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  • SA has a positive article per NMM. Yang Ming has secured some equity financing that should allow them to easily finish their TC's with NMM..this is indeed a positive. Also, Ballast Water Treatment regs set to go in September will be pushed out at least two years. NMM has three vessels that were probably destined for the scrap heap because of BWT that will be around for another two years. The author speculates this will add 4M to NMM's bottom line over the two years. I am not thinking this is all that positive as I was looking forward to additional scrapping because of BWT. These owners have to eliminate some ships for this deal to turn around. The article also mentions the fleet additions to NMM coming in Q3 adding to the bottom line.

    NMM is in good shape but the gorilla in the room is NM. The world economy does look healthy which is a positive. I am not so sure about the US economy so I feel somewhat secure in that NMM does not rely wholly on a healthy US economy. Predictions?..I hate them but I am going to still predict AF is going to have to come up with a distribution within 6-8 months,regardless of what is happening with NM. NM once again missed another preferred divy payment due this month which only adds to it's woes. I think that is now 6 missed payments? If NMM were a standalone company, it would be trading above $3 right now,IMHO.
    GLTA, trader
  • As far as bold predictions go - BDIY to $1000 by November. NMM to $1.80. Who's in?
  • NMM at this point ($1.46) is trading for less than the scrap value of its vessels, after all debts are paid. How about that!
  • What happened to the dividends ?
  • I think it's about 30% of the bulk shipping market is in Iron ore. China's ports have filled to capacity with iron ore and China's need (about 25% of all dry bulk shipping) has fallen off.. If you plot the BDI and the price of Iron ore, there is a very strong correlation where Iron ore leads the BDI which leads the shipper stock. So iron ore is in the tank for years to come as stated by industry experts. Iron ore is the SINGLE largest item shipped, so it isn't a coincidence that when iron ore drops, so the BDI follows. Two long term troubling issues have come up - one is that though China signed onto not buying North Korean coal, it did massively increase it's buying of North Korean iron ore - hence it needs less from the rest of the world - hence.. fewer loaded dry bulkers needed. China also basically bought all of the New Guinea Iron ore mines and will likely start shipping to meet most of their needs, likely with their own ships.

    Mysteriously both Iron Ore and coal jumped in price (a relatively small jump from the bottom), and it may ripple out to NMM and others for a short while in the form of new shipping contracts. In the longer term (for years).. unless the planets align.. I wouldn't ever expect to see a big jump in the BDI beyond 1000 - 1500 for more than a short time as China's impact on the industry is so great.

    I'm playing NMM and NM short term for 10 cent gains.. but wouldn't park my money here long term as I think this entire market segment is "dead money" for years.. Don't take this as knocking the companies.. I was a big investor previously in SBLK and NMM - but I got out at about the peak as much of this info came to my attention.. You can interpret it anyway you want.. but that's my take..

    Best of luck to all.. may you all make money!
  • Monster Microcaps Alert to NMM shareholders. Clean Energy Technologies - CETY - price today $.018. Price target $.20 by year end.
    Clean Energy Technologies. CETY recently announced expansion with their Europe Sales and Service Center for Europe new sales and to serve 65 existing customers with CETY’s General Electric clean energy Heat Recovery Systems and just announced they have already sold the first of SEVERAL HUNDRED units to come SOON.

    Each CETY Heat Recovery System sells for $300,000 and market demand is several BILLION DOLLARS.

    CETY purchased Heat Recovery Systems Division from General Electric and products are now very attractive to huge unmet markets and can achieve over $250 million annual sales within the next 2 years. Demand for conversion of wasted heat to electrical energy in big applications is VERY LARGE AND UNMET.


    Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. Secures New Order for Waste Biomass Application in Europe
    COSTA MESA, Calif., July 12, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Clean Energy Technologies, Inc. (CETY) announced today that its subsidiary Heat Recovery Solutions has secured a new Clean CycleTM generator order for a Waste Biomass application in Europe. Growing d
  • I think thats it ... its time to cover... This will go to 2.40 by DECEMBER. Its at resistance now.
  • Man,

    When will this Oil Glut be over! Notice BDI down for as long as oil has been down. Don't know why but they trade hand in hand. I am still waiting for about 10 cents lower to initiate another buy. All my energy stocks are getting slammed. This is painful to watch. I guess pretty soon we will just pull up to the pump, gas up and go. LOL!
  • BDI on the rise. The BDI has now risen for 5 consecutive days. At 929, it is now 111 points higher than it was on 6/6/17. Over the past five days alone, it has increased 85 points. Still a long way to go to get back to respectability, but at least it's headed in the right direction. Should be good for NMM's price, at least in the short-term.
  • The divergence between NMM's price action and NM's is unexplainable in my book. Anyone have an opinion on this?
  • Any clues on why the volume surge today? I wish it were trending higher, but larger than normal activity.
  • ugghhh... BDI down and like no ship purchases notices... Is this the end of the purchasing spree? When will we see any updates? Did you all see news of the BWM that some want it pushed back?
  • So...more dilution on the way..22M..the more she buys the more she borrows. I guess Jeffries thinks it's OK though. GLTA trader
  • Well,

    I trimmed my position back after the CC. I sold some the day before when we got to 1.85 or 83 can't remember exactly. Then sold most right after the CC. I said it then and I say it again. No catalyst to move this stock for a while. Except for the "We bought a ship" which now I take to mean dilution. So that is even suspect as to a catalyst.

    I have a really bad feeling we going to dilute and dilute and then a R/S. I hope I am wrong but just have that feeling.
  • Howdy all you shipping company owners. Did NMpartners close deal w container for selling 14 ships and we bag the extra 5 million? Was est to close June 1.
  • NMM is up 10.26% to 1.72
  • I'm not 50 yrs old. I'm just 18 with 32 years of experience.
  • BDI continues to drop like a rock. Looks like sub 900 this week. So much for the recovery.
  • I think NMM might have reached its upward limit and that a pullback may be possible. Do you guys find it difficult to know when to buy or sell something? I prefer to get my stocks from awesome.stocks.