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Navidea Biopharmaceuticals, Inc (NAVB)

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  • Courtesy of moneyonomics from the I. I. V. /otl mb....

    "How Manocept's self transforming strategic nature including shielding of non affected cells is decoded/interpreted by McGrath and Cope" courtesy of moneyonomics/otl


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    How Manocept's self transforming strategic nature including shielding of non affected cells is decoded/interpreted by McGrath and Cope

    Condensed and simplified. 

    "..Past therapeutic strategies attempting to harness the power of the immune system to manage, treat or kill macrophages in disease states like cancer and inflammatory conditions have had limited to no success," said Michael S. McGrath, M.D., Ph.D., Professor, Departments of Laboratory Medicine, Pathology, and Medicine at the University of California, San Francisco (UCSF). "TheManocept platform possesses a unique potential to not only target aberrant macrophages for detection or treatment but also shields non-affected cells, which could profoundly address broad unmet needs for patients both diagnostically and therapeutically." ..."

    "...said Frederick O. Cope Ph.D., M.S., FACN, Navidea's Chief Scientific Officer...A series of studies supported by patient exposure to immunodiagnostic imaging drug, targeting studies, patient explant studies, and in vivo and ex vivo animal data examined Manocept agents including 99mTc-tilmanocept, Cy3-tilmanocept, and Manocept-doxorubicin.These studies validated the self-transforming nature of the Manocept platform from immunodiagnostic imaging to effective Manocept therapeutic targeting. Data from studies in several macrophage-mediated diseases including Kaposi's sarcoma, rheumatoid arthritis, and cardiovascular disease show that Manocept platform compounds bind almost exclusively to human macrophages and that the mannose receptor (CD206) is the major receptor for its recognition..."





    Immunotherapeutic Potential of Manocept Platform Reviewed in the Journal Nuclear Medicine and Biology | FirstWord MedTech
    FirstWord MedTech - Gain Access to the Information You Need Track the Companies, Products, and Regulatory Areas of Most Interest to You
  • It does't seem long before NAVB is earning 10 cents+/share. With a clean balance sheet, a 20+ multiple should easily be attained, equating in to a $2/share price. They're already cash-flow positive and new revenue (profit) streams are starting to kick in. If the Manocept Concept is approved for CV disease +/or RA, PP/Share will go to $10+/share.
  • Take away the interest Navidea had to pay on their 2016 debt, and they sere breakeven for the year. Now there's no debt, and hence, no interest expenses. Now we have the beginning of Lymphoseek in Europe and India.....possibly China in the near future. Plus, so many potential applications to NAVB technology in the pipeline.
  • Short interest down 1.0%/133,866 shares thru 6/15/2017


    Short Interest Tables - WSJ.com
  • anybody think that on Thursday , NAVB will pull a rabbit out of there hat and announce some real good news for a change and make the stock price go back up.
  • Remember when Wizard told us all to invest in DRYS? Down +85% the past month. What a noob.
  • I called my broker Friday to sell my entire position in Navb. He said, "you want to sell, sell it all?" After a pregnant pause, he yelled out, "To who??!"
  • Hey Duke, how are you feeling today now that you sold at 50 cents and the price is back up to 54 cents?
    Maybe you can let us know when you buy more and when you sell so we all can have a heads up on when to buy and sell the next time.
  • The big investor conferences on Monday and Tuesday will finally give Navidea the exposure it needs. A debt redd, cash-flow positive biotech that earns royalties on its technology. Currently only the treatment of Lymphatic Cancer is FDA approved, but many other applications are in the pipeline. Soon to be a very profitable company with very little risk.
  • Hope the reverse split is denied otherwise I wouldnt touch this.
  • Everything we worked so hard for all week now gone in the last few minutes of trading!!! I'm out here.
  • Joseph, why don't you pull your hand out of your pants and give it a rest for awhile. You are probably getting blisters and obviously not thinking straight with that 60 cent close prediction today. It was lucky to get back to 53 cents. Why don't you and the rest of the pumpers, just sit back and relax and maybe in a few months, after the next quarterly report and CC and see what happens. Your daily and weekly predictions have gotten you nothing but blisters and headaches so take a break and give your hand a rest also.
  • Finish a lawsuit and start a new one thats refreshing LOL.
  • With all the positives who or what is holding price down? I've thought the company is in a lot better shape now, then when it was selling for $3-$4 a share.
  • Huge market in India. Can hardly wait to hear what the upfront payment was an the potential for volume payments. Wow!
  • Everything hangs on this 20:1 reverse split in my opinion if approved we will see a 50-80 percent drop in a few weeks time.
  • Let's do the math. Just based on Lymphoseek, the rights in North America (350 million population) apparently are valued at about 50 cents/share plus the re-licensing that covers 10 years in future revenues/profits. Europe (500+ population) seems to have no value to the current price per share. India (1.2 billion population) seems to have no value as well. The many other commercial applications for the Manocept Technology (Cardiology, Arthritis, other cancers, Parkinson's, Alzheimer's, and dementia, etc...) also seems to have no value. Cash-flow positive with money in the bank and virtually no debt.
    An $85 million company!??? You've gotta be kidding! So many bio-tech companies that have no earnings, no FDA approved technology, and virtually no pipeline have market caps so much higher. Sometimes 20+ times higher. In the real world, not manipulated by ???....A $30k trade to close on Friday the 16th of June moved the market cap of NAVB $5 million....51.6 cents/share down to 48.33 cents/share....did anyone realize this!?? Anyway, time will prove this to be a much more valuable company. Hold on to your shares and don't be discouraged by the weak longs and short sellers using other people's money.
  • Bob or is it Boob... U r now the bag holder... How does it feel. Counting commissions, fees and taxes, u r down already! Bob your greed did u in...
  • it looks like we can go to sleep until Thursdays board meeting
  • BRIEF-Navidea enters exclusive license, distribution agreement for India with Sayre Therapeutics

    Navidea Biopharmaceuticals Inc:

    * Navidea enters exclusive license and distribution agreement for India with Sayre Therapeutics

    * Agreement with Sayre Therapeutics for development and commercialization of tc 99m tilmanocept in india

    * Under terms, Co eligible to receive milestone payments, royalties associated with sale of tc 99m Tilmanocept in India

    * Under terms of agreement, Navidea received an upfront payment Source text for Eikon: Further company coverage: