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  • P
    Some dude here tried to mock me when I said I'd bought more shares in NAK, making fun of me and stating that I only bought 3 shares. Why? Does he want me to tell him how much money I have? Its up to us if we want to tell anyone the exact number of shares that we bought but I never normally tell anyone how many shares I bought because it is all "relative"
    If you've ever had experiences in a casino, there are lot of people with more and less money than you. What makes someone happy might not make another happy. Betting $1 or a $10,000 can be the same to different people. It is all relative.
    This of course is not a casino and it is fun when we have invested some amount and see good long term returns. We should never look down on someone's contribution no matter how small it is. It all makes up part of the pie. We should be glad if millions of people come here and buy 3 shares at a time.
    Anyone also thinking this way?
  • j
    DID YOU SEE PETER NAVVARO this morning in Minnesota? Talking about opening all the mines there Copper and Nickel that Obama closed down. Very strong pro mining .
  • R
    pebble has as much gold (if not more) than newmont $NEM DOES IN ALL ITS MINES. What does newmont trade for? Over $60+ a share. Take this into account PLUS all the copper, silver RHENIUM, etc.
  • B
    Would like to see comments on NAK, not politics. There’s lots of other forums dedicated to discussing how much Trump paid for his ‘real hair’ or how many times Biden is running for Senate.
  • H
    Dow is currently down -836, NAK is only 0.01. I say we are in GOOD shape and something is happening unlike Debbie Downer aka Darlene.
  • J
    J Fred
    @EPAAWheeler just asked AG Barr and the DOJ to investigate the funding of various ‘green’ groups.

    This comes after a letter from @Lancegooden. Congressman Gooden said he had strong reason to believe that China was funding these groups to help Joe Biden win.
  • M
    Looks like a small FOMO risk premium building for the weekend, in recognition of the possible release of ROD sometime before market open come Monday. Frankly surprised it’s not more. I think there is still deep-seated doubt amongst the investment community (and mining investors in particular) that Pebble somehow gets scuttled. I do not share or even understand that sentiment, but I do acknowledge it. The bottom line remains: either NAK is worth more... a LOT more, or it is worth nothing, nada, zip, zero. I’m in the former camp, so I don’t worry about the ridiculously low price. If it was $1.50 or $2.00 right now, what real difference would it make? It would still be extremely undervalued. And I would not be selling. My portfolio value would be higher, but that’s just the liquidation value. The true value lies in the future value of your investments... especially this one. Have a nice weekend. Cheers.
  • J
    "Northern Dynasty's Pebble Project Scores as EPA Steps Back."
    Just out.
  • T
    Tess Tichol
    * Republican State Senator Dan Sullivan is who I'm referring to (not the governor). That Said these things. I'm personally hoping we do open this treasure cove it would be a huge win for USA. I was just saying that with the battle going on RN in Alaska it doesnt look good in the near future. Maybe after the election with a Trump victory.
  • R
    This week is the week, I feel. glta
  • B
    I was out last week so I might have missed this. Did anyone see/hear joe rogan talk on his podcast with Wesley hunt about the pebble mine. Pretty good reach for a podcast and he was anti pebble. Did that effect the share price at all? Feel like a lot of robinhood investors are also JRE fans.
  • M
    $EGO conversation
    For those worried about miners not performing recently -
    Relax. Q3 reporting week is here. $EGO my long term holding. EGO numbers will speak for themselves Q2 average gold sale $1726 versus Q3 average gold sale $1950.
  • P
    Here's an observation to consider: the US has become a nation rife with dissention fueled by divergent world views. That is to say, for most of US it's a "...don't confuse me with the facts, I have made up my mind!" Our positions have really become an issue of faith vs. fact. That applies to EVERYTHING from politics to permits...with a THIN exception to decisions like the Pebble Project. So, where are we NAK longs going to land is somewhat of a toss of the dice...except for one thing: the stubborn, steady, I-think-I-can perseverance of our fearless leaders at Northern Dynasty. An amazing, and I believe ultimately successful fight. Kudo's to R.T. and team! Thank you for hanging in there for all of us long term NAK investors.
  • R
    I wont be convinced untill robin hood covers the news. Them jokers pump the market these days. This enthusiasm toward old news is a fake pump for a quick sell mondays to puy back after -1.00 before the the 30th PENNY PUNK PUMP from EO.

    Moon news is released pre market 7to9 am eastern time US. ( you can reference this by time checking articles back when nak has jumped to $20 per share). Having a multiple party "group" investment into this stock, nothing hasent been overlooked.

    DADDY TRUMP MADE THE DATE OF EO A FRIDAY FOR A REASON. He knows the stock market and will make alot of people rich before the election. Hes a business/stock man and this is the biggest thing in the us RN yet still a secret if you ask around. Kodak moment in t minus 6 days.

    sNAK on that ROD. Pebble 300yrs
  • W
    Goooooooood morning!
    Time to get a bit nerdy:
    Science: The Republican Party of Alaska stated “water entering Bristol Bay as a result of mine operations totals 0.01% of water in the area”. We can all agree that is a very minute amount. They submitted a 2000+ EIS, that’s a lot of pages, I think we can all assume that it had reasonable evidences for the little to none environmental impact. ✅

    Alaskan Economics: Alaska is not the wealthiest state by any means. In fact, they are quite impoverished. $NAK and The Pebble Project could open up 1500+ jobs relating to this project (mining and mining support). The mining jobs resulting to an average of 100,000$. Dividends and payments annually to those in Bristol Bay will be distributed.✅

    Minerals: Here’s the deal, Pebble Project is no doubt worth mining. Gold, Silver, Rhenium, and Molybdenum. I think we all know gold and silver are valuable, but that’s not the big tomato here. We’re talking Rhenium, which
    $NAK has plenty of. To be a bit more precise, up to 84% of the global supply. That is a HUGE deal and we will get to that in the next section. 2.6 million kg of Rhenium in the Bristol Bay region. Along with that, 15,000 tonnes of Molybdenum that could be produced.✅

    Technology: The question is “Well, what do we do with these minerals?” Anywhere from gas-free car batteries to flightier jets engines. If these minerals are mined we can evolves years of technology in a limited amount of time. If mined, these minerals can completely refine steel and technology uses. If it helps the military grow stronger, you Donald will do his best in getting this going. ✅

    Foreign Affairs: To be blunt, if we’re going to be in less of a headlock to China, we need this to go through. Like really, Chine alone has a 62.9% of market share in terms of minerals, and that’s the lowest since 2010. This mine it’s self could give China a run for their money. Tensions are high these days, we saw how supply chains can easily be disrupted, like COVID for example. Having a United States owned supply for minerals is a MUST. Not only that, but the government deficit could be reduced by distributing a portion of these minerals to various counties.✅

    Okay *exhale* Presidential Election: Really where do I begin. Throughout this whole post I have tried to keep bias out of the way, and I’m going to that here. We know polls are not a guarantee, so how do we try to predict. Well various statistics such as enthusiasm, expectation polls, google trends, and primary votes can give us a tad bit of useful information. All of those statistics lean in favor of Trump, I stated those because that would be the most ideal president in our circumstance. Again, there is no way of telling if it will be a close/landslide race for either side. ✅

    Predictions of stock: I’m very bullish. I see this stock rising quite exponentially in the next few weeks. Seems like there should be a positive ROD. I’ve been burned before, and I wouldn’t be surprised if I do again in my lifetime. In all of these predictions, I will be saying my lowest possible outcome for stock price. Step 1) ROD come in positive, good, now what could we look for regarding stock prices? I’d say 5+ is pretty safe bet. 2) Presidential election, Trump wins add another 3-4 on to that, 8+. 3) Business buy out, this would be fantastic, 20+. 4) Government buy out, if they buy the project out, they would have to buy it at fair market value, 50+.✅

    Wow, that was a bit. Shout out to those that read, that was a lot. Interested in what the future may bring. Let their be plenty of green days for all! Let’s go Pebble Project!
  • J
    I think it's time to drag Joel Reynolds through the streets for lining his pockets with $375,000 a year at the expense of many investors, and for treason in working with China to undermine the United States from developing its own natural resources for 25 years.
  • d
    Hope this project gets what it deserves. I keep reading here and a lot of enthusiastic comments. I bought nak a while ago without even knowing about pebble heh. Found out it’s a good investment just by the political action surrounding it, like watching a suspenseful movie. Go long!
  • M
    I’ll start the week off with the traditional “ROD” is imminent