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Natural Gas Jul 18 (NGN18.NYM)

NY Mercantile - NY Mercantile Delayed Price. Currency in USD
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2.955+0.006 (+0.203%)
As of 3:46PM EDT. Market open.

Futures Chain

Contract NameSettlement DatePriceChange% Change
NGX17.NYMNatural Gas Nov 173.01 4:59PM EDT+0.00+0.10%
NGV17.NYMNatural Gas Oct 172.95 4:59PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGZ17.NYMNatural Gas Dec 173.17 4:56PM EDT+0.01+0.22%
NGF18.NYMNatural Gas Jan 183.28 4:57PM EDT+0.01+0.31%
NGG18.NYMNatural Gas Feb 183.29 4:27PM EDT+0.01+0.37%
NGH18.NYMNatural Gas Mar 183.25 4:50PM EDT+0.01+0.31%
NGJ18.NYMNatural Gas Apr 182.94 4:37PM EDT+0.01+0.38%
NGK18.NYMNatural Gas May 182.91 3:46PM EDT+0.01+0.24%
NGM18.NYMNatural Gas Jun 182.93 3:46PM EDT+0.01+0.21%
NGN18.NYMNatural Gas Jul 182.96 3:46PM EDT+0.01+0.20%
NGQ18.NYMNatural Gas Aug 182.96 4:00PM EDT+0.01+0.34%
NGX18.NYMNatural Gas Nov 183.01 3:46PM EDT+0.00+0.10%
NGU18.NYMNatural Gas Sep 182.94 3:46PM EDT+0.01+0.17%
NGV18.NYMNatural Gas Oct 182.97 4:28PM EDT+0.01+0.41%
NGZ18.NYMNatural Gas Dec 183.15 4:28PM EDT+0.01+0.41%
NGF19.NYMNatural Gas Jan 193.24 4:28PM EDT+0.01+0.40%
NGG19.NYMNatural Gas Feb 193.21 3:25PM EDT+0.01+0.22%
NGH19.NYMNatural Gas Mar 193.15 2:28PM EDT+0.01+0.45%
NGJ19.NYMNatural Gas Apr 192.77 12:58PM EDT-0.00-0.07%
NGK19.NYMNatural Gas May 192.76 4:28PM EDT+0.02+0.84%
NGM19.NYMNatural Gas Jun 192.77 12:40PM EDT+0.01+0.33%
NGN19.NYMNatural Gas Jul 192.79 12:41PM EDT+0.00+0.14%
NGQ19.NYMNatural Gas Aug 192.79 2:43PM EDT0.000.00%
NGX19.NYMNatural Gas Nov 192.87 4:58PM EDT+0.00+0.10%
NGU19.NYMNatural Gas Sep 192.78 12:41PM EDT+0.01+0.22%
NGV19.NYMNatural Gas Oct 192.81 12:41PM EDT+0.01+0.39%
NGZ19.NYMNatural Gas Dec 193.03 3:56PM EDT+0.02+0.76%
NGF20.NYMNatural Gas Jan 203.12 9:17AM EDT+0.01+0.16%
NGG20.NYMNatural Gas Feb 203.11 9:23AM EDT+0.02+0.81%
NGH20.NYMNatural Gas Mar 203.05 11:10AM EDT+0.02+0.76%
NGJ20.NYMNatural Gas Apr 202.71 12:42PM EDT+0.01+0.41%
NGK20.NYMNatural Gas May 202.68 1:21PM EDT+0.01+0.41%
NGM20.NYMNatural Gas Jun 202.68 10:38AM EDT-0.02-0.71%
NGN20.NYMNatural Gas Jul 202.73 12:39PM EDT+0.01+0.44%
NGQ20.NYMNatural Gas Aug 202.68 4:42PM EDT-0.05-1.83%
NGX20.NYMNatural Gas Nov 202.77 9:37AM EDT-0.06-2.05%
NGU20.NYMNatural Gas Sep 202.68 4:42PM EDT-0.05-1.87%
NGV20.NYMNatural Gas Oct 202.77 12:14PM EDT+0.01+0.40%
NGZ20.NYMNatural Gas Dec 202.97 10:57AM EDT-0.00-0.13%
NGF21.NYMNatural Gas Jan 213.08 10:36AM EDT-0.01-0.19%
NGG21.NYMNatural Gas Feb 213.07 9:14AM EDT+0.01+0.20%
NGH21.NYMNatural Gas Mar 212.97 3:13PM EDT-0.03-0.97%
NGJ21.NYMNatural Gas Apr 212.64 10:36AM EDT-0.05-1.71%
NGK21.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M2.65 7:36AM EDT-0.01-0.45%
NGM21.NYMNatural Gas Jun 212.68 4:21PM EDT-0.01-0.22%
NGN21.NYMNatural Gas Jul 212.71 4:21PM EDT+0.00+0.04%
NGQ21.NYMNatural Gas Aug 212.72 2:35PM EDT-0.00-0.18%
NGX21.NYMNatural Gas Nov 212.82 2:05PM EDT-0.00-0.04%
NGU21.NYMNatural Gas Sep 212.72 1:58PM EDT-0.01-0.22%
NGV21.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O2.75 2:05PM EDT-0.00-0.11%
NGZ21.NYMNatural Gas Dec 212.90 4:24PM EDT-0.07-2.49%
NGF22.NYMNatural Gas Jan 223.12 8:57AM EDT+0.04+1.17%
NGG22.NYMNatural Gas Feb 223.05 1:11PM EDT-0.01-0.46%
NGH22.NYMNatural Gas Mar 223.00 2:30PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGJ22.NYMNatural Gas Apr 222.78 10:03AM EDT+0.10+3.69%
NGK22.NYMNatural Gas May 222.60 10:58AM EDT-0.06-2.44%
NGM22.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J2.80 1:56PM EDT+0.11+3.97%
NGN22.NYMNatural Gas Jul 222.83 1:56PM EDT+0.11+4.08%
NGQ22.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A2.86 10:03AM EDT+0.11+4.15%
NGX22.NYMNatural Gas Nov 222.97 10:03AM EDT+0.12+4.14%
NGU22.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,S2.86 2:58PM EDT+0.12+4.22%
NGV22.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O2.77 10:46AM EDT-0.01-0.29%
NGZ22.NYMNatural Gas Dec 223.00 9:36AM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGF23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.23 10:02AM EDT+0.11+3.60%
NGG23.NYMNatural Gas Feb 233.19 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.13%
NGH23.NYMNatural Gas Mar 233.00 10:56AM EDT-0.02-0.60%
NGJ23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A2.87 12:30PM EDT+0.18+6.65%
NGK23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M2.71 3:36PM EDT+0.04+1.35%
NGM23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J2.88 1:57PM EDT+0.18+6.78%
NGN23.NYMNatural Gas Jul 232.83 12:37PM EDT+0.11+3.93%
NGQ23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A2.71 12:11PM EDT-0.04-1.42%
NGX23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,N3.01 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.13%
NGU23.NYMNatural Gas Sep 232.90 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.14%
NGV23.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O2.80 3:48PM EDT+0.01+0.32%
NGZ23.NYMNatural Gas Dec 233.16 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.13%
NGF24.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.28 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.12%
NGG24.NYMNatural Gas Feb 243.25 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.09%
NGH24.NYMNatural Gas Mar 243.19 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.09%
NGJ24.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A2.88 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGK24.NYMNatural Gas May 243.51 8:12AM EDT+0.81+29.81%
NGM24.NYMNatural Gas Jun 244.00 9:58AM EDT+1.27+46.52%
NGN24.NYMNatural Gas Jul 242.93 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGQ24.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A2.97 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGX24.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,N3.10 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGU24.NYMNatural Gas Sep 242.98 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.10%
NGV24.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O3.70 3:07PM EDT+0.88+31.07%
NGZ24.NYMNatural Gas Dec 243.25 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.09%
NGF25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.37 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.30%
NGG25.NYMNatural Gas Feb 253.34 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGH25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M3.27 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGJ25.NYMNatural Gas Apr 252.96 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGK25.NYMNatural Gas May 252.80 11:52AM EDT+0.07+2.53%
NGM25.NYMNatural Gas Jun 252.97 8:00PM EDT0.000.00%
NGN25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.02 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGQ25.NYMNatural Gas Aug 253.05 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGX25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,N3.19 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGU25.NYMNatural Gas Sep 253.07 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGV25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O3.12 8:00PM EDT0.000.00%
NGZ25.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,D3.34 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGF26.NYMNatural Gas Jan 263.47 8:00PM EDT-0.00-0.03%
NGG26.NYMNatural Gas Feb 263.43 8:00PM EDT0.000.00%
NGH26.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M3.36 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGJ26.NYMNatural Gas Apr 263.04 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGK26.NYMNatural Gas May 263.03 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGM26.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.06 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGN26.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.10 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGQ26.NYMNatural Gas Aug 263.14 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGX26.NYMNatural Gas Nov 263.29 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGU26.NYMNatural Gas Sep 263.16 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGV26.NYMNatural Gas Oct 263.21 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGZ26.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,D3.45 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGF27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.59 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.03%
NGG27.NYMNatural Gas Feb 273.54 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.06%
NGH27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M3.47 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
NGJ27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,A3.13 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.13%
NGK27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M3.11 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.13%
NGM27.NYMNatural Gas Jun 273.14 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.13%
NGN27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.19 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.13%
NGQ27.NYMNatural Gas Aug 273.23 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
NGX27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,N3.38 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
NGU27.NYMNatural Gas Sep 273.24 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
NGV27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,O3.30 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.12%
NGZ27.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,D3.54 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.11%
NGF28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.68 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.11%
NGG28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,F3.64 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.14%
NGH28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,M3.57 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.14%
NGJ28.NYMNatural Gas Apr 283.21 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.16%
NGK28.NYMNatural Gas May 283.20 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.16%
NGM28.NYMNatural Gas Jun 283.23 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.15%
NGN28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,J3.28 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.15%
NGQ28.NYMNatural Gas Aug 283.32 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.15%
NGX28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,N3.47 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.14%
NGU28.NYMNatural Gas Sep 283.33 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.15%
NGV28.NYMNatural Gas Oct 283.39 8:00PM EDT+0.00+0.15%
NGZ28.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,D3.63 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.14%
NGU29.NYMHenry Hub Natural Gas Futures,S3.42 8:00PM EDT+0.01+0.21%