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    It seems to me that Cathie Woods and her ARK analyst team may believe NIO cars can *only* be charged by battery swap. That's not accurate. Don't they know that NIO cars can also be charged at a charging station? For anyone who has been to China's larger cities, with their vast landscape of high rise apartment buildings, it's clear that having both charging options is a HUGE advantage for NIO.
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    NIO = only undervalued stock in the EV space with 100,000 deliveries and $7 Billion cash in the bank.
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    Tesla reportedly suspends expansion of Shanghai plant The second phase of the Tesla Shanghai plant expansion project is currently on hold, Tencent News said Wednesday, citing people close to the plant.

    The project covers an area of 461,100 square meters and is owned by the Shanghai Lingang District Management Committee. The site's auction failed several months ago when there was only one bidder, the report said.

    Tesla signed a memorandum of cooperation with Lingang in July 2018, announcing the construction of its largest overseas factory outside the United States, the Shanghai Gigafactory, with a planned capacity of 500,000 units.

    On Jan. 7, 2019, Tesla officially opened the Shanghai Gigafactory with a first phase capacity of 250,000 units. The plant is mainly used for the production of Model 3 and Model Y.

    On January 7, 2020, Tesla delivered the Model 3 produced at the Shanghai plant to 10 Chinese consumers for the first time and launched the production of Model Y.

    According to Tencent News, Tesla was previously required to invest RMB 14.08 billion over five years and achieve an output of more than RMB 75 billion by the end of 2023 and generate RMB 2.23 billion in annual tax revenue.

    Otherwise, Tesla would have to hand over the land but would receive corresponding financial compensation regarding land rental, buildings, and equipment.

    On April 28, Tesla made an announcement that it had repaid the $614 million loan related to the Shanghai factory expenses early and the related contract was terminated. After this, the unused $758 million under the fixed asset credit line in Tesla's debt and finance lease schedule will no longer be available.

    A Reuters report on Tuesday mentioned that people familiar with the matter said Tesla has stopped buying land to expand its Shanghai plant due to uncertainty over tensions between the US and China.
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    I am a college student who began investing around April of last year. I’ve worked at Walmart since the beginning of the pandemic and have saved $500 from every paycheck with the intent to invest. I made a good amount of money since I started having made around $5000 profit by the time March began. I began my position in NIO at $58 with 100 shares. I have held through all of this and now am at 247 shares at an average of $45 and will comtinue to hold these shares for another year at least. I have done about as much DD into one company as one person can do. I am by every definition an amateur. But if you’re nervous just remember that this isn’t Nikola, this is the Tesla Killer. Long and Strong
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    Sound Advice ... NIO regains star status on good old fundamentals.
    The market is going to move to companies with tangible assets and cash.
    NIO will have the largest EV manufacturing plant on planet earth in six months.
    China has no labor issues and NIO will end up with a Major US and EU partner.
    The US and EU do not have the laws or labor to ramp up EV alone.
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    NIO = only undervalued stock in the EV space with 100,000 deliveries and $7 Billion cash in the bank.
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    I feel great about NIO with $7 Billion in cash, 21% margins, the best EV ever, the largest EV plant ever
    400% sales increase, BATTERY SWAP, trading for half price in FUD
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    Like it or not, battery swapping IS the future.
    It makes the most economical sense in densly populated areas.
    Extends the life span of any vehicle that adopts it.
    Increases the re-sale value as new gen batteries can be put into older models.
    Simplifies the recycling process of depleted batteries.
    Allows for swap station battery banks to sell stored electricity to the grid while batteries are sitting idle.

    The only downside I see is the initial setup costs.
    But that burden is being shared by many of NIOs partners such as Metro and Sinopec.

    Buy, find the constitution to Hold, get Wealthy.
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    1. NIO may be the only undervalued stock in the EV space with 100,000 deliveries and $7 Billion cash in the bank.
    2. NIO stands as one of the few EV Partners that Apple would even consider.
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    $NIO and $XPEV are set to break upwards any day now after a long ride down. The market has managed to get prices low enough to pick up very cheap shares and these low prices have a lot of support now at these key resistant ranges we're at right now. Keep buying. Keep holding for 5+ years. Key fundamental to always remember: China's EV market is going to be colossal.
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    Private Wealth Newsletter
    "We are getting reports that NIO (NIO NYSE ADR) will report highest month ever for May and a chip solution." Out take is NIO has a month by month narrative to move the shares to $60 in front of new plant launch, They will announce sold out months for the ET7 as early as June.
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    40% NIO owners currently pay for battery swaps
    $150 per month x 40000 cars = $6M per month revenue for NIO (x12 = $72M extra additional revenue per year)
    is this correct ??
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    Renault makes a key EV decision: To battery swap or not
    May 12, 2021 2:12 AM ETRenault SA (RNSDF)By: Yoel Minkoff, SA News Editor68 Comments

    As it looks to deepen its presence in the electric car market, Renault (OTC:RNSDF) is considering introducing battery-swapping capabilities, which would significantly cut waiting times at recharging stations. "It's not decided, but I see it as an interesting opportunity," CEO Luca de Meo told the FT. "We need to find a pragmatic solution, but from a business point of view, there's a point separating the battery from the car." The French automaker is part of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi Alliance, which is one of the biggest car manufacturers in the world and a leader in EVs (think the pioneering Leaf and best-selling Zoe).
    Backdrop: Interestingly enough, Renault was once a trailblazer in battery swapping technology for electric vehicles. Starting in 2010, the carmaker became the primary partner for Better Place, an Israeli startup that hoped to revolutionize the e-mobility industry. The company initially set up shop in Israel, Denmark and Hawaii, but was plagued by financial difficulties and mismanagement, and eventually went bankrupt in 2013.
    Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) also began conducting its own battery swapping trials in 2013, but it dropped the project a few years later as consumers increasingly expressed interest in its Supercharger network. While the process seems simple, making a business out of swapping is a bit complicated. Batteries are the single most expensive component in any EV, but they're still in a rapid stage of development and manufacturers have been reluctant to standardize anything. In fact, at Tesla's Battery Day event last September, the EV maker said it plans to integrate batteries into structural elements of future cars, comparing them to the fuel tanks located within the wings of an airplane.
    Enter NIO: The Chinese EV maker just recorded a milestone of 2M battery swaps to date and plans to double its Chinese network to more than 500 stations in 2021. Each NIO (NYSE:NIO) battery swap takes only a few minutes (and comes with a full charge), compared to the 35 minutes it takes a Supercharger to load a Tesla battery from 10% to 80% (it's even slower at home). Besides quicker turnaround times, battery swapping technology also allows EV makers to decouple the cost of batteries from their vehicles, meaning drivers aren't worried about depreciating battery capacity or the value of their cars.
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    I think everyone forgets you can charge Nio battery's too, not just swap them. And they have mobile chargers. They just have multiple ways to allow EV to be convenient and are customer centric. Yes the infrastructure costs money, bit they have partners, plus it generates residual income. Wait til other vehicles use their swappable battery system. I'm tired of all the bashing of BaaS which will be one of their larger revenue streams.

    Of course, also, as battery tech quickly advances ove the next several years BaaS keeps the NIO cars more upto date, which will also mean higher resale value. Don't forget the possible benefits to selling power back to the electrical grid.

    Enough about swappable battery being a problem, it's also backed by the Chinese government.
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    3month chart shows we can get back to 38-43 range within the week, let’s see what happens but I’m still long at least till 2025
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    Nio is the only stock in my portfolio with 17% short sellers utilization, 54M of stocks. Imagine what will happen when they will cover if they cover.
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    Tesla halts accepting payments in bitcoin, citing environmental concerns
    Phate ZhangMay 13, 2021
    Tesla has suspended accepting bitcoin for car purchases, sending the price of the biggest cryptocurrency plummeting.

    Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced the decision on Twitter, saying "we are concerned about rapidly increasing use of fossil fuels for Bitcoin mining and transactions, especially coal, which has the worst emissions of any fuel."

    Cryptocurrency is a good idea in many ways and Tesla believes it has a promising future, but this cannot come at the cost of the environment, according to the statement.

    Tesla will not sell any of its own bitcoin holdings and plans to trade it once mining shifts to more sustainable energy sources.

    Tesla is also looking at "other cryptocurrencies that use <1% of Bitcoin's energy/transaction."

    The statement sent Bitcoin's price down rapidly, currently at $51,542, down 7 percent from 24 hours ago. Dogecoin is also down 7.56 percent.

    Tesla halts accepting payments in bitcoin, citing environmental concerns-CnEVPost
    Tesla halts accepting payments in bitcoin, citing environmental concerns-CnEVPost
    In an SEC filing in February, Tesla revealed that the company had purchased $1.5 billion worth of Bitcoin and may invest more in the cryptocurrency or other cryptocurrencies in the future.

    On March 24, Tesla's US website began supporting consumers to purchase cars with Bitcoin.
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    NIO has a month by month narrative to move the shares to $60 in front of new plant launch, They will announce sold out months for the ET7 as early as June.
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    NIO officially started construction on April 29. it will have an annual capacity of 1 million vehicles
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    Millionaire wannabe
    this is my first time to experiencing the bear market......
    this is so hard to handle.......