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  • 8X8 (EGHT) went from $.20 to $8 (just like NLST did). It took EGHT 9 more years to get back to its high of $8. It has since gone on to nearly $17 per share. Where will NLST be 9 years after the announcement of HyperCloud (late 2018/early 2019)? I am betting it will be a lot higher than it is today.


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  • ""Republicans doubt 'global warming' more than 'climate change'

    BySusan Kelley
    On the heels of President Donald Trump’s decision to pull the United States out of the Paris climate agreement, a new Cornell study finds that climate-science labels do matter.

    The U.S. public doubts the existence of “global warming” more than it doubts “climate change” – and Republicans are driving the effect, the research found.

    In a nationally representative survey, 74.4 percent of respondents who identified as Republicans said they believed that climate change is really happening. But only 65.5 percent said they believed in global warming. In contrast, 94 percent of Democrats replied “yes” to both questions""

    This should absolutely drive Netlist higher, dont you think Silvia?
  • Short interest. May 31st @ 2.7M. This is the second highest short volume in twelve months. April 28th 2.8M was the highest. Nasdaq will update Mid June short interest on June 26th. GLTA


    Netlist, Inc. (NLST) Short Interest
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  • My biggest regret in life is when I accidentally bought this #$%$ stock while trying to buy Netflix. My broker didn't even ask me to clarify. What a drag.
  • SUNNYVALE, Calif. – June 19, 2017 – Rambus Inc. (NASDAQ:RMBS) today announced the industry’s first production release of a JEDEC-standard persistent memory register clock driver (NVRCD) for use with DDR4 non-volatile dual in-line memory modules (NVDIMM). Operating at data rates up to 3200 MT/s, the Rambus NVRCD enables NVDIMMs to combine the performance of DRAM, with the persistence of storage-class memory to meet the needs of data intensive workloads like high-performance file systems, databases, big data analytics and storage.


  • Looks like Herman Webley, Associate at Sidley Austin LLP, just got thrown off the legal team for Hynix... And fired from Sidley?
  • you ever notice sunshine and the other pumpers only show up when the price goes down? if they really loved this stock why don't they just buy more at a lower price instead of trying to get suckers to buy it now??

    i sure hope chuck has a plan B for his dilution because current pricing will be at $0.90
  • Netlist invented the NVDIMM almost a decade ago and since then, it has shipped over a half million units, more than every other supplier combined. Netlist holds over 27 issued and pending patents on the technology, many of which are seminal covering the fundamental architecture of NVDIMM.


    Here’s another interesting tidbit: The Tioga Pass machines have to be able to support NVDIMM memory on each and every DDR4 memory slot.


    A Peek Inside Facebook's Server Fleet Upgrade
    Having a proliferation of server makes and models over a span of years in the datacenter is not a huge deal for most enterprises. They cope with the divers
  • Since Samsung began producing the industry’s first SSDs based on 64-layer 256Gb V-NAND chips in January for key IT customers, it has been working on a wide range of new V-NAND-based mobile and consumer storage solutions.

    Based on 15 years of research into its proprietary V-NAND 3D structure, Samsung has formed the basis for more than 500 patents related to essential technological findings, and filed applications for them in many countries including Korea, the U.S. and Japan. Based on its success with 64-layer V-NAND, Samsung has secured the fundamental technology that it needs in the future to produce V-NAND chips with one terabit capacity and more, by stacking over 90 layers of cell arrays.

    To solidify its competitive edge in the memory market, Samsung intends for its volume production of the 64-layer V-NAND chip, which is referred to as fourth generation V-NAND, to cover more than 50 percent of its monthly NAND flash production by year end.
  • Facebook has hit refresh on its server and storage hardware with one server design aimed specifically at machine learning workloads. Code-named “Tioga Pass,” it is a two-socket machine but one that sports more memory capacity and I/O bandwidth and therefore enabling more efficient use of the compute capacity in the box.

    Here’s an interesting tidbit: The Tioga Pass machines have to be able to support NVDIMM memory on each and every DDR4 memory slot.
  • Congratulations to #bUFFALOJOE689! Nice call on the run-up in April.
  • hey chuck can you please stop selling shares? these bagholders can't take it anymore.
  • Alright NLST friends. Could this be the dramatic end? Tune in next week for more exciting adventures with Chuck and his pump and dump MM friends!
  • We are too concentrated and distracted with industry news, not sure where Netlist fits there maybe everywhere , maybe nowhere as it does not make anything relevant at this point but in the mean time the stock is 8 cents away from what longs are really scared of...just pennies and dimes...
  • What possible news can we anticipate until October's SK Hynix decision? Yes, dilution is possible but after next earnings.
  • Partners unloaded the rest of Smart Modular.

    Silverlake purchased Smart for $645Mil in 2011. Silverlake then sold Smart's storage business to Sandisk for $304Mil in 2013 (mostly for Smart's UlltraDimm tie-in with Diablo). Now they've sold the rest of Smart Worldwide Holdings in an IPO to try to get their money back (and to protect themselves).

    With Smart currently valued at $298Mil, Silverlake Partners is still sitting on a sizable loss ($40Mil). Usually, hedge funds that take tech companies private make a killing when selling off their parts. Unfortunately, Smart was not a smart buy for them.

    And what ever happened to their 295 patent? And, oh yes, regarding any judgements, we are located in the Cayman Islands so civil liabilities cannot be imposed on them from the US if they are considered penal (awards of punitive or multiple damages may well be held to be contrary to public policy). But not if we indemnified the party. hehehe

    My Favorite Part: "In August 2013, we completed the sale of substantially all of the Storage Business to SanDisk (now a part of Western Digital) for approximately $304 million in cash, subject to certain escrows and holdbacks. The sale agreement for the Storage Business, or the Sale Agreement, contained certain indemnification obligations that are typical for transactions of this nature, including, among others, for losses arising from breaches of our representations and warranties relating to the sale, as well as for taxes arising with respect to pre-closing tax periods. These indemnification obligations are subject to a number of limitations, including certain deductibles and caps and limited time periods for making indemnification claims. At the closing of the sale, $30.5 million of the purchase price was placed into a third party escrow to secure certain of our indemnification obligations. On August 21, 2014, SanDisk made a claim against us under the indemnification provisions of the Sale Agreement in connection with a lawsuit filed by Netlist, Inc., or Netlist, against SanDisk alleging that certain products of the Storage Business that we sold to SanDisk, infringe various Netlist patents, which SanDisk in turn alleges would, if true, constitute a breach of representations and warranties under the Sale Agreement. Under the Sale Agreement, our indemnification obligation in respect of intellectual property matters, including those claimed by SanDisk, is subject to a deductible of approximately $1.8 million and a cap of $60.9 million. The SanDisk claim included what purported to be an estimate of SanDisk’s alleged indemnifiable losses that is greater than the cap in the Sale Agreement for intellectual property matters."

    "An indemnity claim brought against us by SanDisk, including the claim described above, could have a material adverse effect on our business, results of operations and financial condition." Um yes, it could!
  • What Century is Chung going to deliver sales?
  • golly jeez chuck, how you going to dilute under a buck???
  • Alright, pals. I just put all my rent and grocery money into a margin acct and leveraged everything into this. What should I do next?