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    fyi, [Proposed] Judgement is for Plaintiff.
    From court filed document 730:
    After almost four years of litigation, judgment on liability was granted in favor of Plaintiff TransAsia Commodities Investment Limited (“ Plaintiff") and against all Defendants, ...
    that Plaintiff be awarded $7,857,066.00 in compensatory damages, $10,000,000.00 in punitive damages, $1,285,402.56 in attorneys’ fees, $222,805.56 in disbursements, and prejudgment interest at the statutory rate of 9% on the compensatory damages award, calculated from December 20, 2013 (Doc. 686).
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    $TOPS conversation
    $TOPS amazing how there's a seemingly endless supply of willing bagholders to supply the Greeks with shiny new fleets of ships $DRYS $NEWL $FREE $PRGN $DCIX $PXS
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    The lawsuit saga continues with the defendants appealing the judgement.

    PLEASE TAKE NOTICE that Defendants NewLead JMEG, LLC, NewLead Holdings
    Limited, NewLead Holdings (US) Corporation, and Michael Zolotas hereby appeal to the Appellate Division of the Supreme Court of the State of New York, First Department from an order denying the defendants' defendants motion to vacate the default judgment (Doc. No. 778) issued by the Supreme Court of New York County, dated May 22, 2018.
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    The defendents have and continue to claim they are unable to pay.

    Appeal from order, Supreme Court, New York County (Charles Ramos, J.), entered November 22, 2017, which granted plaintiff's motion to accept and confirm the referee's report and recommendation on damages and attorneys' fees and costs, deemed appeal from amended judgment (CPLR5520[c]), same court and Justice, entered February 16, 2018, in favor of plaintiff as against all defendants in the total sum of $22,262,965.44, and as so considered, said judgement unanimously affirmed, without costs. Order, same court and Justice, entered May 22,2018, which denied defendants-appellants' motion to vacate an order, entered upon default, striking their answer for discovery violations, unanimously affirmed, without cost.
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    $HMNY conversation
    $HMNY new recruits to the bagholder army who thought .01 was a great buy are already in the hole 25%...this is known as the Farnsworth shuffle...all the way to .001 like PPBV and all his other scams. I thought $GBSN and $NEWL were the worst ever but this one trumps them both.

    Who would have thought having shareholders pay for teenagers to see free movies wouldn't be a financially sound business decision lmao.
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    Hopefully 2018 brings something about 40 cents lol
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    NewLead Holdings (newlf) shares were suspended from trading on Sep 19, 2018.
    Trading Suspensions:

    NEWLF is delinquent in its periodic filings with the Commission, having not filed any periodic reports since it filed a Form 20-F for the period ended December 31, 2015.


    Administrative Proceedings:
    NewLead Holdings has 10 days to respond to the SEC and after submitting the answer, within 14 days have a prehearing conference.

    It's possible that NewLead will not respond to the SEC.
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    wow this pony is still alive interesting
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    What a stock it just keeps going down year after year and people still buy it. HA HA May be this is the bottom? ask big.yank
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    So was there anybody successful to buy for 0.0001 and sell for 0.0002?
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    NEWLF has 9 ships. 4 Dry Bulk vessels and 5 Tanker vessels
    NEWLF stock should reflect this value.
    Look at the volume. Easy 10 bagger, imho.
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    New Clearing Rules Could Mean Short Cover Rally in Some Microcap
    April 16, 2018 Tom Bustamante

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    (NEW YORK)–New clearing rules imposed by Alpine Securities last week could spell the end of the “toxic note” scourge, and possibly mean a short-term short cover rally in the most beating down issues.

    Alpine Securities, which is one of the last clearing firms to clear shares in small micro-cap issues, imposed new rules Friday on clearing shares to market that some have labeled the “Friday the 13th of Notes Massacre“.

    Alpine joined the likes of COR Clearing to impose new rules that all but kills the toxic note industry. In short the new rules as we see them is no note conversion deposits will be accepted for issues that trade below $0.01 per share, and may not exceed 20% of the previous 20-day volume average in the stock in question.

    This new rule will be a big move in killing the toxic note industry that has destroyed so many micro cap issues over the past few years. But short-term some micro cap plays could see their stocks rise in what they call short covering rallies.

    Some note holder shorted the issues they were funding knowing they could always use the conversions of the notes they hold to cover any short positions on the way down. Now this may only be a small % of funders who did this execution, but if notes are no longer able to be cleared like before these shorters, or market makers, will be required to cover said positions with their own cash now, or risk major losses.

    Short-term this is a very positive move for micro cap issues as this may remove extreme selling pressure in some of these issues. For shareholders this is even a bigger win as this will now control the level of sharp dilution growth in any one issue over a set period of time.

    Longer-term though this could be a real death nail for some smaller micro cap issues as this will all but dry up emergency funding sources for this sector, and could mean a total revamp of how these small stocks fund themselves.

    Stay tuned and register for updates cause this is a developing story!

    http://www.wallstreetnewscast.com/microcap-0416/New Clearing Rules Could Mean Short Cover Rally in Some Microcap
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    Does NEWLF own any vessels or just lease all of them?
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    rick s
    whats up with this comapny? when is it going BK?
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    HUGE BUYOUT POTENTIAL. . now that coal is back all the shippers are going to want to increase their fleet could buy newl for .25 now and get contracts with it soon could go to $1
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    Total awarded is $22,262,965.4.

    I don't know whether Transasia will ever receive it.
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    has this dog died
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    I love this company people. So well managed just like me.
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    NewLead Holdings Ltd. Highlights Bitumen Tanker Segment Performance and Capabilities; $15.7 Million in Operating Revenues from its Bitumen Tankers and Shipment of over 3 Million Barrels of Bitumen for the Year Ended December 31, 2015

    HAMILTON, Bermuda, July 14, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- NewLead Holdings Ltd. (OTC: NEWLF) ("NewLead" or the "Company") today highlighted its bitumen tanker segment capabilities, as well its performance from 2015 by reiterating its operating revenues from the operations of NewLead's bitumen tanker vessels of approximately $15.7 million for the year ended December 31, 2015. In 2015, NewLead transported a total of 515,219 tons/3,177,087 barrels of bitumen produced by oil refineries around the globe through some of the world's most demanding trade routes.

    NewLead controls a fleet of five highly specialized bitumen tanker vessels, totaling 18,918 dwt with a current average age of 7.2 years. NewLead's bitumen fleet utilization for 2015 was 92.7%.

    In 2015, the number of available days and operating for the bitumen tanker vessels was 1,810 and 1,678, respectively. The difference between the available and the operating days is principally attributable to the scheduled repairs and maintenance of NewLead's bitumen tanker vessels in 2015.

    Mr. Michael Zolotas, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of NewLead, stated, "We are delighted with the overall performance of NewLead's bitumen tanker segment in 2015 and our year over year increase of operating revenues in the bitumen tanker segment. The performance of NewLead's bitumen tanker segment is the result of the longstanding relationships between NewLead's commercial department and international brokers, traders, oil refineries and oil majors. The efficiency of our bitumen tanker vessels is also the result of NewLead's diligent in-house operations and technical team. We are proud of NewLead's crew on-board our vessels who have achieved success by allowing NewLead to have zero claims for hull and machinery and zero injuries."

    Mr. Zolotas, added: "NewLead's chartering policy will continue to be adaptive to market conditions and allow a combination of long-term time charter contracts, Contracts of Affreightment (CoAs) and spot charter. NewLead will continue to target for 65% to 70% long term time charter contracts and CoAs and 30% to 35% spot charters that allow the Company to have an understanding of the market and provide flexibility to its long term investors."

    Mr. Zolotas, continued: "Asphalt trade is rising regionally and globally. According to market sources, world asphalt supply and demand is expected to grow to reach 121 million tons by 2020. In North America, where the Newlead Granadino is currently trading, consumption is expected to reach 24.7 million tons by 2020. In Sweden, where the MT Ioli is currently trading, consumption is expected to increase 2.35% to 2.85% by the end of 2020."

    "NewLead will continue to focus on creating a platform to support the Company's continuous expansion, not only of our fleet but also of our global presence in the bitumen tanker market, through the development of joint ventures with oil traders and refineries. NewLead anticipates to grow from a bitumen marine transportation company providing seaborne storage of bitumen to an efficient bitumen storage, logistics and transportation platform in an effort to support infrastructure growth throughout many countries. Basic infrastructure, such as roads are imperative for an efficient socio-economic environment. The paving of roads with bitumen accounts for the highest source of bitumen consumption. One of NewLead's aims is to transport the future roads of the world through the sea.", Mr. Zolotas concluded.

    Bitumen Tanker Segment Data
    The following table includes principal data reflecting the performance of NewLead's bitumen tanker fleet operations for the period ended December 31, 2015:

    Year Ended December 31, 2015

    Available days[1]


    Operating days[2]


    Fleet utilization[3]


    Equivalent bitumen tanker vessels [4]



    $ 6,784

    Daily OPEX[6]

    $ 3,302

    1 Available days: Available days are the total number of days a vessel is controlled by a company less the aggregate number of days that the vessel is off-hire due to scheduled repairs or repairs under guarantee, vessel upgrades or special surveys. The shipping industry uses available days to measure the number of days in a period during which vessels should be capable of generating revenues.

    2 Operating days: Operating days are the number of available days in a period less the aggregate number of days that the vessels are off-hire due to any reason, including lack of demand or unforeseen circumstances. The shipping industry uses operating days to measure the aggregate number of days in a period during which vessels actually generate revenues.

    3 Fleet utilization: Fleet utilization is obtained by dividing the number of operating days during a period by the number of available days during the period for the core vessels. The shipping industry uses fleet utilization to measure a company's efficiency in finding suitable employment for its vessels and minimizing the amount of days that its vessels are off-hire for reasons other than scheduled repairs or repairs under guarantee, vessel upgrades, special surveys or vessel positioning.

    4 Equivalent vessels: Equivalent vessels are equal to the available days of the fleet divided by the number of the calendar days in the respective period.

    5 TCE rates: Time Charter Equivalent, or TCE, rates are defined as voyage, time charter and bareboat revenues, less voyage expenses and commissions during a period, divided by the number of available days during the period. The TCE rate is a standard shipping industry performance measure used primarily to compare daily earnings generated by vessels on time charters with daily earnings generated by vessels on spot charters, because charter hire rates for vessels on spot charters are generally not expressed in per day amounts, while charter rates for vessels on time charters generally are expressed in such amounts.

    6 Direct daily vessel operating expenses: Direct daily vessel operating expenses are defined as the sum of the vessel operating expenses, excluding provision for claims, and management fees, divided by the vessels calendar days.

    Fleet Update
    The following table details NewLead's fleet as of July 13, 2016:

    Vessel Name

    Size (dwt)

    Vessel Type

    Year Built

    Charter Expiration Date

    Dry Bulk Carriers

    Newlead Castellano


    Eco-type Handysize



    Newlead Albion


    Eco-type Handysize



    Newlead Venetico


    Eco-type Handysize



    Newlead Victoria




    min Q2 2016 - max Q4 2016

    Tanker Vessels

    Newlead Granadino


    Asphalt/Bitumen Oil Tanker


    min Q1 2017 - max Q3 2017

    Katerina L


    Asphalt/Bitumen Oil Tanker


    Q4 2016



    Asphalt/Bitumen Oil Tanker


    Q3 2016



    Asphalt/Bitumen Oil Tanker


    Q4 2016



    Asphalt/Bitumen Oil Tanker



    About NewLead Holdings Ltd.
    NewLead Holdings Ltd. is an international vertically integrated shipping company providing ideal solutions for seaborne transportation of dry bulk commodities and petroleum products through owned and managed vessels. NewLead controls a fleet of nine vessels, including four dry bulk and five bitumen tanker vessels. NewLead is a Securities and Exchange Commission ("SEC") reporting Foreign Private Issuer in compliance with applicable SEC rules and regulations and current in its SEC reporting, utilizing U.S. Generally Accepted Accounting Principles' financial reporting standards. NewLead's common shares are traded under the symbol "NEWLF" on the OTC Pink marketplace. To learn more about NewLead Holdings Ltd., please visit NewLead's website
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    NEWL is total garbage, leased ships ,old ships and 200 million in debt. OH all the lawsuits I forgot. Can't wait for the next R/S