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  • M
    WHY would SIRIUS XM (SIRI) borrow money to pay down its debt and finance its dividends and stock buybacks... when according to their recent SEC filing they haven't yet made a reported $225 MILLION Insurance Claim associated to the reported "TOTAL LOSS / CATASTROPHIC FAILURE" of Maxar SXM-7 6 months ago? WHY borrow money when they "should have" a $225 MILLION Check just waiting for SIRI to file its legitimate claim? - Unless there is a problem. Why the delay? Was SXM-8 a "BOGO"? (Buy one get one FREE?) -- So on top of the last-minute EMERGENCY Engineering $14 Million pre-launch "REWORK" expense and the reported $3+ Million in recovery expenses.... Why hasn't the MEGA Space Insurers like Llyoyd's of London, Allianz Aerospace, CHUBB Aerospace and the 17 others.... cut the $225 Million check? STRONG SELL!!! -- Sincerely, Mark J. Novitsky 2005 Denver Compost "Too Much of a Hero" / BTW... anybody watch the House Judiciary FBI Oversight Hearings about SERIOUS / Systemic FISA Abuses???
  • B
    O wow a company with technology that will allow governments to see anything they want is moving up in price.
    Shocking anyone would be interested in this stuff...
    Long and strong here!
  • d
    People seem to understand the benefits of a healthy relationship between employees, leaders and shareholders. I can see the stock price heading for a first step at $ 50 in short time if there is any irrational behavior and some folks work against themselves.
  • p
    Mark.You were here when I bougtht at 6 bucks. You whined to us at 8 bucks. You personally insulted me at 12 and 14 bucks. I bought then and I bought again. We all bought more -and you insulted us more.
    Thanks for the incentive to persevere. I have to suffer with my guilt of choosing Dan Jablonsky over you. But thanks, Thanks a million, buddy.
  • C
    SpaceX launch successful last night with Maxar Sirius satellite. Anyone know if satellite deployed and fully functional?
  • B
    This is still a buy. We are returning to the highs soon enough.
    We own finite space in Earths orbit. This is worth far more than 100.00 per share.
    And soon Legion will be fully operational (said as the Emperor).
  • d
    ‘Yahoo finance’ appear to have lost my last message , here is a resume
    “Elon Musk is unique in the public sphere; the thing that I chose Tesla as an example is not by chance, the problem is more investor side, relation cause-effect, in free translation, the good health of the company determines the good investor health and positive investor sentiment determine the health and growth of the business. If you are a big shareholder and you are getting ready to play, sell and buy games and determine a drop in share price , you are playing with the good health of the company, of its employees and leaders who are ultimately human with feelings and emotions. The most recent failure 40% of the price fits in the same cause-effect relationship; you cannot contribute to the growth of a business and your investment if you do not provide your support.”
    Let's do the fair, analyst-recommended price, and put this company back in the place it deserves.
  • B
    Breakout confirmed. See y'all at $40.
  • M
    Deployment of SXM-8 confirmed (with Video): https://twitter.com/spacex/status/1401403244572672005?s=21
  • B
    Maxar Technologies to Participate in Upcoming Investor Conference
  • D
    The geospatial imagery analytics market is projected to flourish vibrantly around the world on the back of increasing application of the technology in various end-user industries ranging from BFSI, media, marine, mining, healthcare to agriculture, aviation, automotive, and more. Additionally, rising application of geospatial technology in retail, gaming, engineering and nautical industries, the geospatial imagery analytics market is attributed to witness significant growth over the next five years and beyond. Also consider how much GPS use and dependence (UBER, google ,etc.) has grown recently. Maxar is right in the middle of it all. Maxar to the moon!
  • E
    Once Legion finally launches this thing is going to explode. If you've got the cash not a bad time to add.
  • B
    Many have postulated that MAXR is a buyout candidate. If those rumors are true, I would argue that MAXR is as cheap as it's ever going to get and therefore it wouldn't surprise me if someone makes an offer sooner rather than later. Me personally I get interested at 2X the current shareprice and not a penny less.
  • L
    More buys from company management, good sign. Let's get Legion rolling and get the stock above $100 please!
  • S
    Ouch. MAXR taking a hit based on losses related to the Sirius XM problem. Shouldn’t that have already been proved in???
  • G
    "Revenue and earnings were negatively impacted by a $28 million charge related to the Sirius-XM7 satellite program. Without this charge, we performed in-line with our expectations for the quarter. Importantly, we issued ten million shares this quarter and used the proceeds to reduce indebtedness. This transaction strengthens our financial position and further positions us for continued growth," stated Biggs Porter, Chief Financial Officer.
  • A
    Space is important for security and communication. This is well understood by current and future administrations and space will be at the forefront for both industries. This will be realized by the market sooner rather than later. Be patient with significantly undervalued MAXR.
  • R
    2 insiders just bought $90,000 worth open market for $28.
  • z
    Come back season
  • d
    Analyst price target from 44 to 73, upgrade to buy in February , March, April,
    They knew about Sirius-XM7 satellite, in January , how can be they so wrong ?
    they may be held responsible for bad faith , and manipulating the stock.