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Maxar Technologies Inc. (MAXR.TO)

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    When should SIRIUS XM be expecting their $225 Million Insurance Claim check for MAXAR / SIRIUS SXM-7 post-launch / pre-orbital Catastrophic Failure / Total Loss? - Think SIRIUS XM shareholders are getting a rational pessimistic opinion of MAXAR SXM-8??? STRONG SELL!!! Sincerely, Mark J. Novitsky www.spaceintelreport.com/maxars-sirius-xm-satellite-costs-rise-as-sirius-declares-sxm-7-a-total-loss/
    PARIS — Maxar Technologies reported a 46% increase in Q4 revenue in its Space Infrastructure satellite-building…
    PARIS — Maxar Technologies reported a 46% increase in Q4 revenue in its Space Infrastructure satellite-building…
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    anyone else see the maxar watermark on the google timelapse video 👀
    (i must find hope somewhere 😅)
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    Maxar Technologies (NYSE:MAXR) (TSX:MAXR), a trusted partner and innovator in Earth Intelligence and Space Infrastructure, today announced it was awarded a U.S. Army contract worth as much as $48.3 million for support services in geospatial intelligence (GEOINT).

    The U.S. Army Combat Capabilities Development Command C5ISR Center, Intelligence & Information Warfare Directorate awarded Maxar the Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) Phase III contract in support of Army operations and intelligence to include Combatant Commands and other government stakeholders. Support services will include gathering, analyzing and manipulating GEOINT and other intelligence sources as the basis for predictive analysis tools and algorithms, including Maxar’s Signature Analyst, a predictive analytics tool developed under a SBIR Phase I and Phase II program.

    The utility and scalability of Signature Analyst predictive models rely on the quality and quantity of geospatial content. In addition to predictive models, this effort will enhance predictive geospatial modeling with innovative and scalable methods for geospatial data creation, assimilation and conflation, as well as further the incorporation of additional data sources and dissemination and management tools.
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    Blahh Blahhhh
    That P/E is just incredible. No wonder this is a buy by virtually every analyst. This company is the future in an emerging sector, get in or get left behind!
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    There is more than one Mark on these chat lines. One is a paid basher I believe. I just started trading 10 months ago. Have turned my $13k to over $ 52k . That includes some massive losses. But you live and learn. I. Am long with Maxr 1400 shares. I bought and averaged down to $38. I may sell at $45 but may wait till $ 50 plus if market gets healthy.
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    Elon Musk the con-man stole a contract? Imagine my shock
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    I need to say a few words about MAXR because many people seem greatly concerned about the recent loss in value. If you think about selling MAXR, you should definitely read this.

    MAXR is the by far the biggest position in my portfolio. I own 128 shares. I invested this heavily into this company for two reasons that are promising on their own, but extremely powerful when combined.

    1) MAXR is valued insanely cheap at a P/E of under 10. The reason was that they were getting into financial trouble in the past couple of years, but they are on the way to overcome this. Thereby, MAXR has become an attractive value play. Even though, the price rallied immensely, it is still valued very cheap. Given the future outlook of their business, they could very well be valued at a P/E above 30 (assuming that they continue to improve their financial situation).

    2) I strongly believe that the Space sector will experience I boom in the future that will shatter anything there has ever happened before (for example, the Dotcom Bubble). Space is truly the final frontier for humanity and its exploration appeals to our sense of curiosity. Space is not just about making money (even though I am convinced that there are immense business opportunities out there), but the public will want to explore space just for the sake of exploring. However, there are also business opportunities. Some of them within reach, others further down the line. Space tourism, satellites (5G), earth intelligence, 3D printing in space are opportunities that are already being exploited or that companies will take advantage of in the next five to ten years. Asteroid mining, space factories, colonies on mars and the moon are further down the line, but I expect them to happen as well. MAXR is involved in earth intelligence and space infrastructure and is thereby perfectly positioned to support and facilitate the future space sector. Of course, nobody knows when and how fast all of this will happen, but I am convinced that it will happen and that MAXR has a good chance to play a major role. On the bottom line, this means that MAXR will be a company in an evolving industry that will grow at rapid rates. MAXR, in my view, is thereby a growth play in disguise and investors can expect much much higher revenues in the future.

    The combination of those two factors can make the valuation of MAXR go to the moon in the next couple of years and I really mean it. MAXR is nothing like the pump and dump schemes of AMC or GME, it has a big future and when its price will skyrocket, it will be for good reasons. I know how devastating it can be to look at the stock price recently and sometimes I wish that I could not look at my portfolio everyday because it messes with my head. The stock price recently is not affected by any means by the operations or the outlook of the business. The raise in equity is not great for stock owners, but neither does it affect the operational outlook for the company in the long-run.

    So, whenever I am in doubt, I remind myself of my investment thesis on MAXR and how it overshadows short-term price movements. I would never never sell MAXR at those ridiculous prices, I could honestly never forgive myself if I did. THE ONLY REASON YOU SHOULD SELL is if you do not share the same thesis for MAXR as I do. However, if you agree with me and you still sell then you will make the biggest mistake of your investment career.

    I hope you enjoyed reading my opinion on MAXR. I thought about making a YT channel specifically on space stocks and the outlook of the industry. If you would support that, please let me know here.
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    Gabriela B
    I'm hoping that MAXAR just winds up paying a fine. Holding on to my shares for now.
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    I looked back at all of Mark's comments historically on all the different stocks he has posted on in finance yahoo message boards and he has comically the most atrocious track record. If you do the opposite of what he says, you will make money - so he adds a lot of use to this board. Thanks Mark.
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    Why is MAXR not included in Arkx? And Tesla ? But Amazon? Netflix? 3D printing companies ? Like, whY? Is Cathy’s Space definition different from the dictionary? Maybe her space is limited to “home & office” space ?
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    They just signed huge contract w us army and people worried bout what Cathie wood does lol market is a funny place!
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    Maxar should be a key holding of any SPACE ETF, just look at UFO or ROKT. To have Netflix, 3D Printing, NVIDA, John Deere, US Dollar and Autodesk to name a few, makes no sense. Very confusing and only Cathie knows what she's thinking. Maybe MAXR gets added later?
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    Lads it isnt good, Space X got the Lunar HLS contract. Big feels bad
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    There is a direct correlation to when I post and this thing goes up. Ready Set Go
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    “Some aspects have been made easier, though: the SEP Chassis has most of the hardware components already integrated, such as the electrical, propulsion, thermal, and guidance and navigation system.
    This was handled by Maxar Technologies, which also gave the craft a superefficient propulsion system to push it through space – as well as two huge, five-panel solar panels to keep it running.
    “Delivering the SEP Chassis to NASA’s JPL is an incredible accomplishment for us at Maxar,” said Steven Scott, Maxar’s Psyche program manager.”
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    This is probably the best space stock in the market.
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    What is going on? Just keeps going down, down, down. Where is the BOTTOM?
    Can't keep buying!! Any serious investor holding this stock have a solid answer?
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    BE (BEEN) ADVISED: MAXAR Class Action Lawsuit Fields, Kupka & Shukurov MAXAR (Usual Suspects / Top Billing Dirty Dan Jablonsky (ET AL)) Breach of Fiduciary Duty Claims (how many times and where exactly have you heard that before? - Does it penetrate NOW what really happened with Cathie Wood ARKX Summary Rejection and SCION CAPITAL MGT Dr. Michael Burry informed decision to liquidate their 900,000 shares of MAXAR? -- Can you hear me now? -- STRONG SELL!!! Sincerely, (as always) Mark J. Novitsky www.finance.yahoo.com/news/investigation-alert-fields-kupka-shukurov-155000595.html
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    Be Advised: SIRIUS XM shareholders worried about being BAGHOLDERS for MAXAR / SIRIUS XM SXM-7 Catastrophic Failure / Total Loss. Why not MAXAR shareholders? A ceo's first job is supposed to be Critical Risk Management. Supposed to be... obviously the adverse at play here... "0" integrity / credibility. Just posted on SIRI applies even more significantly here... "First off... since the "accident" Sirius XM service has not been impaired / impacted and they (SIRI) already have fully operational "back-up / stand-by" emergency spare XM-5 ALREADY IN ORBIT doing nothing... or WHAT exactly? I know and understand MAXAR ceo/prez/director Dirty Dan Jablonsky very well starting in 2005 (2005 Denver Compost "Mark Novitsky Is Too Much of a Hero") when he was the "acting" Corrupt / Criminal SEC Central Region (Denver) SEC staff enforcement attorney. (Spoon fed him a irrefutable $250,000,000.00 Securities Fraud case...+++) - Sworn SEC officer Dan Jablonsky instead aided & abetted Securities Fraud and knowingly engaged in Obstruction of a Federal Investigation / RICO +++ and Conspired with my former employer / MASSIVE USG "Strategic Contractor / Partner" Tele Tech Holdings (TTEC) and its law/Lobby firm and Dirty Dan's eventual employer Brownstein, Hyatt, Farber & Schreck cover up MASSIVE Securities and associated Illegal Privacy and Human Civil Rights abuses, Data Exfiltration and Monetization. -- Everything about the MAXAR / SIRIUS XM SXM-7 is genuinely and highly suspicious. (NOT highly irregular) Consider that very interesting $14 Million last minute pre-launch / pre-orbital testing "REWORK" order by Jablonsky and despite that the SAT/BUS arrives Broken & Defective / essentially DOA? - Why would Sirius XM shareholders and Substantial International Insurance Underwriters subsidize the SPACE X launch (not cheap!) and a defective satellite / "lemon". They aren't dealing with Flo from Progressive or Jake from State Farm! The BIG NAME International insurance underwriters (20) have actual "loop-hole looking" Forensic Investigators charged with identifying abnormalities should be working overtime! - I have a couple of logical, hypothetical, information and educated belief available theories. #1.) MAXAR "knowingly" dumped SIRIUS XM with a "lemon" / defective 7,000 pound VERY expensive and advertised VERY Powerful satellite, #2.) SXM-7 was targeted/ destroyed because of its Disturbing "DUAL-USE" Covert Military Tech on board a satellite positioned in Geo-Synchronous Orbit above the U.S. , #3.) SXM-7 "FAIL" is cover and is operational unrelated to playing the Beatles and Cardi B music & talk radio... they used to use the space shuttle to launch satellites they didn't want anyone to know about... / There are 2 sides to every story and BOTH should be heard. The TRUTH can't be harmed by a legitimate investigation. Can't say the thing for those on the wrong side of it. ( OCCOMS RAZOR ) -- STRONG SELL!!! Sincerely, (as always) Mark J. Novitsky (SIRIUS XM ALSO out of Denver... TTEC, BHFS, MAXR, SIRI... anybody else see a pattern?) www.hackaday.com/2021/02/01/sirius-xm-satellite-failure-a-reminder-that-space-is-risky-and-that-satellite-insurance-is-a-thing/