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    Which car manufacturer since the first industrial revolution in 1860 has fabricated cars and built “fuel stations” for its customers. Nio is the first brand to do so. It is fabricating the automobiles plus building the network of “fuelling, powering” stations for its users. I believe but this may not be accurate for every 500 cars Nio makes it is building a powering station (battery swap stations). I can’t wait for these powering stations from Nio to turn into convenience stores like any other petrol station. Nio is a winner and a visionary brand 👏👏👏
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  • D
    In 5 years I can see NIO will be surpassing Toyota & VW in car productions numbers, as they will expand to many other vertical commercial markets in China and globally - I can see 5 years from now NIO will be delivering 2.5M - 3M EV cars world wide, both premium and in mass markets. At the average of $50k per unit revenues just from cars sales could reach over $150B annually and that could be only in the next 5 years!
    We could be looking at 10,000-15,000% SP growth.
    Mark my words!
  • R
    One analyst has Nio at 130 by the 2023s end or early 2024. This is so undervalue right now.
  • S
    NIO will rally in HK and SINGAPORE tonight and will rally to 20 before earnings
  • g
    NIO announced on Wednesday that will start building its second European Battery Swap Station on May 30. The station will be located in Vestby (Norway) and will be a hub for customers travelling between the Norwegian capital Oslo and Gothenburg, Sweden.
  • J
    Joe L
    Nio walks the walk! They're committed to helping the environment, that's well known. And they get down into nitty-gritty details to do so: I just read in the news they're incorporating the greenest latest technology "refrigerant" into their air conditioning systems. It's a premium refrigerant manufactured by Honeywell, and costs more than the common mainstream refrigerants that most other cars on the road have. This is all in accordance with NIO's driving goal toward having and offering the best zero-emission / climate-friendly vehicles on our planet.
  • S
    United States Top Gov official, Blinkden said today.
    "We don't seek to block China from its role as a major power, nor to stop China – or any country – from growing their economy or advancing the interests of their people," he added.
    Shorts, please quick false scare tactics, NIO will explode
  • T
    Massive China stimulus to cauae short squeeze to $70, plus great demand for shares on Singapore and HK exchanges. NIO is worth at least 50% of Tesla market cap.
  • T
    One analyst has Nio at 130 by the 2023s end or early 2024. This is so undervalue right now.
  • D
    From Motley UK not to be confused with the US ladies of leisure....
    NIO shares are down 60% over the past 12 months. The stock appeared to have bottomed out — and even gained last week — before growth stocks took a hammering on Tuesday.

    It fell 8.5% on Tuesday. But that doesn’t worry me as I believe the Shanghai-based electric vehicle (EV) manufacturer’s long-term prospects are good. The firm is trading at fairly low multiples compared to its peers and I think its automotive offering could challenge Tesla‘s dominance in the sector.

    Here’s why I’m buying NIO stock, and not Tesla.

    More than just a car
    NIO is selling people a lifestyle and not just an EV. A sense of community enhances brand loyalty. It also appears that NIO’s Chinese customers are really buying into the brand. It certainly helps that they see it as Chinese-made and that the vehicles sell for a similar price to Tesla.

    Customers can buy a whole range of branded products from the NIO Life store, from breakfast cereal, to wine and loungewear. NIO owners can also chat on the NIO app to get the most out of their cars. They can even earn tokens by attending NIO events and sharing stories.

    More than 80% of customers participate in online or real-life community activities, using credits, apps and showrooms, the company’s executives said in 2021.

    While NIO is by no means the first automaker to sell clothing, it knows people buy cars less often than they buy groceries and wine. This could certainly enhance revenue generation, as well as improving customer loyalty.

    The app also allows customers to call on mobile charging vans and valet charging services.

    Industry leading tech
    The cars might not be as fast as their Tesla counterparts. But then who needs to go 0-60mph in less than three seconds? However, NIO has some pretty impressive tech that I think will help it conquer the market.

    Its battery swapping technology allows drivers to pull up at a NIO garage and change their empty battery for a full one in a matter of minutes. Tesla experimented with this tech but decided not to go along with it.

    Owners can still charge their cars in the conventional way. However, battery swapping is much quicker than a conventional charge.

    The cars are also fitted with an interesting gadget called Nomi — a bit like Amazon‘s Alexa, but with a face — which sits on the dashboard. In addition to voice control, drivers can ask Nomi to open the window and even take a selfie. It might sound a bit naff, but owners seem to like it.

    I believe this will help NIO win market share from Tesla. But I also think it looks like a great stock for my portfolio because of valuation. While it’s not forecast to turn a profit until 2024, it has a price-to-sales (P/S) ratio of just four. By comparison, Tesla has a P/S ratio of 13.

    There are, of course, risks including NIO’s possible delisting in the US and lockdowns in China, impacting production. Increased EV competition from established manufacturers could also hurt both NIO and Tesla.

    However, in the long-run, I see it as a no-brainer. Tesla might be the industry leader now, but I think NIO will catch up. I’ve already bought NIO shares and would buy more.
  • K
    Shoutout to all car enthusiasts and #EV supporters! NIO is displaying two smart, high-performance cars - NIO EP9 and NIO ES8 - at the SGX Centre lobby (2 Shenton Way, SGX Centre 1 Singapore 068804) until 10 June to celebrate its listing on SGX Securities last week. Feel free to drop by for pictures and view the cars up close! Also, don't forget to hashtag #nioblueskycoming and celebrate this momentous milestone with us.
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    Riff Ninja
    They are starting to license their battery swapping technologies
  • L
    if market falls,try and rise it its a strategy for your financial budget
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    Pinduoduo Inc.
    Good news, the key to China stock is not all the stimulus laid by Chinese Government but is really the lockdown situation in China. Shanghai has announced students would return to school started from 6th of June and 2 container quarantine camps had been closed. This would mean Shanghai after the numerous extension of lockdown will at last lift it's lockdown as stipulated 1st of June. This is the news which investor of China stocks in US and HK had been waiting for. $jd $baba $bili $nio $xpev $iq
  • Y
    cool I'm only down $48K on nio now. Please have 19 more days like this.
  • N
    Didi decided to delist itself and it is up 18% today. Maybe delisting is a good thing after all
  • d
    Vijay Rakesh , rates NIO shares a Buy along with a $60 price target. The figure suggests shares will rise by a huge 275% in the year ahead
  • F
    EV segment is on shaky legs. From Tesla to NIO to XPEV the bleeding will not stop until the supply chain and labor become reliable. Yea, M one of the guys who was calling for $60 in June, my target was based on two factories turning out thousands of NIO vehicles that Chinese people are waiting for. War in Europe and Covid in China changed that. $60 and $120 are still coming; but we will see $12 - $18 range into the second half and I'll keep adding because this discount is a positive side effect of conditions NIO has no control of. So take advantage of it,