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McCormick & Company, Incorporated (MKC.VI)

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88.32+5.70 (+6.90%)
At close: 05:32PM CET
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    Investing right now will be at every wise individual list. In few weeks you'll be ecstatic with the decision you made today
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    Congratulations to everyone that added under $80. It's been a nice few weeks.
    It's definitely bucking the overall trend. Seems like momentum is building.
    Is this going to consolidate, or push through a hundred before the holidays?
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    This stock doesn’t have a good Price-to-book ratio to sustain or go up from its current price.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MKC-V reached a 52 Week high at 98.90
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    Why is it taking so long to announce the dividend increase?
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MKC is up 5.25% to 96.77
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    div .37
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    Welcome back smart institutional investors looking for steady and predictable.
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    Yahoo Finance Insights
    MKC reached a 52 Week high at 99.13
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    5 months ago when this was down and out, I posted “ whatever happens, humans will eat, and almost every food requires seasoning” Statement was true 5 months ago, will be true 10 years from now. The only thing you can control is buying today and let this beast pay you for the rest of your life
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    I saw someone inquire in a reply about the French's purchase and what products it entailed. They bought out the "RB Foods" group from Reckitt and Benckiser, which is an Anglo-Dutch group (like Unilever) that has/had consumer product goods, food, cleaners, etc. This group included all of French's (mustard, ketchup, the onion toppers, etc)., all of Frank's Red Hot (sauces, mixes, etc.), and Cattleman's barbecue sauces. It is a significant suite of products and brand names that has considerably increased the size of McCormick's revenues, profits, margins, distribution channels, and overall consumer market and mind share.

    They have some nice slides in their investor relations publications that show the suite of products acquired, as well as the new product offerings that they have already designed for release (and those which are on their way).
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    I think of this investment is a reliable place to put fairly conservative portion of my investment portfolio. The products they sell, spices and relate, have been in demand for thousands of years, and the McCormick brand has long been recognized as a tried and true leader. I'm not aware of any reason why that would change for the worse in the foreseeable future. Management as steered this ship in a solid and steady fashion, it seems. All that equates to a nice place to put conservative investment dollars and hope/expect them to grow at a decent rate (if not better) on a long term basis.
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    TSLA went up 100%
    AAPL went up 40%
    Before splits
    MKC could go 20-30% easy
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    I have had it since shares were $38 living on dividends.
    been through 2 splits dividends increase every year love this company and management
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    Original cost..............$100
    No. Of shares ..............100
    Total cost basis......$10,000

    Today’s mkt price ...$155 (hypo)
    Sell ........................100 shares
    Sale proceeds .......$15,500
    Taxable gain.............$5,500
    Fed and State tax rate....35% (hypo)
    Tax paid ...................$1,925
    Net cash remain.......$13,575

    Stock price drops to ..........$145
    Buy.............................94 shares shares
    Total cost...................$13,500

    Stock price rises to ......$155 (hypo)
    Mkt value of 94 shares...$14,570
    Mkt value of 100 shares..$15,500

    Stock price rises to ......$165 (hypo)
    Mkt value of 94 shares...$15,510
    MKt value of 100 shares..$16,500
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    Here is another sign of market manipulation (MKC) beats estimate and shares are down, never ever buy any options hoping you can make a few $$$ Bam.
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    Dear McCormick Management: Please manage your stock price and market perception as well as you manage your business. It is frustrating to say the least to see the market's seeming disinterest.
    Thank you
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    Steve F
    Ex Pinnacle Foods/ ConAgra shareholder, now a MKC shareholder.
    I owned Pinnacle shares for about 6 years & they performed incredibly well.
    Unfortunately they were swallowed up by ConAgra about 1.5 months ago. My 'new' ConAgra shares were already down over 16.00% as of today. The only good thing is that a large portion of the deal was cash.

    Earlier today, I sold the CAG shares & invested the proceeds in MKC.
    Hopefully, over time, that turns out to be a smart move.