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Annaly Capital Management, Inc. (NLY)

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20.50-2.10 (-9.31%)
As of 01:25PM EDT. Market open.

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    kevin w
    this was yielding >12% and now its <4%? i'm i wrong about this?
  • M
    Management should be held personally financially responsible!
  • G
    Feels like some fund is blowing up today that has a lot of mReits in it. All of them are tanking 7% plus on no news.
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    Does this management ever pre-announce earnings estimates? Given the last month's price movement it would sure help if they had something reassuring to say. How would you feel if you bought in one of the last 2 equity raises?
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    It is 100% SCARY how many people are investing their money and have zero idea the 101's of investing, the stock market etc and something so basic as a stock split or reverse one in this case.

    The yield (and other %'s) will NOT change. It is simply math going from the right pocket to the left pocket....a simple google search will help the folks who don't 'get it'.

    However, if the concept eludes you, buy an index fund and move on...
  • B
    I know today for *some is a shocker that we've seen the stock go thru this Reverse Split process but I went thru the same situation with stock ticker: $ORC.

    Orchid Capital undergone a 1-for-5 split which is not too far off the difference we had to go thru. Just understand that most REITs will have to consider a "R/S" because the Fed is going thru Quantitative Tightening.

    The market is shrinking in overall equity and borrowing at historical levels makes the situation worst for Housing since new home buyers will have to take on higher borrowing rates for 30-yr mortgages.

    Then refinancing will be a nightmare. But to be more optimistic, once the Fed has decided to Stop hiking rates, we should be in better graces going forward.

    No one knows how the pivot will occur or when but everyone still invested must remain patient.

    The housing market was on fire since early 2021 to Q2'22 which the Fed stepped in to stop the party bc the avg home prices was going 2x above market price in many cases. So housing is strong its simply Fed destroying it to fight Inflation.

    Once they stop making hikes and consider cuts in the future that is when the market will rebound and drive incredible growth but it will take about 3 QTRS min til we get even close to that as we head into Recession.

    But GL to ALL!!!
  • A
    All the comparable REIT’s are down as much today as NLY. This is all interest rate driven. The stock split is just noise that the shorts are taking advantage of. I don’t predict stock prices so I don’t know when this is going. At this point I would not be a buyer of anything except treasuries until the Fed stops raising rates.
  • W
    NLY has made over a dollar per share the last 8 quarters and is forecast to do so again. The $.88 per share is safe and will continue. That dividend is based on the condition of the company, profit and not on the share price.
  • C
    Count Your Change
    16.4% payout at current price and dividend.
  • S
    Why is this stock lower by 66% than 2008 housing crash?
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    Was this 1:4 split planned and announced prior? What a hose-job Dividend players just took on that move! And I was looking at this as a retirement play.
  • P
    I’ve been seeing several buy recommendations for NLY. Amazing opportunity it appears. I’ve also read that NLY has been positioning itself for a long time for rising interest rates.
  • S
    OK. Monday, here we go. Although the mathematics basically do not change, it sure has an uneasiness since the futures are off and the madman in the east is pontificating threats. No relation but thru the market they are tied in.
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    Might need another reverse split before the end of the week
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    Danny D.
    Dividends doesn't change. was 22 cents every quarter to 88 cents every quarter
  • j
    3rd Quarter Common Stock Dividend

    The Board of Directors of the Company declared the third quarter 2022 common stock cash dividend of $0.88 per share of the Company’s common stock (maintaining the Company’s dividend of $0.22 per share before the reverse stock split, adjusted for the 1-for-4 reverse stock split). This dividend is payable October 31, 2022, to common stockholders of record on September 30, 2022 (based on the number of shares of common stock held by each stockholder on such date after giving effect to the reverse stock split). The ex-dividend date is September 29, 2022.
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