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  • K
    The 52 Week Range is $125.60 - $198.81. The stock is trading below its mid-point of $162.20. In addition, it has a Forward Dividend & Yield of $5.96 (3.97%). I'm sure that MMM is not the only company who has had a problem with their chemicals, consumer products or food for that matter! Making stuff for people involves risk and eventual liability. With 55,000 products in existence, including my cardiologist stethoscope, I will not give up my position.
  • M
    So if a serviceman or woman loses a leg, an arm, or actually dies in combat do they sue the government for billions?? Or do they sue the weapons manufacturer? Seems only right based on this $100B earplug suit.
  • j
    I am surprised -- Market seems to be saying news from Judge Casey is just good enough to offset the wild claims of the Plaintiff's expert on Bloomberg today.

    No surprise plaintiff lawyers want the company bankrupted - although threatening it right now to me almost hurts them IMO. Not sure the government or public really wants 90,000 job losses and a US diversified science-based company to just disappear over this complex issue around whose fault it was that the product didn't work, government or 3M.

    This is now all negotiation about the amount.

    My prediction is It will probably be in the 2 or 3B range, roughly 3X the value of Aearo.

    With a number like that, Both sides will be able to claim victory.

    I still think the political winds might make this a lot worse for 3M.

    But they can come up with talking points like its way higher than what was proposed, and bankruptcy gets some money into the victim's hands fast and without wasting a bunch on lawyers and costing 90 thousand good jobs and an innovative US science based company.
  • B
    Barnacle Barney
    $100 BILLION exposure to ear plug liability ?
    Who was the management macro brain that exposed this great industrial manufacturer to the casino of health care ?
  • f
    NEOG is currently trading around $ would a 1:1 swap work? Even with a 7% premium received, I don't understand this tender offer. Anybody with more clarity on this thing?
  • P
    Pete L
    Just sold all of my 3m shares. Dividend less than 4% and stock
    questionable at best. Any replacement ideas?
  • t
    Bloomberg knows how easy it is to make money by shaking all the fruit off skittish holders.
    The litigation outcome is uncertain and highly speculative.
  • J
    Anyone planning on investing in 3M’s healthcare spinoff?
  • j
    Does anyone have any comments on the probability of Veterans lawyers being able to keep the hearing issue OUT of bankruptcy court?

    Another article in WSJ today, and OF COURSE the plaintiffs don't want the subsidiary bankrupted.

    But will it work?
  • c
    I just read a bit about the spin-off, I guess I've been a little out of the loop with MMM. In fairness, I have a very small position (73 shares) in my IRA. That being said, the spinoff is interesting. Have they talked at all about what it will look like, as far as how many shares we would get in the new healthcare company? Is it likely that the new company would pay a dividend?
  • a
    Any opinions on the 3M offer to trade 3M shares for SpinCo/Neogen shares, which is the new split-off food safety business? Neogen (NEOG) is currently trading near its 12 months low ($21 and change), but hit a high of $47.80 last December. Looks dirt cheap now, but I know very little about the company.
  • s
    Would like some help understanding 3M spin off /Neogen deal.
    And how it works if someone wants to trade shares
  • a
    In reply to the recent suggestion that the judge presiding over the hearing loss claim cases will try to force the entire MMM company into bankruptcy, here are some relevant facts to consider.

    Institutional ownership in MMM is 67% of the total shares outstanding and Vanguard is the largest institutional owner with 47,299,775 shares as of March 30, 2022, which represents 8.32% of the TSO and has a current value of $6,775,220,030. Does anyone really believe that a prestigious institutional investor like Vanguard would continue to hold a $6.8 BILLION stake in this company if there was any significant risk of the entire company being forced into bankruptcy? These large institutional investors have inhouse legal departments who go through the quarterly and annual reports of the companies they invest in with a fine-toothed comb to assess risk, and that would undoubtedly be the case for companies in which they hold multi-billion-dollar stakes.

    While the court may in fact require the company to significantly increase the $1 BB fund they have proposed setting aside to pay for the hearing loss claims, forcing the entire company into bankruptcy because one of their smaller acquired LLC businesses presumedly made a defective product makes absolutely no sense. If there was any significant chance of that happening, we would see the top institutional investors start to dump their shares, and we're not seeing that. It will be interesting to see the updated institutional ownership when the Q2 numbers are updated.

    Also, any extreme and unreasonable judgements handed down by a judge or a panel of judges will be appealed and MMM has the deep pockets to tie this thing up in the courts for the next 2-3 years or longer.
  • S
    Shouldn't they be announcing a dividend now?
  • P
    Aearo files chapter 11. Check your news feed.
  • C
    This whole mess is 3M management fault. 3 M has been saying it's cheaper to purchase technology than develop it. Shrinking it's technology base. They purchase a business based on financials. Now they need to learn their lessons. They divest themselves of 3M medical. They lucked out when they settled with state on all the pollution they created.
  • J
    Jim U.
    So if you just hold the line on 3M shares what will happen with spin off. Will it be like getting the the dog like KD-Kyndryl with IBM? WarnerBros and ATT. I may just sell 3M. I dont need more laggards cluttering my portfolio. or is there a case for holding it. All the legal implications have me nervous.
  • J
    Only $32.75 more to go to get to my break-even!
  • k
    My take is that they just want to buy back your stock using shares of NEOG instead of paying cash. I would just hold MMM and if you like NEOG just buy some at the price you want to pay. I don't know why they just didn't sell the NEOG to the highest or spin it off to owners. Why make it complicated?
  • R
    Randy Hundley
    What percentage of Americans realize that is creasing government spending and impeding production cause inflation?

    That number sure must be small since the US Congress and President just passed the Inflation Reduction Act, which spends hundreds of billions and which includes numerous things that make production more difficult.

    Did you know that each Federal government worker costs about $10,000,000 in today’s money?

    Let’s see 87,000 new IRS agents times 10M = $870B. Of course that price will climb.

    Looks to me like all these new federal employees are being hired not to improve the federal government balance sheet but rather to just harass US workers and businesses. I can’t imagine that they’d find a trillion in mistakes on the non-govt side of the ledger. Pretty simple math don’t cha think?