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  • Notice how FraggieBaggie gives himself 11 thumbs up with his list of alternate screen names. Those include, but are not limited to: Redhaw2000, Bobby, Que??, DWP, Newt, Judy, Ken. Al coming from the same IP address.
  • Been doing some QUALITY educating on Spencer Osborne's latest seekingalpha article! Yeah, some BAGHOLDER was SQUAWKING how "insurance companies in the United States don't even require health economics as part of the approval..." I TRIED to explain:

    "Indirectly, they DO consider health economics. THAT is why they focus on HGB A1c results in clinical trials:


    "Evidence shows that patients with poor glycemic control (A1C > 9.0 %) are at high risk for long-term complications [2–4]. Decreasing this risk is an established priority as demonstrated by quality performance measures."

    The problem with afrezza is that for type 2 diabetics it is ONLY "non-inferior" to lispro at lowering A1c and is, in FACT, INFERIOR in type 1 diabetics:

    "AFREZZA provided less HbA1c reduction than insulin aspart, and the difference was statistically significant. More subjects in the insulin aspart group achieved the HbA1c target of =7%"

    The BULK of diabetes cost come from type 2:


    "Table 1.1" shows that 140/194 = 72% of diabetes health cost is coming from type 2. That paper further points out the REAL source of the problem:

    "Obesity is a leading cause of preventable death in the United States, as well as a leading cause of disability and absenteeism . Gaining just 11 to 16 pounds doubles the risk of type 2 diabetes, while an increase of 17 to 24 pounds nearly triples this risk. Obesity, particularly abdominal obesity, is associated with the insulin resistance that is characteristic of type 2 diabetes . CBO estimates that per capita spending for obese adults is 38 percent higher than that of normal-weight adults. Researchers have found that high-intensity counseling for diet and exercise, combined with behavioral support, can produce sustained weight loss in obese adults, resulting in improved glucose metabolism, lipid levels, and blood pressure."

    In OTHER words, the REAL solution to type 2 diabetes lies in getting people to push themselves away from the dinner table BEFORE they turn into "Jabba the Hutt."

    Using rapid acting insulin actually PROMOTES weight gain and COMPLICATIONS and that is ONE reason why physicians ALWAYS avoid using RAI until absolutely NOTHING else works."

    Of course, trying to teach a BAGHOLDER anything is about like trying to climb Mt. Everest...barefoot...in the dark...in a snow storm!


  • Shorts here bragging about all the money they've made. They haven't made ANYTHING. They LOSE money every day on short interest. That's why they're here. Do you really think they are trying to help YOU?? HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!
  • I had to laugh at this: "Bloggers beware: conflicts of interest and diabetes":


    TEN YEARS OLD and would you LOOK:

    So it comes as no surprise that conflicts of interest are becoming an issue among d-bloggers. This summer the blogger of Diabetes Mine, Amy Tenderich, was awarded a LillyforLife Achievement Award for journalism. She and the other winners received US$1500...kept $500 to offset the costs of publishing her blog and of her continuous glucose monitoring system. The winners were also given a trip to Eli Lilly and Company headquarters in Indianapolis, IN, USA, which Tenderich described on her blog in September. That post elicited a response from a reader calling on Tenderich to “fully disclose to your audience to what extent you are recompensed, both financially and with products”.

    So she did: “Until now, I have not received one single penny from any pharma or medical device company for writing this blog, nor any free supplies whatsoever—except a few glucose meter models that companies were distributing for promotional purposes at the ADA Conference or elsewhere.” Curious, I asked Tenderich for a clarification, and it turns out that her day job is as a technology writer, and some of her clients make medical devices. Based on her and others' comments on the blog in response to her disclosure posting, the prevailing view in the blogosphere seems to be that as long as the money comes without any strings attached, it's OK to accept it. And disclosure is not universal."

    HAW!!! since THEN, Amy has updated her disclosure and continues to CLAIM that while she can and DOES accept ALL MANNER of GIFTS, such does NOT in ANY way influence her opinions!

    Yeah! And if you believe THAT, I got some SWELL ocean front property in Arizona just WAITING for YOUR investment dollars!


  • What's HILARIOUS about the MASSIVE price increases MNKD inflicted on afizzle users recently is the company's PAST behavior!

    Indeed, they BLAMED Sanofi for pricing afrezza too HIGH as part of an effort to "sandbag" sales! Go figure!!!!

    THEN Mannkind management mouthed about how THEY were the ONLY insulin supplier who HADN'T raised prices!

    Even more APPALLING is that on SEVERAL occasions MNKD actually CLAIMED it would LOWER the price:


    "MannKind’s basic plan for boosting Afrezza sales in the United States is to lower prices enough to get insurers to cover the product on favorable terms and then market it in unconventional ways rather than sending an army of sales representatives to doctors."

    Let me GUESS! The "basic plan" FAILED! Just like EVERYTHING ELSE that MNKD attempts!


    MannKind: Path to Afrezza Survival Involves Lower Prices to Woo Payers
    Did MannKind misjudge consumer demand, or are barriers from payers to blame for Afrezza's woes? A feature outlining the misfortunes and future plans for the only inhaled insulin on the market.
  • A DESPERATE BAGHOLDER commenting on Spencer Osborne's latest article tried to claim benefits of afizzle for preventing hypoglycemia and weight gain, so I stepped in and set him straight:

    "...straight from the briefing document:


    "FDA: consistent with the finding that afrezza is LESS EFFECTIVE

    -> NO clear consistent evidence of Afrezza benefit on hypoglycemia"

    Ditto for claims of less weight gain:


    "LESS effective insulin = less weight gain"

    Unfortunately, MNKD bulls tend to become dyslexic when confronted with FACTS."

    NO clear consistent evidence of afrezza benefit in hypoglycemia.
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  • Scripts will be over 400 this week. My guess and it is conservative, 450.
  • Yeah! Spencer osborne thinks the bump in new scripts is a consequence of the ADA meeting! My own idea is that MNKD is pumping up the Nrx by crossing appropriate palms with silver.

    I've previously pointed out how much Edelman and Bode have funneled into their pockets LARGE amounts of money from promoting afrezza:


    It wouldn't surprise me were they to contribute a few new scripts to help keep the trough open.

    Then consider, for example, the case of some new, likely impoverished nurse practitioner:


    ...fresh out of college, with limited job prospects, and who knows how much in student loans accruing interest daily. Maybe, just MAYBE, for a little assistance on those loan payments, she would be willing to write a few "new" prescriptions for "clients" even though the "clients" DIDN'T really NEED new prescriptions. Shoot! She might even go so far as to write new scripts for people who aren't even diabetic!

    Such conniving things HAVE been known to happen in CERTAIN situations -- such as when a company is in DESPERATE need of a massive RIGHTS OFFERING.

    Dollars for Docs
    ProPublica has compiled the disclosed payments from pharma companies to doctors and other health care providers. Search for your doctor in our interactive database.
  • Just UPDATING for all the BAGHOLDERS! THIS is the most recent filing I could find for the Mann Trust -- from May 23, 2017:


    Now RECALL that Mannkind CLAIMS it has access to a 30 million dollar credit line from the Mann Group! Note in the filing where it says:

    "Common Stock 17,930,450 (1)"

    ...then read the footnote that goes with that:

    "Held of record by Mann Group, LLC. The Alfred E. Mann Living Trust is the sole manager and member of Mann Group, LLC."

    Those 18 million shares are the Mann Group's SOLE ASSET! And as of TODAY those shares are worth only 27 million dollars.

    NEXT consider a line from the 10-Q that refers to the MG credit line:

    "A PORTION of these available borrowings MAY be USED to capitalize accrued interest INTO PRINCIPAL, upon mutual agreement of the parties...As of March 31, 2017, the accrued and unpaid interest under The Mann Group Loan Arrangement was $10.0 million."

    In other words, MNKD may INCREASE the DEBT it owes the MG by folding the accrued interest into the principal. But if the only debt available was 30 mil, then that REDUCES the amount of the credit line that is NOW available by TEN MILLION dollars!

    So MAYBE all the BAGHOLDERS should RECONSIDER exactly HOW MUCH of that credit line is TRULY available. It COULD be as small as 17 million at PRESENT.

  • HAW!!!! Look at how Laura Kronen makes money pumping afizzle:


    She calls them "Advertorials"

    "We are now offering sponsored Advertorials. They will be written in the voice of Be You Only Better promoting your product or service. They will run for the day and in eternity on the Be You Only Better website as well as on the Facebook fan page (Audience of 2700+) and Twitter (Audience of 21,700+) They will be promoted multiple times on twitter. The total targeted reach is over 43,000 consumers. Sponsored ads are being offered at the rate of $250."

    $250??? Yeah, probably about what LK charges for a BJ! HAW!!!

    I'm gonna forward it to the FDA to see what THEY think of LK's "Ho'house"!


    Do you want to advertise on Be You Only Better? Here's how: | Be You Only Better-Life Coach and Diabetes Expert
    This is not a pay for placement site and all reviews are solely based on true recommendations and product usage. However, if you have a product you would like t
  • HAW!!!! LEAVE it to Mannkind! Are you looking for the prices of the 4/8/12 titration paks:


    Well, OOPS:

    "Afrezza is not yet available

    Afrezza has been approved by the FDA, but isn't available in pharmacies yet."

    HAW!!! Mannkind by ANY other name is FUBAR!


    Prices and Coupons for Afrezza
    Compare prices and print coupons for Afrezza and other Diabetes Type 2 and Diabetes Type 1 drugs at CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies. Prices start at $352.89
  • After 125 weeks on the market Mannkind has reached 4% of breakeven sales.

    All of the bagholders are shocked that it doesn't have a multi-billion dollar market cap.

    Professional investors are asking can I borrow your shares, I'd love to short at this price.
  • HAW!!! Yeah! You can see how MNKD is increasing its REVENUES, it's INCREASED afizzle's PRICE:


    Six MONTHS ago the average price was around $275 for the 90 cartridge box; NOW it's about $360! And the titration pak has increased from $600 to $690 in the 4 MONTHS since I was introduced!

    GREAT way to attract customers, huh?


    Prices and Coupons for Afrezza
    Compare prices and print coupons for Afrezza and other Diabetes Type 2 and Diabetes Type 1 drugs at CVS, Walgreens, and other pharmacies. Prices start at $352.89
  • HAW! Herniating a LOOP of BOWEL here from LAUGHING so hard! Yeah! MNKD's collaborator, "One Drop," tries to BOAST that ITS "app" helps diabetics lower their A1c by MAYBE up to 0.7-1.0! But THEN along comes "Welldoc" that reports:

    "Our clinical evidence shows a mean reduction of 1.7 to 2.0 point A1C drop for individuals living with type 2 diabetes who used BlueStar."


    ...and THEY have partnered with SAMSUNG:


    Gee! I wonder which ONE will WIN?


    WellDoc mHealth Market Clinicals | WellDoc
    Read WellDoc’s published works on mHealth innovations. Discover our mobile healthcare app and advances in medical technology.
  • It doesn't make any sense for the shorts not to cover at this point. They are going for the last 30 cents (price prior to RS 1:5). Their interest rate 20-50% costs more than the remaining value of the stock, so why hold their positions and even shorting more? Pure malice! Perhaps sponsored by BPs trying to kill Afrezza.
  • So scripts are up. 303 last week. 385 this week.
    From xtremefitness123 W/E 6/16/2017
    TRx = 385
  • Awwwwwwwwww!!!! "Althea" on the proboards "mnkdcirclejerk" forum seems a little UPSET at afizzle pricing:"alethea Principal Investigator****I have purchased 9 boxes of Afrezza since July, 2015. The first seven cost me 300.99 - Out of Pocket - NOT covered at all by my insurance.Two months ago the same box cost 350.23. Just three days ago the next box cost 385.14. :(I'm Type 2, quite insulin resistant. Ideally I would need AT LEAST two boxes per month, $770 out of pocket PER MONTH. As is, I can only afford to take one inhalation per day when I need it most.It is OUTRAGEOUSLY priced - what about Al's dream to help Mankind with its diabetes problem?It is foolish, stupid, short-sighted and counterproductive to think most/many insurance companies will pay double the price of injectable insulin. Yes there are a few who are wonderfully covered by insurance (like Sam, aka AfrezzaUser). And even if Sam et al pays only 10 per month copay, who do you think is paying the rest of the nearly $1,000 per month for his insulin? Answer: everyone else via ever increasing premiums.Open your eyes and ears Mannkind management if you want to sell Afrezza in any appreciable volume.It is priced WAY TOO #$%$ HIGH!Idiots"HAW!!! Got that LAST right, huh?
  • The rise in scripts getting media attention http://sfvbj.com/news/2017/jun/23/mannkind-sees-prescriptions-bump/

    Good to see.

    MannKind Sees Prescriptions Bump Up | San Fernando Valley Business Journal
  • Pfizer will partner with mnkd for the inhale Viagra (pulmonary hypertension drug). Pfizer has the most experience with Viagra and they will want inhale Vaigra that works in seconds as opposed to 1 hour onset with pills.

    Inhale Epi is another blockbuster. Afrezza will be a slow adapting drug before it reaches blockbuster status.
  • Hey RedNCK Redhaw2000 - You've now finished 3 full weeks of a 115,000 short position at 70% interest. Share price is up 4% from where you started. And now, you're going to short MORE?? HAW HAWW HAW HAW HAW HAW!!!!!!