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MediWound Ltd. (MDWD)

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3.5702-0.1098 (-2.98%)
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    I can not believe the pick that http://webstock.today sent out is already up 54% in 2 days.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MediWound is up 12.73% to 3.63
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    When is FDA approval? What was the 60 days from submission meaning? They submitted on June 30.
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    I made a video about MediWound ($MDWD)
    Check it on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kCnixjqYs3s
    I think the stock price now is very comfortable to buy...
    MDWD Stock Analysis📈, is MediWound a BUY?
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    Main benefited from here on will be VERICEL I think MDWD has played all its card, this is finish.
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    I am a strong believer in MDWD and I have invested for a few years in this. The fact is EscharEX not Nexobrid is the real driver. It will be 60 days just for the BLA to say it accepts for review which can take upto 6 months. But this is a MAX 100M Revenue Topical.

    The real product I am interested in is EscharEX. With no debt, and the Nexobrid funding this is a driving however we will not see any info until the first half of the year. I see this bleeding back into the mid 2s. The key is to get in before data on EscharEx drives the price up.

    Look at the presentations on the Investor Relations site. No one cares for this stock cuase it is not a cure, or vaccine. But this will play an important role, just needs a few years to get there. Be patient.
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    15.9%......4.08 with a high of 4.13 today...

    Can it be our time??????
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MediWound is up 10.68% to 3.42
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    How much longer do we have to wait for a prominent move upward?
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    Rollercoaster ride has begun. About 45 days left until BLA is provided. Hold on!
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    Faith, hopes and dreams beginning to fade in MDWD.

    How much longer do we have to wait for a prominent move upward movement?
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    60 days before the FDA makes our dreams come true! The FDA approval along with the BONUS from VCEL should instantly put MDWD in the $7 - $10 range.
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    New Analysts rating...We are on the board and ready to RUMBLE!!
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    (MDWD-DD) Market Cap $75 M --Cash $33 M -- 1 Drug launched in Europe --US market to follow soon (BLA filing in Q2 ) US-Partner already in place with Vericel (VCEL) ($150 M Deal) --Additional promising drugs in Pipeline --Strong Insider & institutional Ownership = Good Investment with great upside Potential ..Could hit $10-12 with FDA approval expected late next year .GL

    Market-Cap $75 M
    Cash $33 M
    Price $2.80

    Shares Out 27.18 M

    Nick Colangelo, president and CEO of Vericel said, “After a successful pre-BLA meeting with the FDA, we remain on track for the BLA submission in the second quarter of 2020. NEXT will further extend the number of NexoBrid-trained physicians and healthcare providers in the U.S. and generate additional awareness, advocacy and use at U.S. burn centers prior to commercialization of NexoBrid.”

    Attractive Pipeline


    Vericel Enters into Exclusive License Agreement with MediWound for North American Rights to NexoBrid, a Biological Orphan Product for Debridement of Severe Thermal Burns

    Top Shareholders

    Clal ...9.4M
    Wellington ...2.9M
    Migdal Insurance ...2.1M
    Rosenberg (Lior) ...1.9M
    Yelin Lapidot ...1.7M
    Harel Insurance ...754.4K
    Renaissance ...286.9K
    Bank of ...226.2K
    Wells Fargo Advisors ...218.0K
    California ...211.5K
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    I put my 401k Money into this stock and have been buying on the way down. Its all about the execution here in my opinion.

    We have a $1B treatment that has pretty much showed in every indication it is better than the SOC. These trials are just to put the facts around what we all feel strongly about. The additional trial, when I listen in, was to give the audience (FDA, investors) the all the indications that can use EscharX

    Now the reason for the drop off in my opinion, was because of mgmt's execution. Why wasnt the original parameters set in the initial phase 2 trial. execution? That is why this dropped is there is a lack of confidence in management. The previous CEO became the scapegoat, now its up to this mgmt team to rebuild confidence cause the drug is sold its just being able to get the medical community to adapt to it and investors to believe in it. End of 2020 we should all be saying goodbye to single digits!
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    BARDA just increased Mediwound's contract by another $21 M, bringing the total contract to $196 M which is almost $100 M more than Mediwound's current market cap.

    At some point, investors will realize that just one contract from the U.S. government is worth twice Mediwound's market cap and then stop selling &/or trading MDWD and go long.
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    Got in today at around $2.75 i like what i see here .. very low valuation and attractive pipeline with massive upside potential and of course a great deal with Vericel (VCEL) .
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    EscharEx--not Nexobrid--has always been Mediwound's $1 B blockbuster product when clinical trials are completed and its biological license has been approved by the FDA.

    With aging populations globally--and the increase in diabetes--there's a growing market for EscharEx to safely and nonsurgically remove dead and damaged tissue. Regardless of subsequent treatment, the dead and damaged tissue must come off first.

    Mediwound management has said from the start that, because EscharEx has the same biological basis as Nexobrid, once Nexobrid is proven to be safe and effective by the FDA,, EscharEx is de-risked, because it's likely to be proven to be safe and effective, too.

    In the past year, Mediwound went from being safe for burns covering 15% or less of the body to being safe for 30% or less; and it went from being safe for children and adults to being safe for adults, children, infants and even newborns.

    Mediwound's FDA approval is almost a given.

    Mediwound's recent agreement with Vericel includes only North American sales of Nexobrid--not international sales--and it helps Mediwound pay for the Phase 2B and Phase 3 trials-, without increasing share count. That's a huge positive for investors.

    Please look at the Mediwound-Vericel slides if you haven't already. I believe that, once Phase 2B trials for EscharEx are completed, MDWD will soar as IART et al. bid on Mediwound and Vericel.
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    Thought the press release today was really a positive--don't know what part I missed. I keep buying more at these levels but I think I might be full for now. Really a strange market performance. I am positive on their drug and category--the BARDA business is a bonus. I have been a VCEL shareholder for years and watched their outperformance each quarter. There is not much to dislike with this stock--except of course the share price--for now
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    7+% share price rise today. What does it mean?
    1) Buyout announcement coming very soon
    2) Short squeeze
    3) Bots manipulation to get cheap shares
    4) Nothing
    I think #4
    Anyone else have other ideas?