date isn’t until September 27. Greg has until then to get all of his required documents and property together.

  • C
    Judge dismisses -like he did before-- there is no Maxd 'strong- there is a MaxD in

    BK. And phony "VLL" Vedanti Licensing Limited, LLC" v Google was stipulated by

    both Google and 'Vedanti" that the case is dismissed. No recourse to all of those

    'formula-pumping stock for 'odt 339' and no formula-pumping dead 5 years by

    greg halpern & BTX: dave parkinson cfo of vll: ODT and Europe, and ODT 339...

    was a crock 2014 2015 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020 and 2021 -- the whole time.



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    Reminder that HendeMoto still doesn't have a working official website. Just the default under construction landing page provided by Wordpress. Dr. Devine Mafa, entrepreneur, bought the domain back in 2019.
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    They’re going to try really hard this week…buckle up, my buttercups.

    MAXD will shine bright like a diamond 💎
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    Greg Halpern, why Maxd’s shareholders have to suffer the consequences of your Bankruptcy? You knew you were heading into financial distress yet here we are in the same red-light you leaded us all! All thanks to your incompetence to say the least. Have some dignity and step down. You have NOT delivered. Shareholders deserve candid transparent leaders all of which are not your virtues. Your no-show act speaks gallons of your credibility and lack of sensitivity towards hard-working individuals who deposited their trust on you. Max Sound, OUR company, desperately needs you to resign in order to vote a new CEO who deeply understands how to run a business.
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    Welcome new investors, recent purchasers, middle of the road average Jane's and Joe's, long term holders, and paid bashers.

    MaxD is going to the moon.

    Welcome back, Rurouni. Think your post will stay around and reinstatement of the rest of your posts?
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    Still waiting for some semblance of positivity w/ MAXD that Halpern alluded to months ago with all his self-embellishing videos of how the company is going to do great, that there are so many contracts that he can’t keep up.

    Not one thing that I can recall has materialized that Halpern said would.

    Total joke at this point. I’ll own it. Halpern conned me and I fell for it.

    Maybe another video would help!
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    Huntington Beach
    The Vedanti Limited case (formerly the big Max D
    patent infringement case) closed on 7/19....

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    At this point all you can do is laugh at no-show Groudini. The only Deal this man has is the one he has to strike with the SEC to avoid Jail!
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    Larger person warming vocal chords in distance. It will be a nice upbeat dirge for the bahsers.

    -- dannydog remains close to the action.
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    The latest litigation update for $MAXD -

    SUBSCRIBE! Here I provide the latest information on Max Sound Corp and pending litigation against Google. Prior MAXD video about releasing deals: https://ww...
    SUBSCRIBE! Here I provide the latest information on Max Sound Corp and pending litigation against Google. Prior MAXD video about releasing deals: https://ww...
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    Where is the up tic?
    Just more can kicking down the road- thats got to be one bent up can kicked around for 16 years...