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My Size, Inc. (MYSZ)

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  • M
    Surebdilute away my 2.50 a share buy point is now 35 bux a share just to break even
    What’s the chance my size his 35 bux a share
    Anyone , anyone Bueler Bueler!!
  • J
    This ain’t moving,
    Time for more dilution haha
  • A
    Heading 0.9 level…
  • M
    Thu, November 12, 2020, 5:00 AM PST
    AIRPORT CITY, Israel, Nov. 12, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- My Size, Inc. (the "Company" or "My Size") (NASDAQ: MYSZ) (TASE: MYSZ), the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, today provided a business update for the third quarter ended September 30, 2020. A copy of the Company's quarterly report on Form 10-Q for the third quarter ended September 30, 2020 has been filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission and posted on the Company's website at

    My Size, Inc. Logo
    My Size, Inc. Logo
    Recent Highlights

    Revenue for the third quarter of 2020 increased to $88,000 versus $6,000 for the same period last year.

    Integrated and launched MySizeID widget for NOCTURNE, a European women's apparel brand that designs, manufactures, distributes, and sells ready to wear apparel

    Integrated MysizeID into e-Commerce platform of Tricorp, a leading European workwear supplier

    Launched custom clothing made-to-measure feature for MySizeID
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    MYSZ), the developer and creator of smartphone measurement solutions, today announced that Tricorp, a leading European workwear supplier, is integrating the MySizeID widget into their e-commerce platform with a goal to increase conversions and decrease returns. Tricorp is also offering MySizeID to their distributors, as a contactless solution for fitting sessions amidst the COVID-19 pandemic.
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    right now he is just discussing the app. I will let you know when he discusses any potential deals
  • s
    LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2018 / LD Micro will be hosting five micro-cap companies that were participants of CES earlier in the month, as part of its ''Virtual Series.'' Humavox, Vuzix Corporation, Workhorse Group, LiveXLiv
    LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / January 22, 2018 / LD Micro will be hosting five micro-cap companies that were participants of CES earlier in the month, as part of its ''Virtual Series.'' Humavox, Vuzix Corporation, Workhorse Group, LiveXLiv
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    You Think
    TECHNICAL INDICATORS are now switching to buy.... we are about to roll higher to green.
  • D
    Over the last 5 years that this company has been publicly traded it didn't have any serious earnings, it only spent the money they were getting from investors on paying for their business trips.
    Just check the financials and the charts before investing.
  • J
    Way too much noise on this board - $3.40 buyers trying to jawbone it back up (don't worry, you'll be fine) and a whole bunch of shorts now frightened by the current trend. So I decided to cut through the noise, really dig-in to this company and see what's going on. Here are the questions I asked.

    It's a tech company, so the big question is always whether the technological innovation unique and - most importantly - intellectually protected? Answer: yes. Definitely unique; the only company to market with this tech. Strong IP protection, with patents secured in the USA and abroad.

    Is it still just a shaky concept or is it "for real?" Answer: their technology has moved beyond concept, already implemented by one of Europe's major clothing retailers... but on the downside, none in the USA so far.

    Is there demand? Answer: online retailers consistently say that "consumer sizing concerns" is their major impediment to clothing sales, so timing is right for this tech. Has great potential to become the "shiny new object" for online clothing retailers. Early adopters will sign contracts at CES tomorrow in a rush to implement in time for the introduction of their spring fashion lineup, one of their biggest selling seasons. In the longer term, brick-and-mortar will need to respond to this competitive threat, contracting with MYSZ to license kiosks and other POP implementations.

    Bottom line: today's a good day for this company, but tomorrow (maybe starting later today) will be the icing on the cake. They will pick-up new contracts after their CES demonstration. Predict a buying frenzy sometime later today or tomorrow AM, huge gains - consensus seems to be $5. (I've seen these kinds of frenzies so I'm more bullish than that, but hey, I'll be happy with just $5!) Predict that these levels will be sustainable for only about a week, expecting a gradual correction next week to a realistic $4.00 to $4.50 range.
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    Please, I need advise. I guess I'm in trouble. I bought 7000 shares at $3.26 and couldn't sell them on time. Should I accept the huge loss now or is it worth the continued risk?
  • L
    I got in at 2.85 👍
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    Why would Amazon spend 200 million to buy out MYSZ? Some simple math:
    Amazon is predicted to generate some 62 BILLION in annual apparel sales by 2021
    If MYSZ services were to be licensed outright at are mere 1% surcharge (this is less by the way than master card or visa)
    Then the company can look forward to a whopping 620 million in revenue PER YEAR at near 90% profit margins. And THAT is from AMAZON revs alone. Throw TJ Max and a myriad of other retailers? Well, you get the picture.....
    Amazon is about to become the biggest clothing retailer in the US.
    Amazon is about to become the biggest clothing retailer in the US.
  • m
    I am down 55% with my size
    Down 33 % with Akers
    Down 80% with MGTI
    I guess I need to drive Uber
    24/7 now
  • R
    would you guys hold it over the weekend?
    Thank you a lot for answering
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    Huh? I've been following this for quite a while and have been skeptical about the "bashers." The past two days, however, make their viewpoint seem more reasonable. On Tuesday the company issude a press relase pumping usage at the "largest Russian shopping mall." The stock went as high as $1.70 on big volume according to Yahoo. (My broker only has the high at $1.56?) Boom! Today the company does another secondary at three $1.26 level. Too obvious a move. Is this even legal?
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    I'm in a tough situation . I bought 1200 at$.65. Maybe I should sell, maybe I should keep
  • S
    Im trying to play catch up. I've asked this question a few times on stocktwits. ( no response)Others have asked it here I noticed.( no response) I even asked the company and received no response. Why is this app better than the others that measure body stars for clothes fitting? Is this company the first to have been made specific to online purchases? And because no camera is used? Thanks
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    What price for mysz if a deal with Amazon is announced?
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    From the recent share offering SEC filing..

    " We intend to use the net proceeds from the sale of the securities offered under this prospectus supplement for general corporate purposes and working capital.

    Our management will have broad discretion in the application of the net proceeds from this offering and could use them for purposes other than those contemplated at the time of this offering. Our stockholders may not agree with the manner in which our management chooses to allocate and spend the net proceeds. Moreover, our management may use the net proceeds for corporate purposes that may not result in our being profitable or increase our market value. "

    That tells you all you need to know about why you should NOT waste your money on this... AND they are going to keep doing this, as this will never be a profitable company.