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Cloudflare, Inc. (NET)

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68.66-0.21 (-0.31%)
As of 11:21AM EDT. Market open.
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  • C
    Sorry guys, I bought a few shares. This is going to go down now.
  • W
    company reports best ER as a public company yesterday and -20% this week lol
  • t
    too good
    I sold in 70's last month....still far away from any possible profit, still at over 50X sales!!!
  • T
    hands raise for those who did not sell?
  • j
    Why afterhour drop? 1, Akamai reported good result, stock didn’t do much, fastly reported bad result, price tanked, Twilio reported great revenue growth but mediocre earnings, stocks falls. Now that just tell you once again, the market does not like tech stocks now, Net, despite being a great company and which I have 35% portfolio invested in, it may see price going down even after good earning release and guidence, not sure what to do now, given the stock is richly valued.
  • M
    Cudo’s to those of us longs with the stomachs to not sell on the FSLY fallout. I think we should be okay.
  • C
    This is great buying opportunity thanks to irrational actions in the market regarding growth stocks.
  • T
    People got confused this stock with FSLY, NET is in cloud security/services . NET will be up after the earnings report.
  • M
    FSLY has bad earning report = NET falls hard
    NET has great earnings report = can't even get back losses from FSLY sell off

    I am getting so sick of this market, its like I live in looney land. What's up is down. Stop throwing the baby out with the bath water. I might as well go to vegas, at least there I know I am gambling, research, real analysis do not matter anymore...
  • M
    Almost every website I visit is protected by Cloud Fare ! No brainer
    Long since the 20s never selling !
  • G
    Congratulations management and thank you for another strong quarter earnings report which should bode well for most cloud companies. We'll have everybody digest it and hopefully tomorrow will be a better day and more better days ahead. Remember the word patience and kind.
  • G
    I think this is an over reaction to the earnings of Fastly which was reported yesterday. FAST did beat on earnings and revenue but was light and guidance was light either. But nobody can see the future and they might do better next quarter which most of these stocks do anyway because they always want to learn from their mistakes. As for NET which have not reported yet is already being hammered harder than the rest of their peers which is another over reaction because NET is a different company even if they are all cloud companies. Each company have their own management team and all of them differ from each other. Some are stronger and more knowledgeable than others and some are just weaker. NET has a strong management team that is reflected on their products and strong fundamentals and that is why their earnings and revenues kept going higher each quarter and hopefully will soon give a positive earnings report tonight or next quarter. For the patient I hope you will be there next year if not this year when they reach the triple digit. What is happening today is an overreaction and has nothing to do with the company unless you know something that I don't. Have patience as we wait for the report after the market closes today. I think it will be good and better than the last quarter because most of the reviews had been great these past few months leading to this report. Have a blessed day and stay safe as always.
  • L
    Can't have a post-earnings sell-off if it crashes during market hours.
  • O
    i got 5k shares at the close for 68.80, and when the earnings came out initially there was no reaction so i sold 2500sh at 68.50 in afterhrs, and the remainder at 74. No sure why there was no reaction the first 20min after the report.
  • I
    Its The
    They wanna push it down? Perfect! I just buy more
  • K
    I bought back in at 70.50 this morning after sitting out trading NET all April. I missed a huge run, but now feel like I tried to catch a falling knife. Do have another limit buy order for a dollar lower to average down to 70. Maybe a mistake, but felt it was worth the risk.
  • 9
    Cloudflare is not fastly
  • D
    This might defy gravity after all.... missed my chance at 68....
    oh well
  • H
    What calms me down here is that Cathie Woods hasn't touched it.
  • D
    Tech is over sold.
    Tech is a buy right now.