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    MIR-WT warrants will go higher
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    MedMira Inc.
    I found this analyst report to share with this board. A rep. from this publisher called mr from Chicago (supposedly from Chicago based on phone indicator) to ask me if I was interested in signing up with a fee to get access to further information.

    From my perspective there are no public available financial/market analyst reports made public about Medmira. In the Financial Services Industry, fee based Investment Wealth/Investment Advisors from Capital Market business like Banks rely on financial/market analysts to add value to their business for buy/sell recommendations to their clients.

    Medmira's capitalization doesn't warren financial/market analyst to spent their time to do any comprehensive analysis on Medmira, like interviewing the CEO, CFO, Chief Medical Office, etc. to get some valuable information to make their analysis credible.

    It's still a good sign some analyst is doing a very basic analysis on Medmira just based on public available information on Medmira.

    I am sure people in the Financial Services industry are catching the wind on Medmira and other Covid test providers/OEMs. Will we see more financial/market analysis on Medmira?

    COVID-19 Testing Kit $MIR: Canadian/Swiss/American Collab

    Andrew Wood May 11, 2020 Leave a comment

    Testing Kit Technically Speaking
    COVID-19 testing kit companies continue to move in the markets. We mentioned $SONAlast week and now turn our attention towards MedMira (MIR). MIR is a medical devices company who have access to the US market through Webb Diagnostics. A series of news articles found here on the Webb website show the recent progression and that the two companies are awaiting FDA approval. As a result $MIR has direct exposure to US as well as Canadian investors which may make it an attractive choice. Technically this hourly chart looks to have potential:

    Figure 1: $MIR hourly chart with candles, volume, and RSI.
    This hourly chart makes MIR look like a solid swing play. Indeed, we have been swinging MIR multiple times with entries in the .20s and exits in the mid .30s. However, the next chart shows that this one may explode once again:

    Figure 2: Daily chart of MIR with RSI about to enter undersold territory.
    Grizzly Financials
    Given that MIR and Webb are currently awaiting FDA news it is not surprising to see this period of consolidation with high chance to move. As a result of seeing these technicals we looked further into the fundamental structure of MIR which did not yield great results. As of FY2020 ended January 31st the company does not look to be in good condition financially:
    • 658,364,320 outstanding common shares and 5,000,000 Series A shares at 0.33 a piece gives a market cap of ~218M. However, company has the option to issue unlimited common shares at anytime which is dilution potential.
    • FY2020 operating loss of 1M with only $155K cash on hand
    • Negative cash flow of 0.6M
    • 6 short term loans in default totalling 9.3M with total commitments of 17M. Debt is currently in negotiations for restructuring.
    It was also found that a walloping 70% of the shares are owned by On Site Lab Holding AG which is a Swiss investment holding company. As a result this company is the controlling shareholder and also has a doctor on the board of directors.
    COVID-19 Testing Kit Comparison
    Unlike SONA neither MIR nor Webb have disclosed the price of their kits. They have also not mentioned their production capacity or ability for expansion. What we do know is that they are working on a rapid vertical flow kit (RVF) whereas SONA is optimizing their lateral flow kit (LF). MIR has mentioned the benefits that RVF have over LF in a chart listed on their website but we suspect this is simply to give them the competitive edge. Furthermore the differences in speed and readability do not seem to be massive in comparison to other tests currently being used on the market; we have all seen the inaccuracies as well as the lengthy test times from multiple news outlets.
    The Bottom Line
    The bottom line in all of this is that as a long term investment MIR would absolutely need to capitalize on their kit during this pandemic to even stay afloat. As previously mentioned it has been excellent for swing trades but the lack of transparency with respect to distribution and the financials take away from this stock’s merit. Thus some of us have reduced our core positions but we still believe
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    PM Trudeau just said that he will get a Serological Test when it becomes more readily available....HC approval and you get your wish, Justin! Made-in-Canada #MIR tests from the top-down for everyone!
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    Hi guys i am looking to invest in other conpanies, do you have any other suggestions for similar stock to $Sona $Mir?? I am bullish on both and holding both.
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    $MIR.V conversation
    Approx 20,000 tests per week as per @medmira interview will lead to 10,40000 tests in an year to be distributed resulting in a profit of $10,400,000 to $15,600,000 per year, just from one test from the pipeline. ( Based on assumptions)

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    This is an $8 stock when you look at comparables to the only three other pubcos in Canada offering rapid test kits. $SONA $MIR and $HLTH. It this test is legitimized, it will blow all other methods away. Who wants a deep nasal swab or a blood draw to see a concert? Hold tight. Could really turn into something special life changing positions are available, for now.
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    $MMIRF conversation
    Piece this altogether with my email received to/from him:
    It aligns to the article that was posted by @萌え money.

    8 days ago
    $MIR.V conversation
    Part 2 Dr. Chan's response

    From: Hermes Chan
    To: L
    Subject: Re: Antibody testing set to become a lot more relevant

    Indeed, any vaccine is for prevention and always has an effective period. Vaccine is never a cure. To monitor the effectiveness of the vaccine, periodic total antibody test is a must to ensure the antibodies, both naturally occurring or vaccinated, are sufficient to protect the individual.
    Antigen test, on the other hand, should be used to detect the pre-symptomatic, asymptomatic or symptomatic but I think it is most importantly to detect and distinguish between the actual case of SARS-Cov-2, Influenza and or the common cold.

    Best Regards:
    Hermes Chan D.Sc (h.c)
    Chief Executive Officer

    8 days ago
    $MIR.V conversation
    From: L
    To: Hermes Chan
    Subject: Antibody testing set to become a lot more relevant

    Dear Dr. Chan,
    It's been reported that the vaccines won’t prevent you from getting covid, nor stop you from spreading it if you are asymptomatic – it just helps you from getting sick. Which means there is no cure.
    With that said, do you believe that antigen test will be needed less? I’m not a doctor, but I don’t think so. We still need to catch those newly infected and those who are asymptomatic.
    If vaccines only keep you from getting sick for a undetermined period of time (3-6 months), then won’t there be a need for continual testing year after year?

    Thank you,
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    Just saw this on Fidelity:

    10/25/2021 (MT Newswires)— Citigroup Starts Mirion Technologies at Buy With $14 Price Target.
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    MedMira Inc.
    Seems a lot of test kit stocks are down today.
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    $MIR Medmira earning report in 10days. FDA approval is imminent
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Mirion is up 4.94% to 8.28
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    Mirion is down 4.91% to 10.65
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    Medmira seriously 97% accuracy. $MIR! And not even rejected.
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    Zed what’s up I the only one here ?
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    Solid value down here. Under the radar newish company that should have predictable earnings stream.
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    Trending up nicely. Like what I see. Keep going.
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    Coldshot is back in Medmira! $MIR