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  • J
    J Fred
    Copper, gold and silver all on the brink of breaking out in the new commodities super cycle. The value of NAK resources in the ground will soar and become a national treasure.
  • B
    Can anyone confirm if this is true. None of the links are staying and I’m not sure why. E&E news under green wire states that acoe said appeal won’t be done for at least a year.
  • b
    ALASKA NEEDS THIS MINE....So does the USA to remain competitive with china on the world stage. The copper and precious metals resources have been proven to be there by a multitude of drilled core samples. A shortage of rare earth metals, many of which have come from china will soon spotlight the need to develop this vital mother lode located in a safe jurisdiction. Fishing and mining can and will safely coexist. Will not be ignored for long, we're on standby....
  • m
    Fabulous essay by Governor Dunleavy in Saturday WSJ about Alaska’s need to lead the way in energy development and the need to mine all of the necessary minerals in Alaska like copper and rare earths to make the transition to clean energy production . It is a “ must read “. Just came out yet Yahoo won’t let my link stick. Go find it and feel good when you read it. He is on our side. Hopefully the case will be remanded to the State of Alaska which was the most likely option and Dunleavy will make it happen.
  • s
    Hi Guys! Just a question! If appeal is denied, then a successful lawsuit occurs! Would you have to own shares when verdict is reached or would you have to own the shares during the whole process! I believe different states have different rules about that!
  • T
    I love NAK and what it holds for the economic growth of Alaska, especially the wonderful, Alaskan Native Communities that will so directly benefit from mineral development. With the collapse of Alaska's oil market and tourism industry... and the resulting drying up of the Alaska Permanent Fund... and no real support from D.C... the State of Alaska needs mining more than ever before... and the United States needs to see Alaska mining more than ever before! It's going to happen... and I think it might even happen as part of the freak'ing New Deal that some call green! How's that for a turn of the tables - HA!
  • H
    Connecting some dots: In 2009 Buffet's Berkshire-Hathaway purchased 77% interest in BNSF railroad. January 20, 2021 number 46 signs EO to stop Keystone XL. (Is it safer to ship oil by rail? Is it cost effective?
    Who pays for the increased oil prices; the 1% or We. the people?) This week 46 announces billions proposed to rebuild railroad infrastructure. Is this another "Smash and Grab" as defined in "Secret Empires" by Peter Schweizer? Does BNSF participate in the "infrastructure money" underwritten by We, the people?

    Paraphrasing a John Kerry quote about buying me a hunting license? Has JK sold oil stocks and purchased railroad stocks? Better "buy me some" Berkshire stock so I can offset some of my tax dollars; gasoline taxes at the pump, refiner taxes, lift taxes, etc.
  • S
    $NAK Pebble Mine, Alaska

    A new mine with extensive resources is awaiting a federal permit from the Army Corps of Engineers to begin construction in Southwest Alaska. Pebble Mine is one of the largest undeveloped reserves of copper, molybdenum, and gold in the world. Its mineral deposits also include silver and other critical metallic minerals such as pyrite, chalcopyrite, molybdenite, bornite, covellite, chalcocite, digenite, and magnetite. Pebble’s copper production is expected to✎ EditSign average 318 million pounds a year, which could supply as much as 25 percent of our country’s copper needs over the next century. It is also expected to produce 14 million pounds of molybdenum, 362,000 ounces of gold, and 1.8 million ounces of silver per year. The Pebble Mine contains billions of pounds of rare earth elements. It is rich in two important rare minerals—palladium and rhenium, containing enough rhenium to supply the entire world’s needs for nearly half a century. Rhenium is used in the construction of military jet engines and as a catalyst in high-octane fuel combustion.
  • K
    How much more inflation will it take to get to Powell's 2% avg goals? To avg, being lower for years, it must run higher. How high and for how long is being handled with guestimates by those in charge. Guestimation is the best they can do? Until I know if inflation sticks or goes into a crack up boom thanks to MMT policies, no limit to QE, no end once it becomes reality, todays pennies can become dollars tomorrow. Then there is the globalist carbon race to 2050. Batteries? Solar? Anything energy, requiring conductive metals gives yet another incentive to hold a long term position in NAK for me.
  • M
    The Chinese are buying gold big today........+$30.00. Far more coming yet through May 29.
  • 1
    Alaska is in serious trouble financially. They do not have a state income tax. Their revenue is from gas oil and mining primarily.............NAK will result in the entire state filing bankruptcy. NOBODY WILL EVER OPEN A BUSINESS IN ALASKA, except for subsistence hunting and fishing. The entire economy will and is collapsing. Effectively the state becomes a communist outpost, just as what has happened to california. There is no question chinese money is behind the destruction of NAK, and what it portends for the state. America is being taken over without a shot being fired.
  • J
    J Fred
    A shift in the American political winds could easily allow Pebble to reclaim its former mining glory. Newmont an American corporation will have over 3.5 billion in free cash flow over the next 5 years and they are definitely interested in acquiring major gold/copper assets in the right jurisdictions. So to are all major mining companies.
  • S
    $NAK Northern Dynasty Minerals The Pebble Mine contains billions of pounds of rare earth elements. It is rich in two important rare minerals—palladium and rhenium, containing enough rhenium to supply the entire world’s needs for nearly half a century. Rhenium is used in the construction of military jet engines and as a catalyst in high-octane fuel combustion. https://www.instituteforenergyresearch.org/renewable/pebble-mine-could-reduce-dependence-on-china-for-critical-metals/
  • W
    Gold surging today.......Well above 1800 . Copper is strong again today....
  • H
    ....Forty-five signed Executive Order 13817 of December 20, 2017: A Federal Strategy To Ensure Secure and Reliable Supplies of Critical Minerals. Our enemies, both foreign and domestic, are attempting to subvert our sovereignty. When does stopping Keystone XL become recognized as treason?
  • P
    Thanks for posting the environmental link, Diane. It is really a big deal in terms of winning over public opinion for Pebble.
    "The Pebble Project ESG Report released today addresses the broad range of progressive principles, practices and commitments the Company and its 100%-owned US-based subsidiary Pebble Limited Partnership ("Pebble Partnership") have employed at Pebble over the past two decades to advance the project toward environmentally sound and socially responsible development." https://northerndynastyminerals.com/site/assets/files/4911/ndm_esg_-_2021-04-26.pdf
  • r
    Great article today explaining the POSITIVE impact this project would bring versus the NEGATIVE! There would be zero impact on the fisheries from tribal aspects. 1 more step in the positive reasons this should go forward!
  • G
    Gregory Cain
    I ran across this on Yahoo Finance and thought that it should bode well for NAK. Hope it is.
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