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NIO Limited (NIO)

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    Hard to believe they were bashing Nio daily. My how the tides have turned.

    Nio stock will continue its astonishing run as the company experiences its best year yet
    Nio stock will continue its astonishing run as the company experiences its best year yet
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    Thinking Man
    "With the China EV market already the world’s largest and now inflecting upward after the recent downturn, we believe NIO is well positioned to take share in the premium segment, having put major emphasis on post purchase customer service, alleviating charging anxiety, and developing a robust software/AI centric vehicle ecosystem,” said Deutsche Bank analyst Edison Yu in a recent note.
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    From minchiDD on ST.

    Breaking news only we will find out first. GAC NIO also signed a cooperation agreement with Suning yesterday. $Nio contracted with them two months ago reference : https://cntechpost.com/2020/08/05/nio-enters-into-strategic-partnership-with-chinese-retail-giant-suning/

    And now GAC Nio. BOOM👌🏻
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    very positive news for Nio please read it, Nio will do much better than any other EV.
    With China's electric vehicle market on the upswing, Nio stock has the makings of a long-term winner despite more than quadrupling this year.
    With China's electric vehicle market on the upswing, Nio stock has the makings of a long-term winner despite more than quadrupling this year.
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    Next week will be better, actually tomorrow we might see an increase with their rapid charging announcement.. relax guys i’m holding at 20$ per share and still confident about the company.
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    Nio (NIO) Stock Price Is Very Close to the Big Jump, According to Tech Analysis Provided by the Famous Trader

    A Famous Trader Predicts Nio to Grow Soon
    A trader and a technical analyst @traderstewie tweeted his forecast on the stock of Nio, Chinese electric vehicles producer.

    According to the trader, the company's shares look promising, now the price is consolidating at $18. After the bulls accumulate strength, a rapid upward spurt of the price is very likely.

    Still love this $NIO setup... Coiling nicely here and looks very close to making a big move higher
    @traderstewie via Twitter
    Image Source: Twitter @traderstewieImage Source: Twitter @traderstewie
    Earlier, the trader also clarified that the most likely price after such a breakthrough would be $20, with the next serious resistance going to be at $25.

    Nio Is Attracting More and More of Investor’s Attention
    Investors continue to believe in Nio's business development. So, a week ago it became known that the shares of the company were acquired by Ray Dalio's fund, the purchase amount was equal to $6.6 million.

    In addition, Nio is set to announce a new fast-charging service during the Auto China 2020 exhibition. This is one of the technologies that will be used in Battery-as-a-Service, Nio's innovative approach to quick-change batteries at any charging station. This approach will make EVs cheaper, and therefore more accessible to a wider range of consumers.

    Trading Strategy
    Source: The Tradable
    The Story of William Li, The Founder of Nio and Prophet of Chinese Electric Car Industry
    How did William Li manage to establish the NIO company, and what ideas does he implement in his innovative cars?
    Изображение статьи

    @traderstewie thinks Nio has good chances to resume its growth.
    @traderstewie thinks Nio has good chances to resume its growth.
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    It’s my birthday this Sept 26th. My only wish is for NIO Stock pps reach $20 tomorrow!

    That is all, nothing big. ;)
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    Just invested in NIO! Hoping it does well in the long term!
  • E
    Hahahaha aftermarket's giving us indications of a beautiful rally tomorrow. Who else is so excited to see their profits soar😁
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    I have a buddy who sister knows somebody at China who has a friend that is dating the secretary for one of the executives at NIO. Word is traffic is up at the company and they haven't seen it this busy since last year before the pandemic.
  • C
    You can try to time the market all you want but you can not call when a rally is going to come!! I would rather take the smooth ride with ups and downs rather then trying to ride every way up at a HIGHER price. So excited for tomorrow’s open. Going to be hard to work I’ll be glued to my phone lmao! NIO STRONG.
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    Nice knowing NIO has another NIO owned company, XPT, making manufacturing the EDS "electric drive systems" for NIO vehicles and looking to sell NIO electric drive systems to other EV manufacturers.
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    huge disconnect between nio and overseas investors not digesting news properly. the stock is due for a massive jump sometime soon.
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    Rambo Chicken 🐔
    A major reason why I invested heavily in Nio is there CEO William Li. Check out his story and compare him to other CEO's for companies you invest in.
    The Story of William Li - Founder of NIO
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    Some of those new investors that sold their shares when the price dropped are just inexperienced I am very bullish on de stock but let's not sink to the level of making fun of others mistakes. We have all made bad decisions in our lives and we should know better from it. I know the weak hands are feeling much regret but let's encourage the new ones to learn from it same goes for the short sellers I never want to see anyone in a bad position you should love your neighbor as yourself and I hope they can get on the right path thank God for this nio stock and for some of the great investors here that share their wisdom
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    During the Battery day presentation Elon said the new technology will be ready and mass produced in 18 months. iF Elon says 18 months consider it easily taking 36+ months. I still remember 2016 September/October when they launched refreshed Model S HW to support FSD. At that time Elon said FSD will be ready by December 2018 and we are now in 2020 and nowhere close to FSD.
    As a current Tesla car owner what i have learned is Elon overpromises and under-delivers. So far Li Bin has been underpromising and overdelivering. Which one do you choose ?
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    Is (NIO) Outperforming Other Auto-Tires-Trucks Stocks This Year?
    Is (NIO) Outperforming Other Auto-Tires-Trucks Stocks This Year?
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    Considering what EV stock went through , NIO held well.
    Current price 14% from top and 7% from the high of the week .
    I been in NIO since $5.40 and have added many time since
    This is a solid and leading EV company after TSLA
    $50-$75 next year is doable
    I have added $SHLL and $DPHC , both should do very well long term
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    NIO is included in FORTUNE’s 2020 Change the World list of companies that are doing well by doing good.
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    guys. 6 months ago, this company was 2.50. 3 months later, it reached to 10, later on to 20's. probably a few years later, 20's gonna look like 3 or 4's of today, when it can reach to 100's. The company is clearly on the right track and the delivery numbers are great in every month. Hold this company.