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Monsanto Company (MON)

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  • This is just the start of something big.

    Farmers' estimates of herbicide damage top 120,000 acres
    Complaints of crop damage in Arkansas possibly caused by a herbicide topped 700 this week, and preliminary estimates put the damaged cropland at 122,000 acres, a subcommittee of the state Plant Board was told Friday.
  • "Rowland oversaw the EPA’s cancer assessment for glyphosate, the key ingredient in Monsanto’s weed-killing products, and was a key author of a report finding glyphosate was not likely to be carcinogenic."
    Questions about EPA-Monsanto collusion raised in cancer lawsuits
  • 'According to a Monsanto email, a Monsanto employee said EPA official Jess Rowland said he "should get a medal" if he could kill a different government agency's investigation into glyphosate.'
    Patients: Roundup gave us cancer as EPA official helped the company
    Christine Sheppard is one of more than 800 cancer patients suing Monsanto, the maker of Roundup, claiming the company failed to warn consumers about a risk of cancer from the weed killer. Monsanto insists Roundup is safe.
  • Growing resistance.
    Iowa’s resistant weed problem: what Canadian farmers can learn - The Western Producer
    SCHLESWIG, Iowa — Driving on Interstate 80, west of Des Moines, the land rolls more than many people might expect. There are also tree bluffs, […]
  • "...traces of glyphosate have been detected in cookies, crackers, chips, breakfast cereals, and honey, and in human urine and breast milk. Monsanto says it’s nothing to worry about."
    Does the World’s Top Weed Killer Cause Cancer? Trump’s EPA Will Decide
    Roundup has revolutionized farming. Now, human health and Bayer’s $66 billion deal for Monsanto depend on an honest appraisal of its safety.
  • Oh no, MON bagholders still holding out hope...Where if FUNFUN?
  • The buyout price is $128.00
  • There is some good value here. Fundamental profitability is pretty strong compared with its peers. On watch for clear above 118.87. http://www.stockfa.com/stock.php?symbol=mon

  • http://jcharlesassets.com/opiant-pharmaceuticals/?s=MON has an alert for $MON. Did anyone happen to see it as well? Looking for some good positive information from the company! "hhse" Investing trading stocks.

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    We search for the smart new growing companies to invest in with stock deals to watch in pharmacuetical and digital verticals.
  • Q3 results are next week. These should be pretty good due to cost cutting, whether it is soy or corn its good fro MON. They have made deals with Dupont etc on soybeans and so they should be reaping that harvest and insiders appear to have been excusing their options in the window they have - which is now closed -- but reality is the stock price is now dependent on merger with a price cap of $128 so we will have to wait until EU and US start OKing merger beore it will move much above $120. Logically based on amrket share the merger is safe it will depend on politics if there are issues. BAyer has agreed to sell the overlapping products so there is far less market overlap with this than Dupont Dow had. The merger with BAyer woudl have zero effect on corn, soy, cotton, canola seed market share and since Monsanto really only sold glyphosate as a pesticide and BAyer is selling off the gluphosinate there are no anti-trust market share issues. The Europeans also shouldn't compalin about an EU company buying American -usualy the compalin about the reverse. It also woudln't affect jobs that much in the US
  • The trading setup for MON looks very enticing. check out awe_some_stock.s, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • If we are to go off the RSI then you could argue that a pull back next day or so could occur on MON before rallying up. check out awe_some_stocks, its a pretty reliable service. of course you have to do your own due diligence, but they generally point you in the right direction.
  • I would have preferred a cash and stock deal so MON would continue to see upside as BAYRY stock price moves up. I wonder why the deal was structured as all cash. Oh well.
  • I sure hope the Bayer/Monsanto deal falls though. I like having Mon a US company and I hate paying capital gains. I am perfectly content to collect dividends forever.
  • http://www.globalresearch.ca/monsanto-and-the-causes-of-cancer-did-former-us-epa-official-influence-the-european-food-safety-authoritys-verdict-on-glyphosate-herbicide/5592537

    Monsanto and the Causes of Cancer: Did Former US EPA Official Influence the European Food Safety Authority’s Verdict on Glyphosate Herbicide? | Global Research - Centre for Research on Globalization
  • Monsanto is the most evil corporation on the planet.


    by E. Hanzei
    May 2013
    from LostInTheBambooForest Website
    Spanish version

    Of all the mega-corps running amok, Monsanto has consistently outperformed its rivals, earning the crown as "most evil corporation on Earth!"

    Not content to simply rest upon its throne of death, atop a mountain of rotting corpses, it remains focused on newer, more scientifically innovative ways to harm the planet and its people.
    " https://www.bibliotecapleyades.net/ciencia/ciencia_monsanto146.htm

    Monsanto's History - Planting Seeds of Death, Disease and Despair!
  • DOW-DD clears another hurdle. Cmon MON how about some news?


    Dow, DuPont Receive Conditional Regulatory Approval in Brazil
    Brazil’s Administrative Council for Economic Defense has granted conditional regulatory approval of DuPont and Dow's proposed merger of equals.
  • Monsanto has been a leading mass murderer in the world for the last 55 years. "Jeff Schechtman: A couple of points. First of all, you said that they literally got away with murder. Talk about what you mean by that.

    Ronnie Cummins: Yes. I mean, they knew quite well when they produced the defoliant Agent Orange, that it was going to be, you know, deadly to humans. They sprayed it for years in Vietnam, literally millions of children have been born with birth defects" https://whowhatwhy.org/2016/05/20/monsantos-50-years-death-end/

    Monsanto’s 50 Years of Death From Above and Below Is About to End - WhoWhatWhy
    Monsanto has given us PCBs, Agent Orange, Roundup and GMOs. For over two decades the company has shaped agribusiness. Find out in this week’s podcast how all that is about to change.
  • What do you know. Round-Up cripples sperm.

    "4. New studies show that Roundup causes liver disease and glyphosate-based herbicides are decisively linked to cancer in Argentina. Another shows endocrine disruptors such as those found in Roundup and glyphosate-based herbicides are the major contributing factor to the drastic decline of the quality of men's sperm."


    Monsanto in Hot Water
    Monsanto in Hot Water. Find out more about the evidence stacking up against the Big Ag Giant.