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  • After 125 weeks on the market Mannkind has reached 4% of breakeven sales.

    All of the bagholders are shocked that it doesn't have a multi-billion dollar market cap.

    Professional investors are asking can I borrow your shares, I'd love to short at this price.
  • HAW!!! Yeah! You can see how MNKD is increasing its REVENUES, it's INCREASED afizzle's PRICE:


    Six MONTHS ago the average price was around $275 for the 90 cartridge box; NOW it's about $360! And the titration pak has increased from $600 to $690 in the 4 MONTHS since I was introduced!

    GREAT way to attract customers, huh?


    Prices and Coupons for Afrezza
    Compare prices and print coupons for Afrezza and other Diabetes Type 2 and Diabetes Type 1 drugs at CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies. Prices start at $352.89
  • HAW! Herniating a LOOP of BOWEL here from LAUGHING so hard! Yeah! MNKD's collaborator, "One Drop," tries to BOAST that ITS "app" helps diabetics lower their A1c by MAYBE up to 0.7-1.0! But THEN along comes "Welldoc" that reports:

    "Our clinical evidence shows a mean reduction of 1.7 to 2.0 point A1C drop for individuals living with type 2 diabetes who used BlueStar."


    ...and THEY have partnered with SAMSUNG:


    Gee! I wonder which ONE will WIN?


    WellDoc mHealth Market Clinicals | WellDoc
    Read WellDoc’s published works on mHealth innovations. Discover our mobile healthcare app and advances in medical technology.
  • So scripts are up. 303 last week. 385 this week.
    From xtremefitness123 W/E 6/16/2017
    TRx = 385
  • Awwwwwwwwww!!!! "Althea" on the proboards "mnkdcirclejerk" forum seems a little UPSET at afizzle pricing:"alethea Principal Investigator****I have purchased 9 boxes of Afrezza since July, 2015. The first seven cost me 300.99 - Out of Pocket - NOT covered at all by my insurance.Two months ago the same box cost 350.23. Just three days ago the next box cost 385.14. :(I'm Type 2, quite insulin resistant. Ideally I would need AT LEAST two boxes per month, $770 out of pocket PER MONTH. As is, I can only afford to take one inhalation per day when I need it most.It is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced - what about Al's dream to help Mankind with its diabetes problem?It is foolish, stupid, short-sighted and counterproductive to think most/many insurance companies will pay double the price of injectable insulin. Yes there are a few who are wonderfully covered by insurance (like Sam, aka AfrezzaUser). And even if Sam et al pays only 10 per month copay, who do you think is paying the rest of the nearly $1,000 per month for his insulin? Answer: everyone else via ever increasing premiums.Open your eyes and ears Mannkind management if you want to sell Afrezza in any appreciable volume.It is priced WAY TOO #$%$ HIGH!Idiots"HAW!!! Got that LAST right, huh?
  • Pfizer will partner with mnkd for the inhale Viagra (pulmonary hypertension drug). Pfizer has the most experience with Viagra and they will want inhale Vaigra that works in seconds as opposed to 1 hour onset with pills.

    Inhale Epi is another blockbuster. Afrezza will be a slow adapting drug before it reaches blockbuster status.
  • Hey RedNCK Redhaw2000 - You've now finished 3 full weeks of a 115,000 short position at 70% interest. Share price is up 4% from where you started. And now, you're going to short MORE?? HAW HAWW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!!!
  • Pleased to see the scripts moving up with a Mannkind owned sales team and optimistic the trend will continue to above 400 and beyond. Management has done a good job putting a new Sales team together in short time frame. In my opnion It takes time to find the right people , education, and relationships building with Edocrinologists. Is this an inflection point for scripts?
  • I haven't posted in a long time, but WOW are these negative people desperate!

    Nrx = 226

    Refills = 159

    TRx = 385

    Now BEFORE BAGHOLDERS start HYPERVENTILATING over the increase in Nrx, they NEED to consider some stuff:

    1) REFILLS continue PATHETIC and it's the REFILLS that are the bread and butter of a drug.

    2) Nrx can be MANIPULATED -- cross a few MD palms with sufficient silver and Nrx shoot up dramatically (I actually SUGGESTED Mannkind do this a year or so ago and "pcrgorman" and got all over me for being willing to STOOP so LOW!

    3) With regards to number "2," MNKD wants as MUCH FLUFF as it can to convince current BAGHOLDERS to SUBCRIBE to the upcoming MASSIVE RIGHTS OFFERING, and I have NO DOUBT how LOW they would be willing to STOOP to CON people into subcscribing!

  • BAGHOLDERS really SHOULD consider the CONSEQUENCES of MNKD being removed from the Russell 3000 index! Take for example, Vanguard's version of the 3000:


    Today they DUMPED those 3.5 MILLION shares and they WON'T be BUYING them back! And THAT is just ONE of who knows HOW MANY versions of the Russell 3000!

    Just a LITTLE something to DREAM about over the weekend!


    ONE of the Russelll 3000 index funds that DUMPED MNKD!
    Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet.
  • And for those MORON BAGHOLDERS who keep WONDERING about today's VOLUME, TODAY was the day of the Russell 3000 rebalancing that REMOVED Mannkind from the index:


    "The newly reconstituted indexes take effect after the close on Friday, June 23."

    Please! No THANKS necessary! It's a PLEASURE to remind BAGHOLDERS of their IGNORANCE!


    Russell Reconstitution
    2017 Reconstitution calendar June-transition month June is the month that the preliminary reconstitution portfolio is communicated to the marketp...
  • Afrezza sales are up 27% week over week.
    303 last week and 385 this week. The sales teams are working hard and making progress.
  • Yeah! Solomon Steiner KNEW where fourteen YEARS ago where MNKD was headed! He was the INVENTOR of technosphere and afizzle, and he LEFT Mannkind around 2003, 10 YEARS after selling them the technology! THEN he started his own company -- "Biodel" -- for delivering -- are you ready for this? -- an "ultra-rapid-acting concentrated insulin" using an INJECTION! REALLY now? After inventing ULTRAFAST and INHALABLE afizzle??? Go figure!

    He also later started Perosphere which ALSO does NOT use inhalation to deliver ITS product.

    What does THAT tell you about what HE thinks of afizzle, technosphere, and inhaled medications in GENERAL?

    I mean, if the INVENTOR not ONLY abandoned ship TWELVE YEARS AGO, but went on to form TWO companies, NEITHER of which use technosphere, that OUGHT to tell you what the INVENTOR himself thinks about the potential of TS and afizzle! Right?
  • BAGHOLDERS just CAN'T explain today's SCRIPT NUMBERS:

    Nrx = 226

    Refills = 159

    TRx = 385

    Yeah! They LOOK at those numbers and wonder WHY a drug that:

    -- has been on the market for TWO and ONE HALF YEARS

    -- has been presented at THREE ADA meetings,

    -- has had ads in "Time" magazine and multiple diabetic magazines

    -- has been discussed WIDELY on forums such as tudiabetes and "diabetes mine"

    -- was presented to 3,000 endos

    -- has had MULTIPLE CME that was presented to at LEAST 1,000 endos AND to 2,000 internists

    --- was tried by AT LEAST 6,000 diabetics (and abandoned by 4,000 of them)

    -- has had around TWENTY FIVE THOUSAND new scripts written

    -- has had "early adopters" tweeting their little BAGHOLDER fingers off

    -- has had around HALF a BILLION DOLLARS spent on it trying to push it into the market place

    -- has undergone THREE launches

    -- has OVER 100 DEDICATED sales reps pushing it to "high prescribing" docs

    ...WHY can't this drug STILL not reach the levels of NEW scripts that Sanofi did at TWO MONTHS after THEIR launch! And THEY started started at ZERO scripts! And THEY -- according to the BAGHOLDERS -- were SANDBAGGING afizzle!

    Even WORSE! WHY are refills so UNBELIEVABLY PATHETIC and only just NOW reaching the levels they were back in DECEMBER, 2016!

    The ONLY answer is that the drug is a BONAFIDE FAILURE on a level that makes EXUBERA look like a massive SUCCESS!
  • Are shorts getting trapped by the day. Almost like a slow torture. My brokerage keeps sending me requests to lend out shares at a very high interest rate. I keep denying them. I will not lend !
  • It must REALLY suck trying to keep up with $8,520.00/week interest payments, when you make $21,000/year, eh, RedNCK redhaw? Boy, they sure have a lot of financial geniuses living in Ashland, Ohio!! HAW HAW HAW!!!
  • It's a Statistical Fact that redNCK Redhaw2000 is paying 8,524.00/week in short interest on the shares he CLAIMS to have in his position. Now, THAT'S a BAGHOLDER!!! HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!
  • Spencer Osborne wih his usual INSIGHTFUL analysis:


    "In my opinion, the next few weeks are critical. The current sales levels are well below what is needed to impress anyone and well below the levels that will generate material cash for the company. MannKind needs to tackle this $10 million issue with Deerfield quickly. The realistic options are as follows..."

    HIS options DON'T mention the only TWO that are REALLY available:


    2) filing for Chapter 11 protection


    MannKind: Afrezza Sales See Best Result In More Than A Year
    Afrezza scripts approach 400. Spike in new scripts drives numbers. Refills still remain concerning.
  • Hey RedNCK Redhaw2000 - you're now into your third week of a 115,000 short position at 70% interest. Share price is up 2% from where you started. And now, you're going to short MORE?? HAW HAWW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!!!