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New Gold Inc. (NGD)

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1.7600-0.1200 (-6.38%)
At close: 3:59PM EDT

1.7501 -0.01 (-0.56%)
After hours: 4:08PM EDT

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    Like I said many times, this is a solid, long-term turn-around play. The real upside comes with an increase in the gold price. The company will do ok at $1700 to $1800 gold, but at $1900+ it will do very well. This stock correlates well with gold price, like today. Inflation has only just started and the central banks have to keep printing. So it's a reasonable bet to assume gold going higher.
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    We've see the prices of so many consumer goods explode! Lumber, Gas, Steel/Aluminum, Housing (new builds & even rentals), Food, Medicine, Wine and so many other products have risen in price over the last 6 months. Even Amazon Prime membership jumped 20% this year ...

    Yet GOLD isn't more expensive. It's still under 1800/oz. YTD gold went from 1940 to 1785.

    I'm not a shorter and I'm not a doomsayer/pumper. I'm a realist and the simple facts are this: we put our money in the wrooooong place. I don't know if it's JP Morgan, Hedge funds or aliens from Arcturus but we're getting played like a baby grand piano.
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    NGD stock I look at once a month just to check news. Long term investment. Complete the triad NGD, HRT, and TSK and wait. I am not in any of the three for a short term gain.
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    I am disappointed with the results today. I was expecting a lower AISC as per the guidance provided by NGD + higher earnings of at least 4 to 5 cents a share. This is too low, very sad state of affairs.

    We were told that Rainy River is out of the woods with lower capital spendings down the road and ASIC of less than $1300 but it is over $1500.
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    Frederick C.
    New Gold is both a turn-around issue with a horrible track record to overcome, and it is a highly leveraged option on the price of gold, copper and silver. I am very impressed by Adams and his team, and also believe that the next leg in the bull market of metals is about to unfold. Eventually the big market players will start to respect the management, and the whole sector will once again gain favor. I am looking for a big win.
  • R
    Precious Metals starting their takeoff....
    Piepenburg – GOLD: Taking A Swing At A Fast Pitch, Plus Buffett’s “Substantial Inflation”

    May 05, 2021
    Piepenburg GOLD: Taking A Swing At A Fast Pitch, Plus Buffetts Substantial Inflation
    According to one firm out of Switzerland, for those looking to take a swing at a fast pitch, get into gold, plus Buffett’s “substantial inflation.”

    Keeping Gold Simple
    May 5 (King World News) – Matthew Piepenburg at Matterhorn Asset Management (based in Switzerland): Psychologists, poets and philosophers have written for centuries that many who have eyes refuse to see, and many who can think, refuse to think clearly–all for the simple reason that some truths, like the sun, are just too hard to look straight into.

    Or as others have said more bluntly: “Truth is like poetry—everyone [fricking] hates it.”

    When it comes to bloated markets, debt orgies and helicopter money, the rising part of such “stimulus” is fun and embraced, yet the template for its equally market-tanking, social-destroying and currency-debasing consequences are simply ignored.

    The same is true when it comes to the “great inflation debate,” which is simplyno longer a debate but a neon-screaming reality playing out in real time and growing more pernicious before eyes otherwise blinded by calming Fed-speak and bogus inflation scales.

    Each passing day, the evidence of the inflationary cancer beneath the smiling surface of our still rising markets and “recovering/opening” economy increases, and thus, like it or not, the inflation topic just won’t and can’t be over-stated enough.

    In short: Here I go again with the inflation thing…

    Listen to the greatest Egon von Greyerz audio interview ever


    From the Grocer to Buffet: Inflation is Obvious
    Extreme US “stimulus,” vaccine rollouts, Europe’s eventual reopening, and rising commodity costs are accelerating the inflationary tailwinds which everyone from grocery store clerks and home builders to Warren Buffet can no longer deny or ignore.

    As facts rather than theories confirm, commodity prices have surged from steel to copper, or corn to lumber while precious metals steadily rise against COMEX price fixers, CPI lies and other unsustainable boots to the neck of a coiled gold market positioned for big moves into late 2021 and beyond.

    Commodities, of course, represent the cost of goods, and when they soar, retail prices generally aren’t far behind, as seen (and growing) daily in the rise of food, home construction, auto, and other everyday purchases—you know, things that matter.

    Meanwhile, as corn, copper, aluminum, and lumber pricing heads north, ESG bets for renewable energy, power grids, and electric vehicles are also booming.

    According to Bloomberg NEF (or BNEF, a Bloomberg strategic research provider), the price of copper alone is up more than 90% in the past year and is expected to nearly double by 2050, while demand for other low carbon technologies like electric vehicles (lithium is up 93% YTD) and solar panels are expected to balloon as well.

    Blind Experts Leading Blind Investors
    Despite such clear inflationary gusts, openly laughable figures like Powell at the Federal Reserve and other central banks continue to remain calm about inflation, encouraging their economies to run hot, allowing demand to accelerate against shrinking supply chain forces—which just adds more inflationary fuel to the global economic fire.

    As we’ve said countless times, the central bankers want to have their cake and eat it too; meaning: They want to inflate (and lie) away their debt yet keep the cost of that debt repressed.

    Such manipulative rigging results in crushing Main Street families/savers with intentionally under-reported (but openly felt) inflation while simultaneously gifting central bankers (and Wall Street’s asset bubbles) with more artificially repressed yields and low debt tailwinds—which means an even bigger debt bubble and an even more dangerous securities market/bubble…

    One of the top performing silver stocks in the world! To learn about the
    opportunity in SilverCrest Metals click here or on the image below

    Yet bigger debt bubbles, of course, are also the perfect historical and mathematical set up for an inevitable economic and market catastrophe.

    As usual, of course, our financial leadership will not tell you this. Instead, their job is to roll out the adjectives, policies and poker faces to deny (and extend) this catastrophic inevitably as well as their central role in creating it.

    Many investors, sadly, will follow such trusted “accommodation” to new (and coming) needle-peak highs in risk assets like soldiers marching into a line of freshly painted cannons.

    Facts Are Stubborn Things
    But as we like to say, facts (like cannister shot) are stubborn things, and the facts keep flying in the face of policy fictions by the hour, minute
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    All of a sudden Gold is acting like a Safety Net...?
  • R
    Cash on hand and liquid holdings is very progressive. There is value here. But they got to pull off a stellar quarter to get any recognition from retail investors.
  • r
    Gold is stuck at its strong resistance. It might need more energy to break it.
  • w
    Soaring copper prices = load up RMES while shares still cheap. Undiscovered 40 cent RMES shares could be trading well over $5 soon. RMES also has big claims on large indicated gold and cobalt reserves in Chile.
    Stock Picks, Stock Market Investing
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    I am wondering what will bring ngd down to 1.30 cad. Will there be a trigger? Strong move down of gold? Operational problems? Investors giving up and selling it off? If it's going to be fast then the stock holders will only induce a short time pain, however if it will be slow, then the pain will be unbearable and the whole move down would finish with a violent flush out of the rest of the weak. I wonder at which point Willem will give up?
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    Frederick C.
    My technical crystal ball says: break above $1.90 and we will soon be deep into the $2's.
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    Thuis is the last message to Rafa and Jerzy. Come on board the train is leaving if you want make money. We dont go back to your dream lepels. The only way is up.
  • S
    I'm going to go out on a limb here and declare $1.85 USD Resistance.
  • o
    Hard to complain, but we should be over $2 on this gold pricing...
  • m
    Solid quarter. Got to get those AISC down
  • r
    Gold at another strong resistance.
    And NGD will have to make a decision which way wants to go. There will be 3 clues IMHO: direction of gold, which most likely will turn down from the resistance, NGD breaking down the support of $1.90 CAD, NGD breaking up its resistance of $2.37 CAD. I continue my bearish stance on NGD. I am of the view it will continue down to at least $130 - 1.45 CAD. This is where I think it will be safe to start playing it.
  • Z
    Rafal, you feel so strongly on a downturn, short or buy some puts.
  • o
    NGD looks solid, but 1 to 2cent earning will not attract any attention. New Afton is a big drag, killing earnings growth. Long term looks good even under all the pain to get there.
  • K
    Conclusion after yesterday's ER: The sp will dance between $1.7 and $2 until next ER.