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National Fuel Gas Company (NFG)

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At close: 04:00PM EDT
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After hours: 07:02PM EDT

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    Why is the annual target only $77? With global Natgas prices set to go through roof shouldn't this also take off?
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    I am so tired of NFG doing nothing all day. Can you move??? I have been reading ( for a month now and the stocks there actually go!
  • A
    whats up with recent high volume and price still rising even on down market days. someone is buying in quietly
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    Like most other companies who are enjoying this year's windfall corp tax decrease, NFG shareholders are not being rewarded with increased dividend payouts.
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    jock nebraska
    Was reading about how Permian oil production being cut is actually bullish for dry gas producers as wet gas production is dropping bringing up dry gas prices.

    Should benefit NFG’s production of gas and pricing
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    New Found Gold Corp.
    WOW great news release this morning $NFGC is up .62 cents premarket so far LET'S GO $NFG $NFGC
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    Been a while since the last split.
    Wouldn’t surprise me with a 2:1 announcement soon.
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    New Found Gold Corp.
    recent picture from $NFG
  • G
    New Found Gold Corp.
    nice write up about Eric Sprott and $NFG.V & $NFGC In the financial times
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    Looking forward to seeing what happens with new pipeline coming online towards end of 2021. Allows access to premium pricing.
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    $LECRF conversation
    Mining and Newfoundland are an unshakeable pairing - DYK that Newfoundland has gone from global mining jurisdictions from 50th in 2019 to now the 8th most attractive jurisdiction in the world for mining investment. This is due in part to positive and competitive government policies, and recent significant gold discoveries leading to investors viewing the province as a premier mining investment destination. These elements are all in favor of Leocor Gold owning the largest land package in the emerging gold district with properties adjacent to $NFG projects that saw Sprott recently increasing his NFG holdings to 31.4%. Truly believe that $LECR is a seriously undervalued play because it’s fully funded with significant scale in highly-prospective projects.
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    Earnings will be great and the stock will make new highs again.
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    Agnico Eagle Mines Limited
    you all should go with Eric Sprott to his next massive investment $NFG.V (CAD) $NFGC (USA)
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    New Found Gold Corp.
    I own shares of $NFG and I also bought $11,000 dollars worth of $NFGFF LETS GO TO THE MOON LADIES AND GENTLEMAN
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    Great Stock
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    Oppenheimer 'Why It Is A Buy'
    Jul. 29, 2019 3:58 PM ET|4 comments |About: Oppenheimer Holdings Inc. (OPY)
    Record earnings out last week.
    New 5% stock buyback announced.
    Paying down 25% of their debt in one shot.
    They also raised their cash dividend.
    P/E under 8.
    July. 29, 2019
    by: Douglas Hughes
    The latest earnings release on Oppenheimer (NYSE: OPY) last week was very strong. We think we know Oppenheimer well, as I was the only shareholder at their last annual meeting and by following this firm for almost a decade, this was a strong quarter.
    The CEO better know as "BUD" has been there for over 40 years and is smart and prudent. In fact, he owns over 26% of the stock and always adds to his position, never sells any shares.
    I am certainly aware that the old culture, in which integrity and a customer-first attitude generally prevailed is long gone - not just at Oppenheimer, but on most of Wall Street.
    When I think about investing in any firm- especially a small investment bank, which is heavily regulated, leveraged, and difficult for anyone other than the board to analyze, I factor in everything I can to the companies culture and values. Regulation costs seem to be finally ending this is why I am so positive on this firm. The main view of the decay across the U.S. in the financial sector has already had us cut our intrinsic value for the sector- some more than others, but on Oppenheimer today I feel it is bone cheap. Of course, at some price, any firm or stock is a buy.
    With Oppenheimer stock trading $24- $34 the past 2 years, it has just bounced back up to around $29 on the latest earnings report and 25% just this month. Tangible book is now over $30 a share, we have been debating what to do today, after this huge run-up this month, so today op-ed is timely for many of us that follow OPY. But is this relevant to our investment process? We think yes for many reasons.
    1) The argument that Oppenheimer is just buying back shares to help out long-time employees get a fair price for there shares today is just wrong.
    "BUD does what he wants and is prudent, "BUD" buys the shares back at a low price if he can, adding to the long-term value of the firm and hence this helps employees that own a bunch in the long run. Most employees average cost is well over $25 a share, so I doubt they would sell there shares this week. Many have waited 20 years for a payday not a few bucks.
    2) I highly doubt the son will take over the firm and "BUD" is 73 today, time to maybe retire. In fact, his son did not even attend the annual meeting this year. "BUD" has again been there over 40 years and in 2009 was a few days away from most likely going under. Today with the market at a high he will most likely sell, he will not miss this opportunity. The market is red hot for these type of firms this year and he can get top dollar maybe $55 a share or more.
    3) Just the fact that they are being so aggressive on the share repurchase even after the big-run up makes me think he wants the stock up to at least book value or 20% more than the tangible book or around $36 a share, so he can sell and get a great price today. It is also accretive to earnings, so why not buy it today heavy.
    4) Oppenheimer has been cutting lease costs, people, debt and regulatory costs are almost done, so the set up is perfect today for a sale.
    In summary, I am sure there are some disgruntled employees, especially some that just left and since "BUD" controls all of the votes, in the end, he can do whatever he wants. But his stake is huge now and while he pays himself well, he could make more money today just by investing the proceeds from a sale of his firm, than he does running it.
    Our final thought is simple Oppenheimer is trading at a P/E of under 8 that is dropping. Oppenheimer's income is at a record high today and it would be worth a substantial premium to tangible book value. I believe my investment thesis remains intact if not stronger after these results posted last week. So I am not selling any shares, in fact, adding more up to $30 a share today.

    Disclosure: I am/we are long OPY.
    I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it. I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.
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    Only thing going up is c e o paycheck