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  • Have people stopped using electricity? What is going on? This stock just keep collapsing and there doesn't seem to be any logical explanation? If there is something going on, let's hear it! Does anyone know anything?
  • Any thoughts on where the bottom is for this stock?
  • Kind words can be short and easy to speak, but their echoes are truly endless. http://dataunion.tistory.com/12588

    National Grid plc NYSE $NGG Correlation Histogram
    X axis : Stocks Price Correlation Coefficient Y axis : Quantity of stocks Sep-2016 1,000 Day Parameter 4,338 NYSE Stocks Price Analysis This stock mode of correlation coefficient is 0.7 In other words, the correlation coefficient of the other stocks
  • I was thinking about buying in to NGG but my investment broker told me not to catch a falling knife. I'll wait till it's in the 50's to buy in.
  • This company is turning out to be a disappointment. I bought on a recommendation and shortly after, it tanks.
  • Anybody knows, what that means: on the company website -investors/event calendar on August 16 2017 - Final dividend paid to qualifying shareholders? Looks like the company manipulates with share price in order to pay this dividend?
  • Chris and anyone who owns NGG shares in a non tax sheltered account, I went on the NGG website and this is what the company says about the 'special dividend' - "The company expects that the special dividend will (like an ordinary dividend from the company) be taxable to non-corporate US shareholders." So this special dividend may not be considered a return of capital. I guess we'll have to wait until next year when we receive the tax slips for the 2017 tax year. If any one has other information please let us know.
  • Someone's got some questions to answer . This is not what the sale of the network asset was supposed to do , or was it ?
  • Any ideas what caused the sudden surge after hours, what ever it was hope it continues.
  • If I knew the shares would have dropped like a rock I would have sold when I was up 9000 instead of down 2000
  • Thomas,
    I'm not sure where my math is at fault. I had 1000 shares at approx. $70.00 before the share reorganization which equaled $70,000. I got $5420 as a special dividend but then I lost 84 shares in the reorganization. I used the $5420 to buy back the the shares I had already owned but the price has gone down now to approx. $65 and now my 1000 shares are worth somewhere around $65,000 to $66,000. I think my math is fine. And even if the special dividend is ROC you have to pay more capital gains when you sell the stock because the $5,420 lowers your purchase price and hence you pay more capital gains tax. If you have your shares in a tax sheltered account this won't affect you but my shares are in a regular account. I originally bought my shares for $43.50 and I've had to buy back 84 at around $66. The company didn't do me any favours. This reorganization didn't work out as it should have, the stock price never reflected the 8 1/2% less shares outstanding which should make each share worth 8 1/2% more in theory and so the stock should be now selling north of $70. a share. That's not the case. Maybe in time it will recover and I'm holding onto the shares as I've stated before, for both dividend increases and some growth. Maybe it'll work out, maybe it won't, but I think my math is correct.
  • Why is this stock dropping like a rock?
  • Continued from my last post (I was somehow cut off) So now I have 916 shares and cash which together is worth only $64,540. I don't think this was a shareholder friendly move at all. Now Ed or Emmett suggested that eventually this will all work out as the company will be more streamlined, hopefully more profitable, and with 8 1/2% less shares there might be a dividend increase and the PE ration may improve. This is possible and I'm still a shareholder so obviously I'm optimistic. And I learned (from one of the posters here) that it might be possible to get a capital gains tax credit to help off set the money lost on the share reorganization. So I think there is quite a lot to learn from the posters here. You might want to reconsider your remarks, Jeff.
  • Jeff,
    I see no reason to belittle other posters for their supposed lack of knowledge. I have learned a lot from posters like Ed and Emmett and William. And any questions about NGG are of interest to most people on this board. As to your assertion that this special dividend makes perfect sense, I say you are mistaken. You suggest that after the $5.42 special distribution the stock price was supported due to the 11 for 12 reorganization of the shares. The shares, trading at $65.12 as of Friday have not stayed in the $70. range at the time of the reorganization. Now you could say they have drooped because of the British election results but other British ADRs that I own have not gone down as much and the US stock market where the NGG ADRs also trade is at or close to all time highs so that alone should have helped support the stock. If we had not had the 11 for 12 share organization and the $5.42 special dividend was just issued to the shareholders of NGG, then this $70. dollar stock would have dropped $5.42 to the $65. range as would normally happen with a large special dividend, but shareholders would still have their original shares. So in my case, my original 1000 shares were worth $70,000 before the special dividend and now would be worth $65,000 but I'd have another $5,000. in my pocket and I would pay tax on that next year. But with the 11 for 12 share reorganization I now have 916 shares at $65. which equals $59,540 plus the $5,000. and I still have to pay taxes next year on the 5,000. special dividend. So instead of having $65,000 + 5,000 equaling the original $70,000 I have 916
  • Is the fact that Management is buying back stock keeping the price up? If so, if you're thinking of selling you should do it now.
  • Michael, your arithmetic seems faulty, the cash, which I believe is a ROC, + share value should make you whole. I used the cash to buy back the "split" shares @ $64.75, and reduced my basis. I am in this stock for the dividends, so have little interest in share price....,.
  • My brokerage statements are calling this reissue of 11 shares for 12 a "reverse stock split". If That's what National is calling it, I think it's wrong.
    I've experienced several stock splits over the years, reverse or otherwise, and none resulted in immediate loss of value resulting from the split. A one for two reverse split of a stock trading at $30 results in half the shares worth $60, before trading starts. A two for one regular split results would result in twice the shares worth $15.

    NGG's maneuver results In an 8 1/2 percent immediate value loss!

    Accordingly, I'm treating this as a capital loss for tax purposes.
  • Thomas,
    I hope you are right. Another poster suggested the special dividend might well be a return of capital but there has been no indication of this from NGG. I hope when the tax receipts come out I'll not have any tax to pay but it will reduce my cost of NGG shares and hence increase the capital gains tax upon the sale of the shares. There is a tax burden either way.
    one poster said that if the shares are held in sheltered accounts there is no tax burden. unfortunately, mine are in a regular account.

    you are right that splits or reverse splits or dividends usually do not penalize shareholders and everything evens out, however, this share reorganization has turned out differently, unlike any share reorganization I've ever been a part of and I've been investing for 49 years, since the age of 16. One poster said that by rights the NGG stock, trading at $70 before the reorganization and special dividend should have eventually increased in intrinsic value by 8 1/2% because there are now fewer shares. It didn't happen that way and that's what is confusing and what makes shareholders unhappy. And, the company hasn't really given us a proper explanation for the reasons they did it this way. You are correct though about the company's reason for getting rid of the most of the gas company; they believe there are more growth opportunities elsewhere. I like the stock and I like the sector. I also have shares in Fortis and Emera. I just want stable dividend paying companies. Good luck to you in your future investing.
  • any ideas why price is tanking?